In-Depth Tempur-Pedic Mattress Overview & Review [Unbiased]

In-Depth Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review [Unbiased]

There are hundreds of mattress brands out there that are doing an excellent job in keeping their users happy by always striving for coming up with innovations to increase the quality of sleep. Among them, there is a company that is widely known for its innovative products and that is Tempur-Pedic. So to help you get the idea of what this company can offer you in terms of various aspects of mattresses, we have done this in-depth review.

Who should buy Tempurpedic?

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Quick overview of the company:

Tempur-Pedic is well known for making and retailing mattresses. It used to be the fragment of The Tempur Sealy international in past. At present, the following lines found in the stores.

    • The TEMPUR- adapt or adapt: It has two sub lines; all-foam adapt, and hybrid adapt. Both have memory foam comfort layer and smart-climate cooling covers with a firmness level of 5 out of 10 (medium). However, the all-foam has high-density support core system, whereas hybrid has pocketed coil for support.
    • The TEMPUR- proadapt or proadapt: It is available in all-foam and hybrid beds with a dual-layer smart climate cooling cover. All-foam type has three firmness settings. Soft (3), medium (5) and firm (7). Hybrid has medium (5) firmness.
  • The TEMPUR-luxe adapt, or luxe adapts: This one consists of all-foam with dual–layer smart-climate cover having firmness degrees of soft and medium levels with the memory foam comfort layer and high-density polyfoam support core.
  • The TEMPUR-breeze or breeze: This line has been introduced recently and is found with many options like the Tempur-PRObreeze or PRObreeze and TEMPUR-luxe breeze or LUXEbreeze. Probreeze is found in both all-foam and hybrid with a medium degree of firmness and memory comfort sheet but Hybrid has pocketed coils in place of polyfoam unlike all-foam mattress. Luxe breeze has all-foam mattresses with the soft and firm setting for firmness.

All Tempur-breeze types have special feature of PCM or Phase-change material in the form of the padded sheet over the smart –climate cover. The degrees of sleep by Probreeze is 3° cooler than average whereas luxe breeze has 8° cooler than average.

Pros and Cons of Tempurpedic mattresses:


  • Variety of firmness with countless options of materials utilized in making of mattresses.
  • Unbeatable levels of durability.
  • Smooth sleep with noiseless motion isolation.
  • Great support in body aches and pressure points due to extra memory foam layers.
  • Complimentary white glove delivery in all contiguous U.S.
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


  • Thick memory foam layers can cause bad smell through the process of offgassing between the layers.
  • Most beds are immovable and difficult to rotate due to heavy weight.
  • Very high retail markup.
  • A break-in period of 30 nights is required.

A look at the key aspects of Tempur-Pedic mattress:

Materials and construction:

The history behind Tempur-Pedic tells about its origin. The design was inspired by the memory foam that was made for space by NASA. Engineers copied the technique and merged it with their ideas to achieve the desired level of comfort.

The secret formula of Tempur-Pedic is arduous to reach but the core elements are viscoelastic polyurethane foam that gives the foam its famous memory expression. It has varied firmness options that are gained by adding extra memory foam layers that vary from extra soft to firm.

The increased airflow and firmness comfort levels are achieved by using special layering technique. This technique of layering provides support and lift by leveraging polyurethane and innerspring.

Quality Measurement:

How do we gauge the quality of a mattress? Quality of foam or mattress gets measured by the density and its weight per cubic foot. Denser foam is the sign of the high quality and less density leads to poor quality material. It is responsible for the conforming sink that is less when the density is high. In general the regular quality foams or other competitive brands range between 3 and 5 pounds whereas Tempur-Pedic starts from 4lbs and goes above to attain the quality they are offering to their customers. It gives unmatchable competition to other brands.

Some types are quoted below:

  • Tempur-HD: It is known for its great conforming formulation gives extra support to the sleeper. In most of their items, the density of 7.1 lbs/cu.ft is used to give flex and contouring to the top layers.
  • Tempur: In these mattresses, the density of 5.3 lbs/cu.ft is used in either first or second supportive sheet.
  • Tempur ES: This range is the cloud series of mattresses with extra soft foam. The density is 4.1lbs/cu.ft. This density gives you a pleasure of soft comfort with extra support.

Comfort Level

Tempur-Pedic takes the degree of comfort to another level. They are the pioneers of memory foam sleep products since the 1990s. This brand guarantees you the things like hassle-free sleeping, sleeping experience without body aches and desired firmness plus sound sleep with its sinking contouring capability that varies according to the body type from person to person.

Say goodbye to noises and vibrations created due to tossing and turning on the bed because the use of memory foam sheets inhibits the convolutions caused due to body movements. Extra memory foam layers make you feel as light as a feather in the air. This is a gift for the side sleepers as the softness support their lumbar region and they can have uninterrupted, sound sleep without body pain.

The breeze series, in spite of being expensive, has positive reviews as well. A few users mentioned trivial issues regarding temperature control. In fact they look comparable to the other products if you neglect the price factor.

Some users found that the average life of the mattress is five years. After that the top layers get suppressed and you feel no support at all at the bottom and becomes bothersome for your vertebral column.

This issue can be solved by a reasonable response that the density of mattresses plays an important role in its survival. Low density with larger body type is more susceptible to sagging than denser foam layers. One more factor is the body type of the sleeper if its large then regular use will eventually be considered as exhaustion that will affect the longevity of the mattress. Heavier body types should prefer the high-density series for durability.

Heat retention:

Heat retention sounds so uncomfortable when you talk about sleeping. To prevent the body from heating up while sleeping; this brand has Smartclimate system covers that are made up of moisture-wicking fabrics. It has another line for hot sleepers that offers even lower degrees of temperature.

Tempur-Pedic has negative reviews about heat retention system. Apparently it seems that the heavier body stops the foam from breathing. And eventually it results in the temperature fluctuation. The body type that surrounds the mattress matters a lot in controlling the temperature of the sleeping surface.

The whole breeze range has advanced options for heat retention. It was assumed that in this technology the heat of the body would be transferred to the mattress and then dissipated away to provide a cool surface to sleep on. Apparently there are no reviews regarding this system so far which shows that technology is playing its role properly.

Pain Relief:

Tempur-Pedic has unbeatable records in pain relieving as compared to other brands. Especially the high-density contour models. Only 18% of the users reported body aches but most users are satisfied with the overall performance of the technology offered by Tempur-Pedic.

Among all Tempur-Pedic lines, the high-density contour models are really effective for overweight sleepers, especially those who are above 160 pounds. Some competitors tried to achieve the same results but they were unable to compete with Tempur-Pedic.

Motion Transfer:

15% of owners reported a few complaints about the difficulty in movement while using the mattress. The reason is the strength of memory foam that reacts when it comes to weight and temperature. The owners with some injury, frequent position changers and elderly people are facing more issues than an average sleeper with lighter body weight. Flex models turned out to be good in this case of movement difficulties than the cloud and contour models.

Motion Isolation:

Motion isolation depends on many factors along with the brand of mattress. It also depends upon the shared bed sheet and body types of the sleepers. It means when you move from the bed while the other person is still sleeping, how much disturbance you cause because of your mattress or bed.

Memory foam is famous for its localized motion absorption property. So the person can move freely without disturbing other sleepers.

The sleepers are pretty happy with the level of motion isolation. 20% of the users said that they experienced extreme comfort regarding motion isolation during sleep. The high density of memory foam layers count a lot and play an important role in motion isolation case.

Who Should Buy The Tempur-Pedic?

Who should get Tempur-Pedic mattresses?

  • People who are looking for something reliable with a big budget
  • Those who sleep hot and sweaty
  • Light sleepers who get disturbed by the noise of movements or simply because of motion isolation.
  • Those who prefer thicker mattresses

Who might not find Tempur-Pedic mattresses suitable?

  • Side sleepers with an average body looking for maximum pressure relief
  • People with tight budget

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There is no doubt that the mattresses by Tempur-Pedic are little expensive then the competing products but this is also true that the competitors were unable to achieve the comfort, support and coolness offered by Tempur-Pedic. So even if the price is a little high, you are getting maximum value for your investment in the mattresses and if you think for long term, you would prefer years of comfort over a few extra bucks.

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