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Layla is versatile with 2 firmness options in one mattress & copper infused for cooler sleep.  This option could be great for foam lovers who maybe are not quite sure what is right for you in terms of firmness since there are 2 firmness levels in one mattress. Check out the rest of our honest bed reviews below

Build Quality/Materials: 4.7/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.9/5
Overall Value: 4.8/5

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Review

Layla is the first Copper Infused Memory foam mattress.  In addition the Layla is unique in that it is dual sided.  It has a soft side and a medium firm side as well.  The consumer can unzip the cover and flip the core to try the other firmness out. It this versatility that makes Layla an interesting choice, especially when you are buying it online without feeling it first. Having a couple choices in one mattress might put you at ease with it being an online purchase.

Why Should you consider the Layla Mattress?

The Layla Mattress is the only copper infused mattress you can flip for firmness. They call it Flippable Firmness. With two firmness levels in one mattress, you have two chances to find the right fit.

Copper has some benefits – Copper is supposed to sleep cooler, cleaner.

According to Layla Copper is Better

Does Copper Heal? The Egyptians Thought So

We’re big fans of science and things you can prove, and when you add up all of the nerdy facts; the studies on copper infused fabrics and their potential healing effects are inconclusive.

So we cannot say that the copper in your Layla mattress will be the cure for what ails you, but many of our customers are talking about experiencing significant pain relief and feeling better after sleeping on a Layla. Is it the copper working?

Are the benefits of Copper real?  Here is one post about copper infused clothing from a Science Writer

I personally think the copper may help the mattress sleep cooler than your traditional memory foam however am unsure on the health benefits.  Considering I also use a mattress protector and sheets so it’s not like I’m laying directly on the copper foam.  However with that said the comfort and feel of the Layla will undoubtedly help many people with aches and pains that may be caused from your old mattress.

Layla mattress

You will like the Layla Mattress if you:

  • Are someone who values having more than one option.  The Layla is unique in that you can change the mattress right at home from a soft feel to more of a medium firm feel.  This is especially a great feature when you take into consideration you’re not testing the mattress before you buy it.  In my experience testing the mattress most people will like the soft side better.  However, you may think you like soft mattresses and then discover a firmer mattress might be better for you.

  • Area person who uses copper therapy for arthritis or other ailments.  I cannot speak on behalf of the science with the copper infused foam but many people use copper items such as athletic wraps for pain and arthritis.  You will want to look into this further if you are interested in the possible health benefits.  It can’t hurt though!

  • Sleep hot.  The Copper Infused Memory Foam is also supposed to be a cooler foam.  I can speak from experience on this trait.  Layla slept cool and I never experienced any excessive heat or sweating.  When getting up in the middle of the night and laying back down you will have some warmth but you would expect that since its not like it plugged in and air conditioned.  But over all it dissipates heat quite well.

  • Are interested in buying online but worried you won’t like your choice.  Layla may give you more piece of mind buying online being that you have two firmness levels to choose from in one mattress.  Being able to flip the mattress (after removing and putting the cover back on) you have another option for firmness.  This is great for those of you who may not know what you like or those of you maybe a little worried to buy online.

  • Will be using an adjustable base.  If you own or plan to buy an adjustable base at some point the Layla performs well on the base.  (See our video below) It bends easily and lays back to the flat position once you are finished inclining.  You will not have issues with the mattress snapping back into place as you could potentially with the wrong type of innerspring.

  • Motion reduction is important to you – If you are used to a traditional innerspring and can feel your partner moving around, you will find this is a drastic improvement for motion disturbance.  You will not feel movement nearly as much on the Layla Mattress compared to a traditional innerspring.

You might not like the Layla Mattress if you:

  • Do a lot of activities sitting on the edge of the bed – Sitting on the edge the mattress sinks down about average for a foam bed.  If a very sturdy sitting edge is important to you you may want to consider something with foam encased edges or a border wire (coiled/spring mattress primarily). Laying on the edge was not an issue however, you still have the entire sleep surface usable.  (see video for demo)

  • Are someone who prefers a coiled mattress. –  If you have tested foam mattresses and don’t like them, I don’t believe the Layla will change your mind on that preference.  A foam mattress will feel different than a coil mattress.  Mainly they will not have as much bounce but that makes them better for motion reduction.

  • Are a heavier sleeper. –  I personally believe if you are 280lbs+ you should look into a mattress that is more than 10″ thick.  I would recommend something 12 or more inches and perhaps an innerspring mattress.  See our recommendations here for heavier sleepers.  It’s not as if you bottom out when laying down but in general there are better options for heavy people.

With 808 reviews and an average of 4.5/5 stars below are some good customer reviews and a couple of so-so reviews.

Layla Review 5/5

Love it!
It is truly cool when getting into bed.

Customer Review 4/5

Everything I wanted it to be
The only reason I didn’t not give it 5 stars is because it shipped a month late. It has no smell after a few hours open. The soft side is perfect for me and my wife. Side firmness is fine. After one month, I would say this mattress is perfect.

Customer Review 2/5

Started Out Great, Now Not So Sure..
While the mattress started out feeling wonderful we now have the same pressure point problems that we had with our old one. Mine is my shoulders and the wife’s is her hip. Not sure what to do with this..

Customer Review 3/5

Mattress is a little more on the firm side. I have lower back issues that haven’t gotten better, nor worse, so meh…otherwise its solid, well constructed.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Off Gassing

The very first thing to do with your new Layla mattress is take it out of the box and get it set up. It will arrive in a box.  One person can handle it but two people is ideal.  Bring it to you room prior to opening it.

During the unboxing process you will notice a bit of off gassing but it should be very minimal. With most boxed mattresses there will be a little bit of smell once it is allowed to unroll and take shape, but this one is made in the USA which helps with cutting down on any odors.

It should be fine within a few hours but if you are more sensitive to certain smells letting it breath up to 12 hours would probably be a good idea. Also, it is a good idea to allow it to fully expand in the first 24 to 48 hours to get a true feel of the bed too.

Every bed in a box or mattress bought in a store is going to have a “new mattress smell”  Even the organic mattresses have a smell. Actually in my opinion a stronger smell since latex has a distinct smell of its own.

Any new smell should dissipate within a day or two.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Construction

  • Soft side

  • 1st layer: 3″ Copper Infused Memory Foam: This layer provides pressure relief, body conformance and well as cooling.  You can also ready about the potential additional health benefits of the copper at

  • 2nd layer: Convoluted poly foam:  This layer provides more deep support as well as air flow.  The convoluted foam will allow air circulation better then a solid foam layer.

  • 3rd layer: Foundational Support Core Foam

  • 4th Layer: 1″ Copper Infused Memory Foam:  If you are sleeping on the ifrmer side this layer will provide the same benefits as the 3″ layer of the copper infused memory foam but with less of it there you will experience a firmer sleeping surface.

  • Firm Side

  • You would just reverse the layers above.

Layla mattress Layers

No Bad, Smelly Stuff Inside
Breathe Deep and Rest Easy
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDE’s,TDCPP or TCEP(“Tris”)flame retardants.
  • Made without murcury, lead and other heavy metals.
  • Made without Formaldehyde.
  • Regulated by the consumer product Safety Commission.

Layla Mattress Cover

The Layla cover is flashy and durable.  It has a good tight fit and is also removable for machine washing and changing the mattress firmness.

The cover is soft and plush feeling and good for cooling as it is not too thick.

You should find the cover very durable as well.  Moving the mattress around should not hurt the cover.  I still recommend using a mattress protector even though the cover is washable.  The protector will keep dust and other things out of the mattress.

Layla mattress

Layla Mattress Foundation

The Layla Mattress will work great on any solid surface.  The floor, wood foundation, platform with slats and it will work great on an adjustable base!

Essentially anything solid will work great. 

If you have an old boxspring you want to inspect it to make sure that the box/foundation top is flat and not bowed out at all.  You don’t want to put a new mattress on a failing boxspring.

mattress bases

His and Hers – Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts (Ross)

Softer Side:  If you are looking for a soft mattress the soft side is certainly softer than the average online mattresses, many are a medium.  I thought the soft side felt great on my back and my side.  Generally softer mattresses will work great for side sleepers.  The 3″ top layer of the copper infused memory foam conforms well to your body as well.  Some people might think its too soft, but with Layla you have a firmer option to try as well.

You experience good pressure relief without feeling too soft.  Additionally you get the right amount of body hug so its supportive but not overwhelming where you feel “stuck” in the mattress.

Firmer Side:  This is the side felt best on my stomach and many people will like the firmer side for back sleeping as well.  It was sort of a pain to remove the cover and, flip it and put it back on but for comfort whats 10 minutes of work.  This side will really work great for tummy and back sleepers.  You still have a layer of copper on this side but it thinner so theres less body hug making it good for hot sleepers too.

Both sides slept cool.

Her thoughts (Kayla)

Softer Side:  I primarily sleep on my side.  The soft side felt great for my hips and shoulder.  Its softer than many of the mattresses we have slept on so far.  I am lighter as well so I felt it was more like a 6 on the firmness scale but certainly softer than many of the mattresses we’ve tried.  Even as a lighter sleeper on my side I felt enough sinkage for the mattress to conform to my curves with very little pressure pushing back up.

Firmer Side:  The firmer side felt good as well for me.  I thought it was about a 7 for firmness.  I think this side feels more like many of the others we have tried.  I think this side will be better for people who sleep on their back or stomach.  For a light sleeper I think most of you will enjoy the softer side more than the firmer side.

Overall I like that there are choices with Layla, it gives you some options and makes it a little easier to buy online without trying the mattress first.

Soft Side-Firmness level: 6
Firm Side-Firmness level: 7.5
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


The Layla’s Copper Infused Memory foam with the convoluted foam layer underneath helps to disperse heat very well.  We did not get overly warm at all.  You can really tell if a mattress keeps heat in when you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or something and come back to lay in the same spot. If you’re mattress is trapping heat you will noticably feel the heat after laying back down. It is normal to feel some warmth on even the best mattress as they are not air conditioned and our bodies are warm, but it should not feel like a heat pad. I never experienced any excessive heat in those instances where I left the mattress mid night.

Adjustable Base Performance:

The Layla Mattress will work great on any solid surface.  You can put it on the floor, a wood foundation or boxspring, a platform bed with slats and it will also work great on an adjustable base.

Because its all foam it will bend easy and snap back to flat easily without harming the mattress at all.

Layla Mattress Price:

Twin XL$599
Cal King$999

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Layla Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box generally in 2-5 business days

  • Warranty – Lifetime

  • Trial Period – 4 Month

  • Discounts – Use the Link & code INSIDERS100 to receieve $100 OFF when checking out.

  • Made in the USA

Layla Mattress Company Info

Layla was launched in ​2016 and they are growing very quickly across the country.  They are the first mattress to launch that uses Copper Infused Memory foam.  In addition, their design is one of a kind with the dual feel sides.  Last, the lifetime warranty is a great feature to take in account as well.


  • Durability & Materials
  • Comfort/Feel
  • Price
  • Cooling
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Off Gassing
  • Warranty
  • Trial

Overall Summary

Layla is a great choice when buying online. The fact that you are not trying the mattresses ahead of time its a great choice being that it has two firmness choices in one mattress. So there is a great chance the mattress will work for you. I was impressed by the comfort on both sides of the soft and medium firm we ordered. I feel Layla will work for almost everyone.

One potential thing to keep in mind is if you are a heavy person. If that’s you or your partner I feel you should look into mattresses that are more than 10″ thick and perhaps an innerspring mattress.

Overall the Layla provides options, sleeps cooler and should be enjoyed by most people who try it.

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