Nectar VS Tuft & Needle Mattress [Detailed Comparison]

Nectar vs. Tuft & needle Mattress Comparison [Unbiased]

This unbiased comparison will provide you with a clear picture of the comparison between two brands of mattresses. If you will go through the content, you will be able to predict a lot of things about the mattress you are planning to buy. Comparison is always fruitful before shopping. Traditionally the “word of mouth” used to be the most influential way to convince a buyer. Similarly, we are giving you electronic word of mouth here to help you understand what is good and what is bad for you. Explore the details and decide smart.

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Quick Overview of the Mattresses:


Nectar sleep is a brand that has a lot of reasonable options for its customers. This brand offers memory foam mattresses that are made of excellent quality materials. Interesting thing is that the same products are available under the name of some other brands with much higher prices. We will suggest you to think positive about the quality when you compare it with brands like Casper or Leesa. The prices are different but quality of the material is identical.

In the composition of the mattresses, Gel memory foam technique is used at the base of the thick quilted cover and have also inserted a memory foam layer underneath. Nectar is good at providing the contour but the particular feeling related to memory foam is not being answered. This shows that nectar is relatively cooler than other memory foam brands.

When it comes to the budget, the concern of the customer is, How long is it going to last? It comes with a support core poly foam system that gives it high-density and is supposed to cover the time period of minimum 7 to 8 years.

This level of durability in such reasonable price range is rare. You may stop struggling to explore other options.

Tuft & Needle:

The reason of establishment of Tuft & Needle is that people have to bear extreme hassle to buy their desired product. For example, the staff of some brands has some hidden strategies to convince the customer to buy a product that does not worth that much. Afterwards people come to know about the reality and feel helpless because they already paid a lot of amount for an average quality product.

So that is why, Tuft & Needle set their objective to provide good quality products with durable materials used in the making that are economically viable as well. Comfort was their non-compromising element for all types of sleepers.

The strategy they adapted to market their products was unveiling the lies behind the construction, marketing and selling of the products of the whole market industry.

The company came into existence in 2012. Since then Tuft & Needle maintained their title to be the best company who sell their product without any retailers. That means customers will be dealt directly with no middle man. Now they are not only famous for the peace of mind they offer to their customers while shopping but also admired for their budget friendly options for high quality products. These factors took them to another level of credibility in the mattress industry.

As far as the products are concerned they are in a continuous journey of enhancing the quality by the help of considering major feedback from the customers, they tried to develop an error free mattress range in 2015 that promised to provide a soft feel and support to the shoulders and vertebral column.

Pros and Cons of the Mattresses:



  • Fair conforming and smooth motion isolation.
  • Mattress with high-density memory foam layers is available in better price options as compared to other companies.
  • Overweight sleepers reported noiseless experience while displacing from the bed.
  • Facilities of complimentary shipping in the contagious U.S with white glove delivery option.
  • Sleep trial constitutes of nearly a year (365 nights) with a low-cost lifelong warranty period.


  • Latex lovers will not like the feel
  • The cover is not full washable

Tuft & Needle:


  • Offers divine experience regarding pressure relief while sleeping.
  • Motion is subtle and there is no noise during displacement.
  • Complimentary delivery and shipping in adjoining U.S.
  • They rate A+ BBB in mattress industry.


  • Less options of the level of firmness of mattresses.
  • Edge support is not great
  • Latex lovers will not like the feel

The comfort of the Mattresses:

Nectar Firmness:

Firmness of the mattress depends upon the gel of the memory foam, specially the top thick layer, it gives the nectar mattress its exceptionally soft and plushy feeling. On the firmness meter it occupies the value of 5 or 6 out of 10 that is considered towards the softer side. Overall, it falls in the medium firmness level.

It is the best options for those who love to sleep on soft mattresses with deep conforming and side sleepers will also get a soothing sleep experience because it supports the lower body by contouring according to the type of sleeper to release extra pressure.

Tuft & Needle Firmness:

The firmness meter tells us that this mattress is quite supple because it falls on 5 out of 10. It is created smartly which means it can sink up to an inch which is a good sign for sleepers who seeks extra contouring.

The low sinking option might not favor slim sleepers. The exterior of the mattress is beautiful and the credit goes to its milky white color.

Construction and Materials of Mattresses:

Nectar Construction:

Nectar mattresses are composed of the memory foams sheets that are compressed in a tube. Nectar mattresses deliver their products county wide. No matter what option you select, whether it is shipping or the white glove delivery service. You can avail both options according to your location.

The composition involves the mixture of tencel and cotton. It helps the fabric to allow the passage of air through it, and makes it breathable that retards the process of heat retention. Furthermore, the 1 inch memory foam layer with cooling gel is quilted on the cover to give pressure relief. Overall, the mattress is 11 inches in thickness and has three layers:

  • First layer consists of 3 inches memory stuff that’s called Lush foam and has a slow response time, good pressure relief and infusion of cooling gel that dissipates the heat.
  • Second layer has 1.5 inches of Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam which is responsible for the smooth motion transition from comfort to the support.
  • Third layer has a high-density 5.5 inches Vegetable Based Super Core foam that offers added compression support.

Tuft & Needle construction:

Tuft & Needle has considerable thickness of 10 inches that is divided into two compartments of layers. It is entirely different from Nectar mattress that has three distinct layers of different stuff.

  • The first layer is based on polyurethane foam which is used to provide position changing factor or PCF of 2.9.The thickness of this layer alone is 3 inches that is favorable in providing desired firmness and support during sleep and its infusion of cooling gel also control heat retention and gives comfort.
  • The second layer or the base layer is accountable for the construction of the whole mattress. It is 7 inches thick with 1.8 PCF. It is supposed to provide desired posture to the backbone.

The foam that is consumed in a bed is customized by Tuft & Needle and claims to perform well. The cover of the mattress is plain and white colored that offers protection to the layers of foam while making sure that it is not interfering with their performance.

Sleeping Experience:

Nectar Sleeping Experience:

The composition of Nectar mattresses will take you to another level of comfort while sleeping. As soon as you lie on your bed you feel divine because of the bottom Adaptive Hi-Core memory foam layer.

This layer keeps your body upright and eventually supports your spine. It also gives extra support to heavy sleeper for better sleeping experience.

Cooling, firmness and motion control are exceptional features of Nectar mattresses.

Tuft & Needle Sleeping Experience:

This one is more like Latex foam mattress even though it is not as bouncy. Turn & Needle mattress is a little firmer than the Nectar especially when at the initial use. After the use for a few weeks, you will start to like it.

However, people with back problems or those who prefer softer mattresses should go for the Nectar mattress. When it comes to heating, Turf & Needle has none, it keeps the sleeper cool, mainly because of its gel and graphite infused adaptive foam and highly breathable cover.

Lastly, though it is not as bouncy as the latex, it is still bouncier than the Nectar mattress which means you will especially enjoy it during intimacy.

Who Should Get Which Mattress?

Nectar is suitable for you if:

  • Are seeking firmness with pressure relief
  • Want to test the mattress throughout the year
  • Are searching for heat dissipation
  • Want a good balance of pressure relief and support

Tuft & Needle Are Suitable for You if:

  • Are looking for medium firmness
  • Plan on changing house or moving to somewhere else
  • Don’t have high budget
  • Want a little more bounce



We have made everything about both mattresses easy to understand so that the customers could get the most of the information and select appropriate options by just sitting at home without any fuss. People get deceived by the strategies that are imposed on them by sales person in the mattress outlet.

Later on they carry this remorse of being cheated when they compare their product with some other brands or during discussing it with someone who bought the similar item but in cheaper rates. So it is time to say good bye to all these scams and protect yourself from regrets.

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