Top 4 Hybrid Mattresses for Heavy Sleepers

What are the best mattresses heavy sleepers?

Heavy sleepers have an important decision to make when it comes to mattress selection.

These mattresses are some of our top picks for heavy sleepers.  These mattresses are all mattresses build with quality in mind.  All of them use components that will hold up well with more weight.  Additionally many online brands are thin and use subpar foams and components.  These mattresses all prove to use better foams, great coil units and are the right firmness levels or offer firmness level choices that will be better for heavier individuals or couples.

Support & Spinal Alignment

Heavy Sleepers need a mattress that has enough comfort layers on top to provide contouring, but firm enough densities to provide support and limit sagging/body impressions.  These layers need to be thick enough and have the proper density to provide pressure relief while being very durable.

The base or coil units in the case of these mattresses is also important to make sure you have great deep support for you body and for the overall mattress longevity.

mattress for heavy people

Side Sleepers Need Extra Support While Maintaining Firmness and Pressure Relief

Being a hevier person means that your body will naturally sink into a mattress farther and easier than a lighter person.  This also means the mattress and its components will break down faster when having more weight on the mattress each night.

Having a mattress that is firm yet soft on top, yet still supportive underneath will be ideal for heavier sleepers.

Most mattresses designed for heavier sleepers will use foams that are higher density.  Meaning they will be firmer feeling.  So it is often difficult for heavy sleepers to find a soft mattress that will still hold up properly for their weight.  SO if you do like soft, it might be difficult to find the right mattress.  Some of these options I have provided will be good options for those who like firm and those who like a softer mattress.

2 important factors

  • Firmness Matters

    One the biggest things I will tell people to keep in mind is that whatever mattress you choose will end up getting softer as it breaks in.  I recommend heavier sleepers choose a luxury firm or a medium firm mattress.  Even if you prefer a soft mattress because they will break in or a topper can be added for extra softness but starting firmer will give you a mattress that will last longer with heavier weight on it.

  • Thickness Matters

    In the online market there are a lot of thin mattresses 10-11″ thick.  You will not find me recommending these mattresses, with an exception of a couple that are well build.  We are talking about hybrids here however.  These mattresses were chosen in part because of their construction and quality of materials but also because they are all substantial, thicker mattresses.  Some thinner mattresses I have reviewed bottom out easily and just are not suited for heavy sleepers although they might feel good they won’t last long.

mattress for heavy people

This is one of my top picks for heavy sleepers because it is specifically made for heavier sleepers.  Some of the comfort layers us a foam with the same density of many mattresses foam cores.  So this means it is made to be extremely durable.

You will like the Big Fig Mattress if you:

  • Want an extremely durable sleep system – Big Fig was designed to last.  It uses high density foams, button tufting and a really good coil system and edge support system.  In addition, Big Fig offers a extra heavy duty foundation and frame if you need those too.  The box is Amish Made and the frame is made of recycled railroad ties!

  • Like to sleep cool – Big Fig is a firmer mattress so there’s less sinkage and uses a cooling quilt and cover.  Big Fig also uses a coil unit which allows airflow better than a foam core.
  • Are looking for well above average quality with a fair price – When you consider a cheap mattress (not all) you will end up buying a new one more frequently since they will not last as long.  Big Fig is a mattress that will last 20+ years.
  • Are a heavy person –  If you are heavy and find yourself sinking way to far into most mattresses, sleep hot or just don’t feel the support you need, Big Fig is a must try.

You might not like the Big Fig Mattress if you:

  • Want something soft –  If you are looking for an uber soft mattress Big Fig may not be for you. However, if you are heavier than 200lbs its will feel softer for you than it did for me.  But overall, Big Fig is on the firmer side since it uses high density poly foam.  What’s great is the mattress will hold up for years, if its too firm for you keep it and add a topper to soften it up and maintain a sg free mattress for years.

avocado mattress

This is another of my top picks for heavy sleepers because it is a substantial mattress and also latex is one of the most durable foams you can buy.  It also sleeps very cool.

You will like the Avocado if you:

  • Are looking for an all natural/organic – the Avocado is a healthy, clean choice and one of the best built natural mattresses we have reviewed so far.
  • Like to sleep cool – Generally latex sleeps the coolest.  Then you add in that it’s aerated and uses a coil system rather than a foam core it all helps with air circulation.  You don’t have an over whelming amount of body either so so more of your body is exposed to the air which helps to stay cooler.  I did not experiece excessive heat at all.

  • You want a good value – Sometimes the natural and organic mattresses get really pricey.  This is an honest, good price for the quality of build and materials that are uses.  The pillowotp is a little pricier but its still a good deal for being organic.

  • Sleep in multiple positions – This mattress is a good medium feel with good body conformance.  Sleeping on your side, back or stomach Avocado will conform to your body very well.  As with most latex mattresses I can see some people thinking its a little on the firmer side but that’s typical with latex foam.

  • Are a heavier sleeper – This mattress is one of my top picks for heavier sleepers.  Its thick, and built like a tank.  Additionally latex is one of the most resilient foams that will last for a long time with minimal sag.

  • Like the combo of bounce and body conformance – With the latex & coils it maintains good bounce which makes it easier to adjust positions and not feel stuck.

You might not like the Avocado if you:

  • Prefer a non-latex feel– The Avocado has a true latex feel.  SO not as much sinkage or hug as say a memory foam provides.  It’s also a little on the firmer side of medium.

brooklyn bedding mattress

This is another of my top picks for heavy sleepers because it is a substantial mattress, it uses a very good coil unit, sleeps cool and is available in multiple firmness levels.  Which I recommend the luxury firm or medium.  Luxury firm is best for longevity.

You will like the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora if you:

  • Want a triple choice on firmness –  Brooklyn Bedding knows one feel is not perfect for everyone so they offer this mattress in firm, medium and soft.

  • Like to sleep cool – The Titan Flex or Latex foam will not get excessively hot at all.  Kayla is typically always cold so heat was not an issue for her either.

    • The advanced technology of TitanCool produces an optimal cooling effect as you sleep – its water-based surface and high conductivity properties draw excess heat away from the body, maintaining ideal comfort for each individual sleeper. A proprietary and luxurious smooth top weave, exclusive to premium bedding, provides cooling on contact.
  • Are looking for a mattress to fit all sleeping positions – Aurora is offered in 3 firmness’s so you are able to pick the firmness that fits your sleeping style.

    Comfort is achieved through TitanFlex, a patented, hyper-elastic foam with immediate response technology that adjusts to your body each time you move. Infusions of copper and TitaniumGel help promote an anti-bacterial sleeping environment with greater stability.

You might not like the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora if you:

  • Prefer an all foam feel- Although the Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding has good motion reduction and body conformance it is a hybrid so if you are more of an all foam lover with the best motion reduction you may not like the hybrid design.

dreamcloud mattress

This is another of my top picks for heavy sleepers because it is a substantial mattress, it uses a very good coil unit, sleeps cool and is on the firmer side of medium.  This also has one of the best edge support systems or the 4.  Big Fig and this are about the same in that area but this being softer could be a better option for a heavy side sleeper, or the medium Aurora.

You will like the DreamCloud if you:

  • Seeking a more luxurious mattress without breaking the bank: The DreamCloud is a much more firm mattress compared to the 10″ beds you can find and purchase online for a reasonable price. Spend your money wisely and buy a real luxury mattress. Some companies say things like “in store this would cost $3000”, well that’s actually true with the DreamCloud as it’s a well-built luxury mattress.
  • Are after the hybrid or more traditional mattress feel: The design of this mattress has an authentic traditional feel which utilizes a pocketed coil unit and a nice quilt on top. Thus, it’s a good combo of foam and mattress feel.
  • Want a good combo of bounce, and pressure relief: Want a good combo of bounce and pressure relief. The pairing of memory foam, latex, and the pocketed coils gives you good pressure relief with the memory foam with an added bounce. It has a right balance of firmness and softness.
  • Want a mattress that sleeps cool: The DreamCloud had no issues at all with overheating.  Being that it uses latex and gel-infused memory foam it does not trap heat much at all.  Additionally, since you do not sink super far into the mattress, more of your body is exposed to the air vs being engulfed by the mattress.
  • Want to pay a fair price for a high-end mattress:  Some brands compromise quality and focus more on price. But it’s not the case with DreamCloud. It makes quality mattresses with fair and relevant pricing. You get more of what you paid for. It’s a real luxury mattress with a reasonable price.
  • Are a combination sleeper: This mattress works well with different sleeping positions and the firmness appeal to most people.

You might not like the this Mattress if you:

  • Do not want a thick mattress: Although you will not have to worry about the sheets, you’ll have to look somewhere else if you like a thinner mattress as it is about 15″ thick.
  • Want an all foam feel: The DreamCloud Mattress renders a more traditional feel than an all-foam mattress will. It also has more bounce. Hence, if you prefer all types of all foam, it will not change your mind.
  • Want something uber soft: Although this mattress is not firm, it’s not super soft either. It’s a balance of both.