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Want the best of both world’s (foam & innerspring)? The top quilting foams will contour to your body like a foam mattress but you will maintain more of a traditional mattress feel with the micro coils and pocketed coil system on bottom. Check the rest of this winkbed mattress review and try it yourself

Build Quality/Materials: 4.8/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.9/5
Overall Value: 4.9/5

Winkbeds Review

The WinkBed is a spring/foam hybrid mattress that was built with the intention of blending the best features of a spring mattress with the best features of a foam mattress. The intention is to give people the best of both worlds between those two technologies.  Wink is one of the few companies who are not compressed and rolled into a box.  They use a delivery service which means it’s easy to have a foundation delivered as well.  See our comprehensive Winkbed mattress review below or watch the video above.  If there are other parameters you’d like tested or reported on let us know.

  • Pros:
  • 👍 Great for all sleeping positions

    👍 Multiple firmness options

    👍Sleeps cool

    👍Great for sex

  • Cons:
  • 👎 Foam lovers won’t like hybrid design

  • Best For:
  • 👍 Combination sleepers that switch it up

    👍 Pressure relief

    👍 A nice true medium feel

    👍 Great support

You will like the Winkbed Mattress if you:

  • Want the best of both world’s (foam & innerspring) – The top quilting foams will contour to your body like a foam mattress but you will maintain more of a traditional mattress feel with the micro coils and pocketed coil system on bottom.  You won’t tend to get the sinking/stuck feeling you can experience on some all foam mattress.

  • Like to sleep cool – The Tencel cover, gel foam layer and the micro coil unit all help disperse heat very well and circulate air efficiently to help maintain a neutral/cooler temperature.

  • Want a good value – When you look at the specs of the Winkbed, the quality of the build and how it feels, similar mattresses in a normal retail setting would be higher in price.

  • Want free set up and delivery – Winkbed is delivered by a 3rd party delivery service, they bring it right in to your home, set it up and take the packaging with them as well.  It went very smoothly for us.  This feature would be especially good for those who have trouble lifting heavy items.

  • You or your partner are heavier in weight – Winkbed is a 15″ thick mattress and has very good deep support as well as very good edge support.  It will perform much better for someone heavier than an all foam mattress, especially one under 11 inches.

  • Sleep in all positions – The medium feel with good support underneath makes the Winkbed good for all sleeping positions.

You might not like Winkbed Mattress if you:

  • Prefer the all foam mattress feel – Winkbed uses a micro coil unit and a pocketed coil deep support unit.  So you will have a more traditional mattress feel compared to an all foam mattress.  Many people like the extra support underneath so they don’t feel like they keep sinking.

  • Have a very narrow staircase- Winkbed does not come compressed in a small box.  So if you have a narrow stairway or short ceiling on the stairs it could be difficult to get a king size up or down. This primarily happens only in homes over 60 years old.  Tjey will bend as well so it shouldn’t be a huge problem for most people.

  • Prefer a super soft pillowtop – Winkbed has two soft layers on top but its fairly firm underneath and more of a medium feel.

Winkbeds Construction

  • 6-Layer Hybrid spring/foam construction

  • 1″ Hypersoft foam 1.5lb density  17 ILD (What is ILD?)

  • 1″ Premium Gel foam 1.5lb density 17 ILD

  • Foam encased 2.4″ innerspring micro air-spring coil (1353/queen)

  • Lumbar pad made from pre-compressed densified cotton

  • Foam encased individually wrapped pocket coils (858/queen) 14.15  gauge steel

  • 2″ Support foam 1.5lb density  28 ILD

  • Wink has the highest coil density of any mattress I’ve seen exclusively available online. A queen unit has 858 coils. A king has 1089 in this layer. When you add up the coils from this support layer and the micro coils on top, the WinkBed contains more pocket coils than any mattress I’ve seen to date online @ 2,211 per queen.

winkbed mattress layers

Winkbeds Mattress Cover

The WinkBed cover is made with Tencel. Tencel is botanical-based fabric softer than silk, cooler than linen, and more absorbent than cotton. It’s designed to absorb moisture completely and naturally, then release it to the outside. This makes the cover extremely soft to the touch, quick drying, and hygienic.

Tencel is highly eco-friendly as it is derived from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees. The forests where the raw materials are harvested are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, guaranteeing the plant pulp used in production comes from responsibly managed forests. Also in terms of sustainability, 10 to 20 times less water is required to make the fabric than is required to produce organic cotton, so the production has a much lower carbon footprint.

Tencel is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1 certified – the highest standard that guarantees the material is safe enough for babies and children.

The cover and materials used on Winks cover are of high quality.  As always we recommend a mattress protector to ensure it stays clean and your warranty stays valid.

winkbed mattress

Winkbeds Foundation

Winkbed offers  regular foundations and now they offer the coolControl™ set up that will heat and cool each side!

coolControl™ is a proprietary mattress base that enables you to adjust
the temperature of each side of your mattress throughout the night.
It was adapted from the same technology used to cool and heat car seats.

winkbed mattress instalation

His and Hers – Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts (Ross)

Winkbed is my favorite hybrid/innerspring I’ve tested so far.  Even beating out many of the mattresses I have on my mattress store showfloor.  I was very impressed with the quality of the build.  The cooling performance of the mattress was great, I didn’t sweat of get overly warm.  I have many pocketed coil mattresses at my store but none with micro coils as well.  The motion transfer was better having that micro coil layer in there as well.  I tried the mattress in all sleeping positions and it supported me great in all scenarios.  Another thing to note would be how good the edge support is on Winkbed.  It is by far the best I have seen so far.  I can say with confidence that Winkbed will support nearly all body weights.

Her thoughts (Kayla)

Winkbed was a nice change compared to reviewing and sleeping on a foam mattress.  Before Ross and I moved in together I always had a coil mattress.  I liked the delivery process.  We didn’t have a box and plastic laying around for a week after the review.  They took all of that with them and set the mattress up in our room.  Although Winkbed is more of a medium feel and not super soft I really enjoyed the feel of it.  It sinks in on top but feels very supportive under that.  It contoured to my body well on my side and stomach.

Softness-Firmness level: 6
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


Winkbed utilizies a Tencel cover which is a cooler fabric that is moisture wicking.  Next, it has a gel foam layer which is a foam that disperses heat well and doesn’t get as hot as regular memory foam.  In addition, the micro coil unit helps to circulate air better then having another foam layer that can trap heat. We did not experience any excessive heat on the Winkbed at all.

UPDATE: now they also offer the Cooled & Heated Mattress set up witch we will cover in another winkbed mattress review.  Learn more at their site about this by clicking our link above or below.

Adjustable Base Performance:

Winkbeds Price:

Twin XL$799
Cal King$1548

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Winkbeds Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box generally in 1-5 business days

  • Warranty – 10 years

  • Trial Period – 100 nights

  • Discounts – Save $200 off with the link below & promo code REALMATTRESSREVIEWS200

  • Made in the USA

Winkbeds Company Info

Wink launched in January, 2015 by a small team with a passion for sleep.  Less than two years later, thousands of Americans are now sleeping on a Wink hybrid mattress. Wink mattresses are American made in the Midwest.  The owner of Wink is one of few company owners who is self funded, which means they take extreme pride in the product they are producing.  We will have a blog interview posted soon with the WinkBed founder.


  • Durability & Materials
  • Comfort/Feel
  • Price
  • Cooling
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Off Gassing
  • Warranty
  • Trial

Overall Summary

Overall this winkbed mattress review was accurate. I think the mattress has a good medium feel that most people will like.  Next it sleeps cool and have very good deep support, making it also good for heavier sleepers.  We tested the mattress for a week.  I typically have some lower back pain in the mornings, this mattress seemed to support my lower back better then my foam mattress (its getting old now) and I had less lower back pain.  I would recommend Winkbed to anyone looking for a luxury mattress.  I am confident most people will like it, but if not you still have a free trial period.

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