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Parachute Sheet Set

What I liked about the Parachute Sheets

The contour pillow features a tighter zip off cover.  One side is contoured to cradle your head as to not kink your neck too much.  The memory foam has good give and is not too stiff.  This is a pillow Kayla used for a long time before we started reviewing more and more pillows.  This will perform fantastic for back and side sleepers.

Signature ContourSingle $89 | 2 Pack Special $165
Memory Down$109

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I Love My Pillow Warranty and More

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  • Warranty – 3 years

  • Trial Period – 100 nights

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I Love My Pillow Company Info

Our Story

We didn’t start as a pillow company

We are engineers who have manufactured foam for some of the largest companies in the United States. One day we were shopping for pillows for our family. We found ourselves completely overwhelmed by the high tech pillows that cluttered the shelves. When did pillows get so complicated? How are we supposed to choose the right one? What if we choose wrong?! Our new goal became developing a pillow that would provide comfort and support for everyone.

After 2 years, and a lot of testing (our favorite part!), we had finally found the perfect formula for the best foam we’d ever felt. That says a lot considering we’ve been obsessed with foam for over 20 years!

We wanted to use technology to create quality, not to confuse people into buying something. When our 8 year old daughter exclaimed, “I LOVE MY PILLOW!” we knew we had a name for the company. We believe that everyone should be in love with their pillow! Source:


  • Memory Down
  • Signature Contour

Overall Summary

We like the brand and they offer even more than we have reviewed here. The Classic Pillow review review is coming soon. Of the two we have reviewed we really like the Memory Down and still use it today!

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