Best Mattress Protectors of 2019 | Mattress Protector Guide

Below you will find some of the best mattress protectors the internet has to offer.  Mattress protectors are a very integral part of your sleep system.  You should be using a mattress protector for several reasons.

First they are important for keeping your mattress clean and healthy.  It will prevent sweat or spills from getting into the mattress and staining.  It will keep dust mites, skin cells and other disturbing things from getting into the mattress.

Second, many brands will no honor the warranty if you have a stain on the mattress.  This is especially true for stores and most likely for most online brands as well.  It is a good way for brands to weed out some potential losses if warranties arise.

Mattress Protectors can be found everywhere, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as many other stores.  Not to mention all over online.  In our experience if you are seeking a high end set, online generally seems to have better pricing than a high end department stores.

We have many more of these coming soon.  Mattresses have been the priority recently however!

Why are mattress protectors important?

  • Healthier Sleep

    Mattresses that are not protected can have years of sweat, body fluids, skin cells and more build up in the mattress.  Moisture can cause mold and other unhealthy things to grow in your mattress.

  • Protects you warranty

    Many companies, stores and manufacturers will NOT warranty your mattress if it has stains on it.  Trying to clean it off will usually not cut it either.  So not keeping it clean may end up haunting you later if have any type of warranty issue.

  • Piece of mind for kids beds

    This is obvious, if you have a child going through potty training you don’t want to risk an accident.