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Helix is customized to you and for couples who want different firmness’ it can be personalized on each side.

Build Quality/Materials: 4.7/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.8/5
Overall Value: 4.7/5

Helix Sleep Review

Helix Sleep captures your info in a simple questionnaire, with questions including height, weight, sleeping style, and firmness preference. Based on your responses, they create your sleep profile.

Then they take your responses and run it through a proprietary technology, which is based on laboratory sleep research and 3D human body modeling. The result is a mattress optimized across four key performance metrics: feel, support, point elasticity, and temperature regulation.

Last the mattress is made to order and shipped to your door.

A note from Helix

Why Helix
Your Mattress.

36% better reported sleep quality.

Helix customizes your mattress to deliver the most comfortable bed, custom-built for you. In fact, people who switch from their current brand to a personalized Helix Mattress report better, deeper sleep.

Research shows improved REM sleep cycles, back health, and overall comfort.

Each Helix Mattress is designed to provide your preferred feel, temperature needs, and optimal support and adaptability to align your spine.

Impossible for one type of mattress to fit every single person.

What you end up with is a mediocre generic mattress that isn’t perfect for anyone – it’s just okay. Sleep better than okay. Sleep like yourself.

You will like the Helix Mattress if you:

  • Are single or a couple who wants customization – Helix is customized to you and for couples who want different firmness’ it can be personalized on each side.  Many couples tend to like different firmness levels or are different weights.  Helix is one of only a couple brands that offer this kind of customization.

  • Like to sleep cool – Foam mattresses can sleep warm.  Helix uses an aerated foam primarily on the top layer.  I did not experience excessive heat at all.  The cover also allows for great airflow and the fact that it uses a hybrid coil unit rather than a foam core it will allow for much better airflow than an all foam mattress.

  • Want a good value – Helix is a custom mattress that ships direct to your door, cutting out the middle man, which is why they can sell a custom mattress for the price they do.  Considering the amount of customization they offer and still come in under $1000 for a queen the price is very impressive.

  • Considered other custom mattress options – Helix is by far the best priced custom mattress I have ever come across.  The only brick and mortar store near me that sells custom mattresses they are well over $1500-3500 for a queen.  So there is a lot of value here.

  • Helix is one of my favorite mattresses on the market.  I honestly wish I had something similar in my store because we hear this all the time, “He likes firm and I like soft”.  The customization especially for couples is great.  When you look at all the bells and whistles the Helix offers you can’t go wrong on the price, its a truly custom mattress at a great price.  If one reason you may be considering a Helix is because you and your partner want different firmness’ the helix is a no brainer.  I was impressed by the comfort on both sides of the soft and medium firm we ordered.

  • Made in the USA – There are obvious benefits to this.  Supporting USA companies and the mattresses are not roll packed as long.  Making them expand faster, have less off gassing and more.

You might not like the Helix Mattress if you:

  • Don’t like foam mattresses – Although Helix has a layer of micro coils it still feels like an all foam mattress.  If you are a spring mattress lover you may want to consider something with larger or regular coils.  UPDATE: Helix has added an improved micro coil unit to provide a bit more bounce making it easier to adjust positions.

  • Are a heavy person – Although Helix is a quality built mattress I recommend thicker mattresses for heavy sleepers.  BUT the fact that it can be custom made you could still use Helix and like it as a heavier person,  I would just choose a firmer build vs a soft build.

Helix Mattress Off Gassing

The first thing you will do when you get your Helix mattress is bring it to the room you will open it in.  You do not want to unroll it in another room.  Once you are ready to open it you can use the cutter some brands provide, if not use a scissors and be careful not to cut the fabric.

As it starts opening it will expand quickly and you will only notice a slight “new mattress smell”.  The Helix mattress is made in the USA so it is not roll packed very long, which helps with minimize off gassing.

“Off Gassing” for me is tricky because no matter what brand you are looking at they are going to have a smell.  “Natural” or Organic” mattresses often times have the strongest smell, even though people associate them with no off gassing.  A smell is normal and no matter what brand you buy is going to have some kind of new smell.

In most cases the smell will be gone within 12-36 hours or very faint.  I always recommend using a mattress protector so once the mattress airs out use a protector and sheets and at that point you should not experience much smell at all.

Helix Mattress Construction

  • 1st layer Comfort and Temperature Control – The top layer is Helix Dynamic Foam which provides air flow and bounce, 2″. ILD Range: 15-32 depending on how you have it customized from your sleep survey.  (What is ILD?)

  • 2nd layer Pressure Relief and Support – Hundreds of miniature coils allow for effective weight distribution, pressure relief, and spring.  2.5” of pocketed coil spring units. ILD: 18

  • 3rd layer Additional Deep Support – 2″ Transitional poly foam.  Depending on the firmness which is personalized for you these layers may be switched around to achieve the right firmness.

  • Bottom layer (core foundation) –  4″ layer of high density support foam.  This layer acts as a strong foundational support base for the above comfort layers.  As well as providing additional support for heavier sleepers.  The ILD densities range from 26-33

Helix Mattress Cover

The Helix mattress review cover is made from 100% polyester. The top white part of the cover is soft to the touch. It has a checkered pattern with a modern look. Although the cover looks and feels great we recommend use a mattress protector to keep your investment clean and the warranty valid.

The blue side panel is a thicker fabric which provides additional stability and protection if you ever find yourself moving the mattress.

The cover is soft and plush feeling and good for cooling as it is not too thick.

Helix Mattress Foundation

The Helix Mattress will work on any solid surface.  The floor, a wood foundation/boxspring, platform with slats and it will work great on an adjustable base.

If you are using an old boxspring I would just make sure the boxes are flat still and not bowed out in the middle.  Most of the time your old boxspring or foundation will be just fine.

His and Hers – Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts (Ross)

The Helix mattress is customized to your body so we’ll keep this part short.  The mattress we ordered was a medium to firm on my side and soft on her side. I really liked the feel of both sides.  While laying on my back I prefer something soft but overall for a night of sleeping I prefer something a little firmer.  Kayla on the other hand loves her mattress soft.  So this is a really great choice for our mattress so that we can both have what we want.  At 10″ thick mattress if you are a larger person and prefer a super soft mattress you may want to look for something thicker.  Overall for the feel of the medium firm it felt great in all sleeping positions for me.

Her thoughts (Kayla)

So far this is my favorite mattress.  Being that Ross owns a store we have a nice gel memory foam mattress but it’s a medium feel, although comfortable I still put a topper on my side of the bed that we cut down to make my side softer. The latex layer was on top on my side and it felt great.  It was a softer latex for my side and contoured very nicely and it felt like a cloud.

Custom-Firmness level: 3
Custom-Firmness level: 8
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm

Great...For the first couple of weeks...5/5

I LOVED this mattress when i first got it. All day i looked forward to climbing into bed. I’d go to sleep with back problems, and they’d be gone when I woke up. Not anymore… This thing is hard as a rock and I wake up in so much pain… Planning to call Helix soon and se what can be done. In agony!

Soft and comfy but not soft enough 4/5

I need to sleep on a cloud… i’m a side sleeper and my arms still fall asleep although it takes much longer. Not a regretful purchase

Breaking In 4/5

We got the dual mattress and my side was soft and my husband’s firm. After breaking in the firm side of the mattress for a few weeks, we both love the bed. It’s a good solution for couples who have different mattress needs.

Very nice mattress 5/5

We have had the mattress for over a month. We slept on it within 4 hours of unpacking it was comfortable from the beginning with no odors. It has been quite comfortable and appears to be very well constructed. I’d buy another and certainly recommend this mattress.


The Helix mattress is customized for each buyer.  If you sleep warm or cool they have a solution for you.  Latex foam is primarily used on the top layer which is a very temperature neutral foam that will keep most people at a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Adjustable Base Performance:

The Helix will work fantastic on an adjustable base.

Helix Mattress Price:

Twin XL$700
Cal King$995

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Helix Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Since they are custom made build

  • time is generally 1-2 days

  • and shipping 6-10 days to your home.  Shipping to Canada is an additional $150

  • Warranty – 10 years

  • Trial Period – 100 nights

  • Discounts – Use our link above and code MattressInsiders50 for $50 OFF

  • Made in the USA

Helix Mattress Company Info

Helix mattress review was launched in ​2015 and they have grown very quickly across the country.

I personally carry mattresses in my store (non-shippable) that are produced from the same factory the Helix mattresses are manufactured at.  The quality has always been great and I’ve sold mattresses from their factory for over 7 years


  • Durability & Materials
  • Comfort/Feel
  • Price
  • Cooling
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Off Gassing
  • Warranty
  • Trial

Overall Summary

Helix mattress review is one of my favorite mattresses on the market for its customization.  I honestly wish I had something similar in my store.  The customization especially for couples is great.  When you look at all the bells and whistles the Helix offers you can’t go wrong on the price, its a truly custom mattress at a great price.  The one suggestion I would make to them is to also offer a 12″ model.  If one reason you may be considering a Helix is because you and your partner want different firmness’ the helix is a no brainer.  I was impressed by the comfort on both sides of the soft and medium firm we ordered.

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