Dreamcloud vs Nectar Mattress [Detailed Comparison]

Both the Nectar mattress and Dreamcloud mattress are manufactured under the Nectar sleep brand and the main difference between both of the mattresses is that the Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress while the Nectar is an all-foam mattress. If you cannot make a decision regarding which mattress to go for, you should read this UNBIASED comparison of both mattresses to be able to make a well-informed decision. So with that said, let’s get started:

Nectar Review

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DreamCloud Review

dreamcloud mattress

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Quick Overview of the Mattresses:


Dreamcloud was launched in early 2018 and was priced around $16,000. The mattress features six layers of foam combined with a coil set to create a luxurious feel instead of delivering a typical hybrid design. It measures 15 inches in thickness and comes in one universal feel. The main attraction of this mattress is the use of cashmere fabric for its cover that provides a very soft feel.

The mattress has a medium-firm feel that is created by joining several different memory foams and a coil system that is 8-inch thick. One prominent thing about this mattress is that it only weighs 94 pounds which is lower than the most similar products.


This one is all-foam and has a cost of $850. The mattress is 11 inches thick and combines three memory foam layers with a base foam. It has a medium-firm feel and a TENCEL material is used to cover it which promotes cooling. Furthermore, the all-foam material of this mattress provides you with comfort and adaptability in different sleeping positions.

Also, the mattress has very minimal motion transfer, and that is what made it so popular when it was launched in 2017. The company was slow in delivering the mattress at the start, but now they deliver much faster.

Pros and Cons of the Mattresses:



  • Luxurious design at very affordable price
  • Has a lightweight and can be moved easily
  • Customers from contiguous 48 states get free delivery
  • Lifetime warranty and a 365-night sleep trial


  • May be a little firm for a lightweight sleeper
  • Edge support is weak for a coil based mattress



  • Good motion isolation and confirming
  • High-density memory foam at affordable price
  • No noise even if there is heavy weight on it
  • Low-cost lifetime warranty and a 365-night sleep trial


  • Edge support is a little weak
  • Cooling may be lower for some warm sleepers

The comfort of the Mattresses:

Dreamcloud Comfort:

The material of the mattress stacks up to 15-inch of thickness. It is created using a combination of many dense foam layers and a coil system that provides good supportive comfort. However, it has only one comfort choice, which is the medium-firm feel that accommodates to most of the sleeping positions. The mattress provides pressure relief for back sleepers and cushioning to cradle the shoulders and hip of side sleepers for proper spinal alignment. Furthermore, stomach sleepers won’t face the issue of back bowing because of its firmness.

Nectar Comfort:

The all-foam construction of this one also has only one level of comfort, which is medium-firm. You can say that on a scale of 0-10, Nectar mattress gets 5 to 7 points for softness which is great for most sleepers. This level of softness is achieved by combining many slow-responding foam layers. Nectar Mattress offers good contouring to the shoulders and hip of side sleepers, back sleepers will get decent cradling in the shoulders and neck, and stomach sleepers will also be very comfortable as it does not cause back bowing.

Construction and Materials of Mattresses:

Dreamcloud Construction:

A combination of 8-inches thick system of coils and six different layers of foam create the 15-inch thick Dreamcloud mattress. The six layers of this mattress starting from the top include:

  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Quilted memory foam which is super soft
  • A layer of supreme natural latex
  • Dreamplush supporting memory foam
  • Super dense layer of memory foam
  • High-density layer of memory foam

Besides these six layers, there is an 8-inch thick system of coil that is placed above the last high-density layer of memory foam.

Lastly, there is a cashmere top that sits at the top of Dreamcloud mattress to give it a more luxurious feel.

Nectar Construction:

As mentioned before, the Nectar mattress is an all-foam mattress that doesn’t have a coil system. The mattress is wrapped in TENCEL cooling cover, but inside the mattress, there are four different foam layers given in the order below:

  • Quilted gel memory foam
  • Gel-memory foam sheet
  • Adaptive hi-core memory foam
  • Breathable foam base layer

All of these layers work together to provide the sleeper with excellent support and cooling while the TENCEL cover wicks away the moisture from the body and keeps the bedbugs away.

Motion Transfer of Mattresses:

Dreamcloud Motion Transfer:

The Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress which means it is more responsive than the nectar mattress which is an all-foam design. However, each coil of the mattress is individually wrapped that reduces the motion transfer. Though you may feel the vibrations because of the movements on the other side but these vibrations would be very light to even disturb your sleep.

Furthermore, the mattress features multiple layers of memory foams which means most of the movements will be isolated from their source. This will make it easy to get in and out of the mattress without causing much disruption.

Nectar Motion Transfer:

There is no doubt that the nectar mattress does even better motion reduction. Firstly, it features an all-foam design without any coil set that causes less struggle. Secondly, several layers of foam combined together to create a slow responding sleeping surface resulting in virtually no motion transfer.

Furthermore, its thick foam base layer provides a solid foundation that further enhances its motion reduction capabilities and makes it ideal for a couple.

Cooling of Mattresses:

Dreamcloud Cooling:

The hybrid design of the mattress featuring a coil system allows good air circulation to take away the heat from the layers above the coils. Furthermore, it has gel-infused memory foam layers that are known for evenly distributing the body heat and keeping the sleeper cool.

Also, the latex layer has decent aeration for further breathability. These things make Dreamcloud mattress preferable over the all-foam mattresses especially if you are a warm sleeper.

Nectar Cooling:

As you already know by now, this one is an all-foam mattress and foams are known to retain more heat than a hybrid mattress. Furthermore, it offers a true memory foam feel that will sink the sleeper into the mattress where heat is typically trapped. Also, the Nectar is a slow-responding foam which means it can be difficult to get out of a certain spot that is hot.

However, the mattress has a medium-firm level and features a TENCEL cover. The firmness will prevent excessive sinking while the TENCENT cover will keep you cool by wicking away the moisture and offering breathability.

Edge Support of Mattresses:

Dreamcloud Edge Support:

There is a solid innerspring core in this mattress that sits above a high-density memory foam base. These materials work together to create a consistent sleeping surface. So that means whether you lay at the edge or at the center, you should feel consistent support throughout the mattress. This makes Dreamcloud mattress perfect for people who share a bed or love to stretch out.

However, keep in mind that the mattress does not offer sufficient edge support if you are sitting at the sides. You may sit for a few minutes but after that, you will start to feel uncomfortable or may start to slide down.

Nectar Edge Support:

When looking at the edge support by Nectar, you should know that it performs just like most of the all-foam mattresses. You can sleep on its sides comfortably but if you sit there long enough, you will start to feel like sinking down.

However, just like the Dreamcloud, you will get consistent support throughout the mattress even if you lie at the edges. This makes Nectar perfect for couples who love to stretch out or share their bed with pets.

Who Should Get Which Mattress?

Who Should Get Dreamcloud Mattress?

  • Get it if you carry a lot of weight
  • If you want to get the feel of an innerspring mattress
  • You want a firm bed with memory foam cushioning
  • If you sleep at the stomach or back
  • If you are a warm sleeper

Who Should Get Nectar Mattress?

  • Get it if you want to get motion isolation
  • If you prefer the mattress that makes no noise
  • If you like memory foam feel
  • If you want to minimize your pressure points
  • If you prefer to sleep sideways


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