Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

What are the best mattresses for stomach sleepers?

Stomach sleepers will generally prefer a mattress that is more on the medium firm to firm. You will still want a good support to keep your stomach from sinking in too far to help limit lower back arch. Having firmer more dense foam on the top comfort layers will help with this.

These mattresses are some of our top picks for stomach sleepers.  These all performed excellent for being firm but not overly firm where you get sore ribs.  What we look for here is to have less force pushing back up against your body in this position but still maintaining very good support.  Below you will find some of the brands we thought performed best in this area.

Support & Spinal Alignment

Stomach sleepers can have a tough time choosing what is right.  In my experience you want to choose a mattress that is relatively firm.  If the mattress is too soft you will experience your stomach sinking in more than the rest of your body.  This causes your back to arch and ultimately lower back pain.

You want something has a great core or coil unit, so you have very good deep support.  Then the top should be firm but not rock hard.  If it’s too firm it can cause rib pain, or your arms may fall asleep if you tuck them under your pillow.  Firm to medium firm will work great for most people sleeping on their stomach.  Heavier sleepers will sink in easier so firmer is better.  Some lighter sleepers won’t sink in as easy so something a touch softer could work great for them.  At 200lbs I like a firmer mattress for stomach sleeping, about a 7 of 10.

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Firm but not too firm

You will want a firm mattress for stomach sleeping.  If you stomach sinks in too far you will experience lower bck arch and your lower back will experience pain.  So you want this mattress to be firm but not rock hard.  If its too firm you can experience discomfort in the rib area.

soft to firm chart

In the Classic or Pillowtop. Latex has a very good supportive springier feel.

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Firmer foams for heavier sleepers are great for stomach sleepers.

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Latex foam is firmer and great for stomach sleepers

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Made to be firm, good for stomach sleepers.

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2 sided, firm and soft.  The firm side is great for stomach sleepers

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