Saatva vs Simmons BeautyRest Black Mattress Comparison [Unbiased]

Saatva vs Simmons BeautyRest Black Mattress Comparison [Unbiased]

Mattresses are one of the most important parts of getting sound sleep because your whole body relies on the mattress to get the necessary support and comfort for a night long, peaceful sleep. So if you are thinking of upgrading your mattress and are looking for such mattress that can help you sleep without a worry in the world, then you might find the two mattresses we are going to discuss below very useful.

We will discuss different aspects of the two giants in the mattress industry; Saatva Mattress and Simmons BeautyRest Black including their construction, comfort level, firmness and more. So let’s get right to the comparison of both:

Saatva Mattress

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BeautyRest Review

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Quick Overview of the Mattresses:

Quick Overview of the Both Companies:

Saatva Mattress:

Saatva has been in the mattress making business since the year 2010. They offer a huge range of diverse and exciting mattress products. The company has also named its flagship mattress aptly: Saatva. It is an innerspring mattress that is designed using a foam padded Euro-top cover and supreme layers of poly-foam to provide you with the best comfort possible and it also comes with a transitional layer that is made using pocketed coils.

The coils provide robust support and with the support of Bonnell coils, this mattress is as firm as they come. Saavta Mattress is one the most top of the line mattresses currently available for purchase in the market. It has top of the line specs, top of the line build, and top of the line customer satisfaction.

Simmons BeautyRest Black:

Simmons BeautyRest is one of the oldest mattress companies currently operating. The brand has been in operation since 1870 and the company has been selling its flagship model since 1925. The black mattress line has grown from a single mattress to nine different mattresses. All of the Simmons BeautyRest Black mattress models are of the innerspring variety.

They boast excellent build quality, supreme comfort, and very modern design. The mattress is also available in three options. Soft, Medium Firm and Firm. Simmons BeautyRest Black Mattresses are as old as they come. The company has had a lot of time to perfect the mattress that they make and currently, Simmons BeautyRest might have the best Mattresses in the market.

Pros and Cons of the Mattresses:

Saatva Mattress:


  • Saavta offers multiple firmness and thickness options.
  • Their mattresses have a very eco-friendly build.
  • Saavta mattresses have some of the best edge support in the mattress business.
  • The flagship Saavta mattress offers plenty of bounce and has above average response; to help you with the more intimate activities.
  • The company has excellent customer service: they offer full-service delivery and a 120 night trial period.


  • The mattress is very difficult to move and surprisingly heavy to rotate.

Bonus tip: have the delivery people place the mattress wherever you like otherwise it is going to mean big problems for you.

Simmons BeautyRest Black:


  • The black mattress line from Simmons is known for their bounciness.
  • The Simmons BeautyRest also have outstanding innerspring feel: it offers up a more traditional feel to its user.
  • The Black line up is known for offering fantastic mobility.
  • It is one of the best mattresses for stomach and combo sleepers.
  • It is an outstanding mattress for intimate activities.


  • It is not the ideal mattress for side sleepers.
  • The black line has a fairly high motion transfer.
  • Prices are rather high
  • The black line is not for light sleepers.

The comfort of the Mattresses:

Puffy Firmness:

The Puffy mattress is a bit on the firmer side. On average it could be a seven on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is very soft and 10 being the very firm. As already mentioned the puffy mattress has a true medium-firm feel to it.

It is by far one of the best mattresses for those that like to sleep on their stomach or back. For those who sleep on their side; you should look for a softer mattress. Some occasional side sleeping is okay, but if you sleep on your side regularly on the puffy mattress you may feel a little sore.

Purple Firmness:

The firmness of the purple mattress is 6.5. It is a bit on the softer side and the difference is pretty noticeable. The grid structure does an excellent job of distributing the weight evenly. The puffy mattress also has a bouncy feeling to it, which can add to the mattress feeling soft. Also, it is very accommodating for all sleeping position.

Furthermore, Purple is unequivocally one of the best options for the stomach, back, and side sleepers, but the softness does take some getting used to. Lastly, you might also feel the middle layer beneath the first layer if you add heavier weight.

Construction and Materials of Mattresses:

Saatva Construction:

The Saatva has a fairly simple build. The mattress’s five layers are enclosed inside a 14.5-inch body.

  • The top layer is made of organic cotton and has a euro style pillow top. The organic cotton allows the mattress to breathe while the Euro Style pillow top adds to the luxurious look of the mattress. The top layer also helps the mattress feesl extra soft and smooth.
  • The second layer is made using memory foam and it serves just one purpose: To provide good lumbar support. Despite its thinness, it is one of the best support layers in the market.
  • The third layer uses coil technology. It is designed with foam which encases the contour coils. This layer is chiefly responsible for the over-all feel and comfort of the entire mattress.
  • The fourth layer or the bottom layer is 7-inches high and is made using hourglass coils. The main function of the bottom layer is to make the mattress as durable as possible.

The Saatva has edge layers in addition to the four layers of the mattress. The edge layers can only be found in the edges of the mattress and are present in the mattress to improve durability and edge support.

Simmons BeautyRest Black Construction:

The Simmons BeautyRest Black line employs a special hybrid technology. The mattress line uses both foam and coils in their design. Simmons BeautyRest line up stands 15.5 inches tall and is made using four layers, beside the cover.

  • The cover is made using soft modal yarn fabric and additionally contains Tencel. The cover allows the mattress to breathe fantastically. It is only 1 Inch thick and is very traditional with a black diamond design.
  • The layer is made from Aircool memory foam. The top layer is 1 inch in height and allows for the mattress to stay cool.
  • The second layer is made using Micro Diamond infused Aircool memory foam. This 1-inch layer also helps regulate the temperature of the mattress.
  • The third layer is just 0.5 inches and is made of dynamic response memory foam. This layer gives the mattress supreme bounciness.
  • The fourth layer is 1.5 inches in size and is made with individually wrapped comfort contour coils. This layer helps the mattress provide such a comfortable sleep to the user.
  • The fifth layer is 11.5 inches in height and employs a technology known as Simmons Beautyrest’ Verifoam advanced pocketed coil system. It is made using individually wrapped coils. The queen size bed contains a staggering 850 coils. They help the mattress provide such robust support to deep and heavy sleepers.

The Fifth layer also contains a secondary layer made of foam which is 0.5 inches high. The fifth layer ably provides comfort and is able to not only absorb but also to reduce the amount of motion transfer that a sleeper might feel.

Firmness and Comfort:

Saatva Firmness:

Firmness is one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting a mattress. Too firm won’t do, just as too soft will ruin your sleep. The good thing is that Saatva mattresses come in three different firmness options. So, you can rest assured that you will find the firmness level that you are looking for.

The soft mattress is very soft. It is like sleeping on your mother’s arm. On average we will say that mattress ranks a 3 out of 10. On a scale where 10 is the most firm and 1 being the least firm.

The semi-Firm option is for those that like their mattress to be firm but not too firm. It Ranks a 6 on a scale of 10.

The firm option is for those that like to sleep on a very hard mattress. It is an 8 on a scale of 10.

Simmons BeautyRest Black Firmness:

The Simmons beauty Rest black line up is full of diverse mattresses. They come in all shape and sizes. The firmness options on the mattress start from a level 3 and go all the way up to a level 9. On this scale where firmness level 1 is the least firm and 10 is the most firm.

A general rule of thumb is that the heavier you are the firmer you will want your mattress to be and the lighter you are the softer you would like your mattress to be.

Comfort of the Mattresses:

Saatva Comfort:

The best thing that Saatva mattress has going for it is the bounce. This is the best bouncing innerspring mattress. The Saavta has great motion transfer and boasts one of the best motion reduction of all mattresses. Your partner’s movement will not disturb you.

The Saatva also uses the best materials. They have designed the mattress using organic and other healthy materials which make the mattress not only eco-friendly but highly comfortable to sleep on

Simmons BeautyRest Black Comfort:

The best thing about the black lineup is the number of layers used in making the mattress. The company was able to make a good quality mattress with superb durability.

All of the mattresses in the black lineup have impressive support, a great feel, and a good body contouring. The company was even able to avoid the sinkage problem that plagues other memory foam mattresses.

In, Short the Simmons BeautyRest Black may well be the very best when it comes to mattresses. They are definitely one of the most comfortable

Who Should Get Which Mattress?

Saatva Mattresses Should be Great for you if:

  • Ideal for those that like innerspring mattresses
  • Choice of a thinner or thicker model
  • Priced well
  • Easy returns and great trial
  • For those that tend to sleep hot
  • A true godsend for those with back pains.

Simmons BeautyRest Black Should be Great for you if:

  • For those that like the top of the line mattresses.
  • If you prefer a responsive sleeping surface.
  • Ideal for those that tend to sleep hot.



Buying a mattress can be a tricky proposition but not when dealing with two of the best mattresses in the market if you can afford them. Both of them have the excellent build quality and supreme comfort.

We will advise for those seeking the maximum comfort while sleeping to opt for the Saatva and the Simmons BeautyRest should be the top pick for those that are looking for the ideal balance of durability and comfort.

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