Purple vs Casper Mattress – Which one is right for you?

Purple vs Casper Mattress [Detailed Comparison]

If you are confused regarding which one to choose from Purple and Casper then what you really need is to read a side by side comparison of both mattresses. This will tell you which mattress will be perfect for YOU based on your unique sleeping preferences. So with that said, let’s dive into the review that can help you make a well-informed decision:

Casper Review

casper mattress review

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Purple Review

ghostbed vs purple

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Quick Overview of the Mattresses:

Casper Review

Casper Mattress:

Founded in 2014, the company quickly rose to become a prominent name in the mattress industry. Most of the times, the company successfully achieved its goal by making affordable yet high-quality products for the customers. Ever since the company was founded in 2014, it has earned numerous prestigious awards for the quality of its mattresses.

Initially, they were a USA-based company. However, their expansion has grown north into Canada in recent years. However, most of their products are still manufactured in the US.

Purple Review

The purple initially originated from a Kickstarter campaign and was founded in 2015. It sold its first mattress in 2016. Since that time, this plucky underdog had witnessed a meteoric rise going atop of everyone in the mattress industry because of their unique and innovative products offering such features that no one else did. Purple is a fully USA-based company which was founded by two brothers who were based in Utah. The Purple’s products have been incredibly successful and today, this company is valued at more than one billion dollars!

Pros and Cons of the Mattresses:

Casper Review

Casper Mattress


  • You’ll get good, sinking feeling
  • Made from breathable materials
  • It comes with durable construction
  • It is more affordable
  • This mattress is slightly firmer


  • Not for heavier people
  • Less durable
  • Not good at reducing motion transfer
  • Very little bouncy

Purple Review

Purple Mattress


  • It comes with a bouncier top layer
  • Its cover is fairly breathable
  • It offers amazing contouring effect
  • There is minimal motion transfer
  • It is firmer and steadier


  • Its products are costlier
  • It offers poor edge support
  • It doesn’t offer all standard sizes
  • Not suitable for heavier people

The comfort of the Mattresses:

Casper Review

Casper Mattress Comfort:

Even though a Casper mattress is not as bouncy as the purple mattress, it still offers better bounce than all other average mattresses available in the market. Also, despite the fact that Casper mattress offers great breathability, it is still not as good as its competitor!

The only advantage the Casper mattress has is that it offers better edge support. Despite the fact that it has improved edge support than the purple mattress, it is still advised that you should avoid sleeping there.

The Casper mattress is also much more comfortable for heavier sleepers and all such people will feel great sleeping on it. However, please note that the motion transfer reduction offered by this mattress is not as good as the purple mattress!

Purple Review

Purple Mattress Comfort:

Purple mattress definitely has one edge over mattresses in one key aspect. They offer incredible breathability. The top layer of the mattress is just like a grid full of square holes which allow for the free airflow.

In other words, this means that the heat retention with this mattress is fairly non-existent nor does it absorb much moisture! The purple mattress can effectively be a lifesaver during the warm summer season! Another reason why this mattress feels comfortable is that it offers greater reduction of motion transfer. This means that when you are sleeping on this mattress with a partner, you won’t wake them up when you leave the mattress and go out!

Another amazing feature about this mattress is that it is extraordinary bouncy. This means that if you enjoy bouncing on your bed for any reason, you’re going to enjoy sleeping on this.

However, please note that the edge support offered by this mattress is very poor. This means it could be a little bit of a sore spot in terms of ensuring lasting comfort. To remain on a safer side, it is advised not to fall asleep near its edge as you will likely fall off it. As a heavier person, you may also find that the bed is a little uncomfortable.

Firmness and Support of the Mattresses:

Casper Review

Casper Mattress Firmness and Support:

Just like its competitor, the Casper mattress is also a medium-firm mattress but it ranks a little higher than the purple mattress on the scale, landing at around 7! As a result, it will feel good for most sleepers even though many will also find it a bit too firm for their personal preference.

The mattress offers more than decent support, particularly for those who are heavy sleepers! Those who prefer sleeping on their side may also find it comforting and supportive.

Please note that you will feel more sinking with a Casper mattress than with a purple mattress. In case you like that, it is the mattress for you!

Purple Review

Purple Mattress Firmness and Support:

If there is a scale to measure firmness of this mattress with 1 being soft as a cloud and 10 denoting a hard rock state, the purple mattress falls somewhere between 6 and 6.5! So, you can describe this mattress as something which offers medium-firm.

This is the kind of firmness which most sleepers will find satisfactory. However, this is despite the fact that heavier sleepers, those weighing more than 200 pounds, may not find it very supportive. It happens because of its construction and not necessarily due to the overall firmness.

But no matter how heavy of a person you are, it is a promise that you will not sink too much into it. Depending on much you enjoy the feeling of being enveloped by your mattress, this can either be a downside or an upside!

What makes a purple mattress an excellent choice for back sleepers is its massive supportiveness that comes from the material used in the making of its first layer which is considered highly useful for the spine. However, the mattress does not offer a good edge support.

Construction and Materials of Mattresses:

Casper Review

Casper Mattress Construction:

With a 9.5-inch thickness, the Casper mattress is made from the four distinct layers of foam. Its first layer, making it special, is created out of a responsive yet sturdy polymer foam that features decent ventilation and bouncing. In addition to this, the layer provides great comfort. The thickness of the first layer is about 1.5 inches making it a little thinner!

The second layer has been made from a 1.5 inches memory foam. This foam is useful in the prevention of any heat-retention issues that may arise anytime! It is that layer which provides the mattress with the amazing ability to offer great support, especially for heavier sleepers whose weight tends to flatten the first layer!

A 1.5 inches think poly foam is used in the creation of the third layer of this mattress. This layer serves as a means of transition between the supporting layer and the base layer.

The fourth layer is the bottom layer which is typically made out of dense support foam that helps in making providing the mattress with a highly sturdy and firm base.

Overall, Casper is an excellent mattress to sleep on. It provides heavier sleepers with great support. However, the first layer is still far too thin which can cause heat retention and breathability issues. While the top layers are not fairly durable yet the mattress is not very flimsy.

Purple Review

Purple Mattress Construction:

There are three layers in a purple mattress, and it has a thickness of 9.5 inches. The first layer is made from a hyper-elastic polymer and is 2 inches in thickness. This is that special layer which gives purple mattress all of its uniqueness.

The layer is made using a specialized material. The polymer which this layer is constructed of is actually a pressure-releasing material patented by the company owners and it is organized like a grid. Its amazing design ensures the cooling and free flow of air, which prevents moisture trapping. Also, this mattress’s material provides users with amazing spine support and pressure relief.

With a 3.5 inches polyurethane foam, the mattress has a typical middle layer. This layer is intended to provide support and compression for heavy-weighted sleepers!

The bottom layer serves as the foundation of this mattress. This layer is made from 4-inch thick polyurethane foam.

The purple mattress is an excellent choice as it offers great breathability and cooling effect which is excellent for back sleepers. Overall, the mattress provides amazing support. Please note, however, that the grid design of the top layer of this mattress will be fairly less favorable to heavier sleepers!

Who Should Get Which Mattress?

Casper Review

When You Should Choose Casper Mattress?

  • You are a heavier person looking for a mattress that supports your weight
  • You prefer softer mattress to sink into!
  • You want a better deal on a tight budget
  • You prefer firmer mattress!

Purple Review

When You Should Choose Purple Mattress?

  • You happen to be a hot sleeper, and you prefer a mattress that offers better breathability to keep you cool
  • You or your partner has the habit of getting up at night
  • You like bouncier mattresses
  • You prefer a softer mattress


Casper Review

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Purple Review

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