Protect-a-bed Therm-A-Sleep Snow Mattress Protector Review

Protect-a-bed started In the year 2000 Protect-A-Bed, they established a brand new product concept in the United States: MATTRESS PROTECTION!

As someone who owns a mattress store I cannot stress enough how important a mattress protector is.  Not only for the obvious reason of keeping your mattress fresh and clean but most manufacturers will deem your warranty void if there are ANY stains on your mattress.

Protectabed has set out to provide a high quality mattress protector that is not only waterproof but also cooling.  This mattress protector also uses quality material so your mattress will feel the same while being protected.

I have sold dozens of different protectors out of my store so I have seen them all.  How does the Nest Bedding Cooling Protector stack up?  Read the full review below.

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Review of the Protect-a-bed Therm-A-Sleep Snow Mattress Protector

protectabed snow cooling mattress protector

What I liked about the Protect-a-bed Snow Cooling Mattress Protector

In the world of mattress protectors you will see many cheaper Terry Cloth protectors, some are effective and some are just cheap.  I like that this protector uses a much more durable fabric while not taking away from the feel of the mattress.  It also provides cooling and protection from spills, sweat etc.

This is a high end protector that will last as well.

The Therm-A-Sleep Snow Cooling Mattress Protector uses Nordic Chill which helps you stay cool while you’re sleeping and keeps your bed clean

  • Nordic Chill cooling mattress pad fabric has bee known to dissipate body heat up to 10 times faster than cotton, creating a cold sleep climate, even through sheets
Twin XL$219.99

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Protect-a-bed Snow Cooling Mattress Protector Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.

  • Warranty – 10 Years

  • Discounts – None at this time