Canada Mattresses & Companies that Ship to Canada

Do you live in Canada and want to purchase a mattress online?

Below are the brands 1st that are made in Canada and 2nd are brands made in the USA or elsewhere that ship to Canada.

Canadian Companies

USA Companies

If you live in Canada there are obvious benefits of buying from a company based out of Canada.  There are a number if USA companies that ship to Canada as well.  Below are two tables.  The first, companies that are based in Canada and USA companies that ship to Canada.

As the online mattress industry grows, so does the need for shipping outside of the United States. More and more companies are beginning to expand their shipping into areas outside of the U.S., but there are still a number of mattress companies that haven’t quite made the transition yet.

To make your mattress research a little bit easier Real Mattress Reviews has put together a list of companies that ship to Canada and brands that are based out of Canada.

Canadian Mattresses 1030x1030

Canadian Mattress Companies

So as a Canadian why not consider an  actual Canadian company 1st.  These companies below are based in Canada and have products made in Canada!

USA Mattress Companies that Ship to canada


9-21 Days UPS Ground



Only ships to Toronto Area.


Only ships to Toronto Area.



Depends on weight of mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Logo

Fees Vary, Contact them


7-10 Days

$150 CAD


Yes, except for these regions: Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut

Your compare list