Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

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T&N is a popular brand online and is a 2 layer mattress with poly foam on top.

Build Quality/Materials: 3.9/5
Cooling: 4.7/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.3/5
Overall Value: 4.3/5

Tuft and Needle Review

Tuft and Needle is a brand that has been around online for quite some time.  They are one of the top mattress brands on Amazon.  Tuft and Needle uses a poly foam on top and a foam core for support.  One of T&N’s best selling points is the price.

You will like Tuft & Needle if you:

  • You want a good value –  One of T&N’s biggest selling points is their price.  A queen comes in at $600.  So there’s value there.

  • Like to sleep cool – Foam mattresses can sleep warm.  However, T&N uses a poly foam that slept cool for us.

  • Like a lot of bounce – Poly foam offer much more bounce than memory foam.  Making it easy to shift positions and not feel stuck.

  • Sleep in all positions –  The firmness of T&N lends itself to performing well in all sleeping position

You might not like Tuft & Needle if you:

  • Need good pressure relief – Personally I felt like the poly foam didn’t have quite as good pressure relief as a mattress that uses more of a premium comfort foam on the top layer such as memory foam, gel memory foam, latex or aveena foams.

  • Prefer a coil mattress – T&N is an all foam mattress.  So if you prefer coils you can look into their hybrid option as well.  But the all foam version is comfortable but won’t change your mind most likely if you are a innerspring lover.

Tuft and Needle Construction

  • 1st layer – the top layer of the T&N is a 3″ layer of poly foam. This layer is designed to provide most of the support, comfort & cooling attributes.

  • Bottom layer Core/Support Foam – the bottom layer of the T&N is a 7″  base support foam.  This layer acts as a foundation and provides deep support and adds to body conformance.

tuft and needle

Tuft & Needle Mattress Cover

Tuft and Needle uses a thin white cover.  The cover is removable/washable.  Being thin it can aid in air flow.

The cover is soft and plush feeling and good for cooling as it is not too thick.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Foundation

T&N will work on any solid surface.  A wood foundation, boxspring, salts, floor or an adjustable base.

His and Hers – Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts (Ross)

The Tuft and Needle overall felt pretty good for the price.  It did conform well and perform well in all sleeping positions.  The poly foam has a different feel than most of the memory foam or latex mattress.  It’s hard to explain really.  It feels pretty good but I think it’s lacking in the pressure relief area.

Her thoughts (Kayla)

I thought the Tuft and Needle was nice for the price as well.  They have tons of good reviews on Amazon and I’ve read reviews that they hold up well so that’s good.  It felt good for me sleeping on my side and stomach.  Check out T&N Amazon reviews as well.

Softness-Firmness level: 6.5
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


Tuft and Needle has no issues for us with sleeping hot.  Poly foam generally disperses heat very well.

Tuft and Needle Price:

Twin XL$375
Cal King$750

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Tuft & Needle Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box generally in 1-5 business days

  • Warranty – 10 years

  • Trial Period – 100 nights

  • Discounts – None

  • Made in the USA

Tuft & Needle Company Info

Tuft and Needle became one of the top online mattress companies a couple of years ago.  They continue to grow and have a very aggressive advertising technique that tends to not be so nice to stores.  I can speak to the fact that I have beds on my floor that use 3″ of gel memory foam that are under $600 including a boxspring and free local delivery/set up.  Marketing is a big part of many of the online companies.  With all of that said, they have designed a mattress that seems like it will hold up and buying online is convenient.


  • Durability & Materials
  • Comfort/Feel
  • Price
  • Cooling
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Off Gassing
  • Warranty
  • Trial

Overall Summary

Tuft and Needle was a great option online 1 couple of years ago, as they were unique.  Since then, many brands have come out that offer more premium foams that are close in price or cheaper in some cases.  However, they are very proven.  We don’t know how many returns they have had but they have had a huge number of positve reviews (assuming they are all real).  So if you value that fact it give it a try.  Do your research and compare specs before you buy.

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