Best 2-Sided | Flippable Mattresses

best 2-sided mattresses

Benefits of 2-Sided Mattresses

Some brands are seeing the need for 2-sided mattresses They are coming back to the market because they last longer. Many people who bought within the last 5-10 years are experiencing mattresses that are not holding up the way they used to.

When a mattress is slept on night after night it’s the top comfort layers that wear and develop sag and body impressions. On a 1-sided mattress you are able to spin the mattress but not flip.

With 2-sides you are able to wear the foams more evenly by turning and flipping periodically to extend the life of the mattress. Its a fact that 2-sided mattresses last longer.

I am a huge proponent of 2 sided mattresses.  I sell them in my stores as well as 1 sided but I have always liked the idea of being able to flip your mattress.

Cons of 2-Sided

Some potential Cons could be:

You do not want to flip the mattress (to me it if you do not it is still performing like a 1 sided mattress but you can flip it down the road)

One sided brands will say you do not need 2 sides and that they are build to not have to flip.  There is nothing 1 sided designs have that is better, many times its the same coil units in both 1 and 2 sided.  The 1 sided will just have less foam and be cheaper to manufacture.  Some will say once you flip it the indents just push down to the other side, but the idea is you spin and flip to minimize indents and impressions along the way to make it last longer.

Below are my Favorite 2-Sided Mattresses

Layla All Foam & Layla Hybrid

layla mattress

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Layla Pros:
  • Are someone who values having more than one option.  The Layla is unique in that you can change the mattress right at home from a soft feel to more of a medium firm feel.  This is especially a great feature when you take into consideration you’re not testing the mattress before you buy it.  In my experience testing the mattress most people will like the soft side better.  However, you may think you like soft mattresses and then discover a firmer mattress might be better for you.

  • Area person who uses copper therapy for arthritis or other ailments.  I cannot speak on behalf of the science with the copper infused foam but many people use copper items such as athletic wraps for pain and arthritis.  You will want to look into this further if you are interested in the possible health benefits.  It can’t hurt though!

  • Sleep hot.  The Copper Infused Memory Foam is also supposed to be a cooler foam.  I can speak from experience on this trait.  Layla slept cool and I never experienced any excessive heat or sweating.  When getting up in the middle of the night and laying back down you will have some warmth but you would expect that since its not like it plugged in and air conditioned.  But over all it dissipates heat quite well.

Layla Cons:

  • Do a lot of activities sitting on the edge of the bed – Sitting on the edge the mattress sinks down about average for a foam bed.  If a very sturdy sitting edge is important to you you may want to consider something with foam encased edges or a border wire (coiled/spring mattress primarily). Laying on the edge was not an issue however, you still have the entire sleep surface usable.  (see video for demo)

  • Are someone who prefers a coiled mattress. –  If you have tested foam mattresses and don’t like them, I don’t believe the Layla will change your mind on that preference.  A foam mattress will feel different than a coil mattress.  Mainly they will not have as much bounce but that makes them better for motion reduction.

  • Prefer 2 sided for longevity vs 2 different feels.

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove

brentwood mattress

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Crystal Cove Pros:

  • Want a mattress made of high-quality materials. Brentwood Home expends considerable effort to make sure that all the materials used in their products are the best available. They research all materials extensively to make sure that they are both safe (without any harmful chemicals or toxins) and sustainable (eco-friendly and able to be used without harmfully depleting a resource). In regards to the Crystal Cove mattress specifically, the foams used are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that they are made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates.
  • Want the option to choose between firm and plush. Thanks to the innovative design of this mattress, which features soft and plush memory foam on one side and firmer latex foam on the other side, you’re able to switch between a firm and supportive feel or a softer more body-contouring feel at will.

Crystal Cove Cons:

  •  Want 2 sided for longevity vs 2 feels.
  •  Do not want latex in your mattress.
  • You don’t want a hybrid mattress. Because the Crystal Cove mattress incorporates not just three types of foam but also a supportive core containing individually pocketed spring coils, it’s not a good choice if you want either a mattress made entirely out of memory foam or traditional innerspring mattress.

How to flip your 2-sided mattress for extended life

how to flip your mattress


I like 2 sided mattresses for longevity reasons.  Foam wears out, no matter what a brand tells you so it is nice to be allowed to spin AND flip your mattress to limit body impressions.

More of these reviews coming.  Thanks for reading!