Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers


Back Stomach sleepers can usually pick from a larger variety of mattresses. You will still want a good support to keep your spine aligned. Depending on the person soft all the way to firm can work for a back sleeper.  Most choose something in the middle.

These mattresses are some of our top picks for back sleepers.  These all performed excellent for being supportive but not overly firm.  What we look for here is to have less force pushing back up against your body in this position but still maintaining very good support.  Below you will find some of the brands we thought performed best in this area. If you are looking for overall ratings and top mattresses you can visit our best mattress page for up-to date information.

best mattress for back sleepers

Back SLEEPERS will have the largest selection

Generally back sleepers will choose something medium to medium firm.  But some soft mattresses also work great for back sleepers.  It really comes down to the quality of the mattress you buy.  If its a quality mattress with either a great foam core or great coil system even a soft can perform well for a back sleeper.

I think medium firm is best because it will have a little cushioning on top.  That cushioning will contour to your lower backbetter than a firm mattress. This will ensure you have excellent lumbar support and can reduce back pain when sleeping. Read our reivew on firmer mattresses.

soft to firm chart

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