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The Winkbeds EcoCloud Mattress Review | Real Mattress Reviews | Worth it?

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On first glance, the EcoCloud Hybrid mattress appears to offer a high-end, luxurious set of features not typical of every mattress. As well as using state-of-the-art hybrid mattress technology; Winkbeds also utilized the sustainable resource that is the TalalayRead the full review below and use our link and coupon to save.

Build Quality/Materials: 5/5
Cooling: 4.8/5

Comfort/Feel: 4.9/5

Overall Value: 4.9/5



The EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress Review

On first glance, the EcoCloud Hybrid mattress appears to offer a high-end, luxurious set of features not typical of every mattress. As well as using state-of-the-art hybrid mattress technology; Winkbeds also utilized the sustainable resource that is the Talalay latex foam. This means that it gives you a good sleep, while still being good for the environment…

…In theory, at least. Let’s delve deeper into the EcoCloud and find out if it is just as good as it makes out to be!


Winkbeds have gone for a neutral color scheme combined with a smart dark blue and white finish. It all stands out, it reads well, and their web page looks exactly like you would expect from a provider of luxury produce. One of their main talking points is that they sport a natural sleep without the use of synthetics or any chemical additives that might cause unnecessary off-gassing. Another is the weightless feeling their mattress gives you and a third is their pressure point relief system. All three are good selling points to focus on.

The Winkbeds EcoCloud Hybrid mattress factories are all Wisconsin based and each of their mattresses are made in the USA. This will go some way towards helping your carbon footprint when you buy. These mattresses are hand made, using only natural fibers and the highest quality of materials.

As well as having a great online platform, Winkbeds have also won awards for this mattress. Entrepreneur magazine rating it a number 1 buy, the Sleep Adviser doing the same and several other, well-known brands contributing positive comments. With all this in mind, and the work that Winkbeds have done in cross-brand promotion, we can’t help but score them fairly highly in the branding category.

Winkbeds Ecocloud Comfort & Feel

The EcoCloud has 5 different zones to it, all of which are aimed towards consumer comfort. These zones distribute your weight and make sure to catch you on each pressure point as you rest. EcoCloud features New Zealand wool in the upper layers. In the top layer they have combined this sustainably sourced wool with natural, organic cotton to make for super plush layer that feels as soft as can possibly be. As well as being soft and deep, the top layer also works to keep you cool in the night and soak away any moisture in a very natural way.

This is a hypo allergenic mattress that has been constructed using only natural fibers, so if you are shopping for a bed to suit these needs this is an exemplary model. It is also inherently anti-microbial, meaning that it should keep any harmful bacteria away by itself. Because of all the zoned off layers, and partially due to the fact that the EcoCloud is a Hybrid, this mattress sits towards the medium firm end of the firmness scale.

There is a fair amount of spring to this mattress, although the latex Talalay foam works hard to contour and shape. The cotton and wool allow for a little push back that the springs emphasize by supporting your pressure points. This is not a mattress you should flip – but it is one designed to keep you super comfortable, all night long.

You Will Like the Winkbeds Ecocloud Mattress if You:

  • Are looking for a hypo-allergenic mattress with no risk of off-gassing any harmful chemicals.
  • If having a fully sustainable mattress with a low carbon footprint is important to you.
  • If you are a back or side sleeper.
  • If you do not like the feel of a full memory foam bed or if you do not like the feel of foam full stop.
  • If you tend to sleep hot but don’t want to use the cooling foams that take a lot longer to degrade.

Shipping, Unboxing & Off Gassing

Delivery of the EcoCloud Hybrid mattress is usually free and takes between 7 and 10 working days from the moment that your order. It is completely normal for a mattress firm to deliver a bed-in-a-box to your door, but it isn’t quite so normal for them to offer to take away your old mattress too, for a small additional fee. We like this aspect and wish more firms followed suit.

When your bed is delivered it will come in a box and vacuum sealed inside plastic wrapping. This saves space during transport and allows for a more Eco-friendly delivery model. Once it has arrived we suggest that you take it to the room you are going to house it in before you start to open it, as it will be more difficult to maneuver afterwards.

Once the mattress is in position, take a sharp tool and cut away the cardboard, then work through the plastic film being very careful not to cut through the fabric of the bed. The mattress will start to unroll as soon as it is free of the packaging, and will expand as soon as the plastic is off – so don’t worry if it looks compressed! Your mattress will be fully expanded in no more than 24 hours, but you will be able to sleep on it before then.

We gave the Winkbeds EcoCloud mattress a 10 out of 10 for delivery and setup. It simply couldn’t be easier than it already is!


To us, off-gassing is a really deceptive term because any new product you buy is going to smell like wherever it has been stored before you bought it. It may smell like a warehouse, it may smell like a factory, it may smell like the shop you bought it in. It is similar to the smell of a new car or of new shoes and should not be considered harmful in any way.

Ordinarily it is all natural or all organic mattresses that smell more than others. This is because of the natural fibers used in the production process, which are more likely to smell than synthetic materials. This does not mean that there is anything to worry about, it is simply a scent and nothing chemical. That being said, there are some of us who are still concerned about off-gassing and, if you are one of those people, then this may just be the mattress for you.

Not only does the EcoCloud Hybrid have very little scent to it, any smell that it does have has been certified pure and natural. There is absolutely nothing in this mattress capable of harming you. We noticed no smell at all, but if you do then it should be gone within 36 hours. After you place a mattress protector and sheets on it you shouldn’t notice it at all.

Winkbeds Ecocloud Mattress Construction

The top layer of this bed is made from the organic cotton and sustainably sourced New Zealand wool blend that makes for a comfortable, plush finish. Under this it has a 4 inch layer of Talalay Latex, which is a natural latex that is fully sustainable and is taken from a certain type of tree. The latex performs well to contour to the shape of your body and support you while you sleep.

The five different zones of springs come next. Each spring is wrapped in the Talalay latex foam and is made from recycled steel, in yet another nod to sustainable produce. The springs are separated into five different densities along the length of the bed. They have incorporated an extra-edge, anti-sag support system on the base level to ensure that you don’t go rolling off the edge when you sit down, and to ensure longevity of the finished product.

The EcoCloud has been built with three key features in mind: Comfort and feel, support and structure, and natural sustainability. They have used only the most carefully chosen materials to construct this bed and we can find very little to fault them on. For their ability to create a product that is so natural and organic inside the USA is a further bonus, with their shipping model also focused towards sustainability.

Motion Transfer

Motion reduction is, perhaps, the only category where we found the EcoCloud to be a little wanting. The combined memory foam and springs should really balance each other out – but we found the odd customer review that mentioned that motion reduction could be better. There is no noise from the springs when this bed moves, rather it is the motion of a partner tossing and turning that may wake you up.

The cotton and wool cover is fairly springy, being the culprit responsible for most of the motion transfer. You should find that the Talalay foam supports you and evenly distributes your weight, but all those different zones offer a little disconnect which can account for bounce in the night. If you want a bed that really doesn’t have any motion transfer then we would recommend a fully memory foam bed. That being said, the EcoCloud performs well in this category for a hybrid.

Edge Support

Normally, any mattress that uses memory foam as its main material will have problems with edge support. Although it is a great material for sleeping on, it has been designed to give way under you and contour to the shape of your body, rather than provide a firm surface to keep you upright while sitting.

In answer to this, the mattress industry created the Hybrid, and the EcoCloud falls into this category. Hybrid mattresses have springs inside that are sheathed in memory foam themselves, giving you the full benefit of memory foam, while retaining a little of the bounce and spring back that the old sprung mattresses had. The EcoCloud is especially good in this category because they gave the outer edges some reinforcement with their recycled steel springs. This means you can sit on the edge of this bed without falling off it.

Softness-firmness Level: 6.5-7

1 Very Soft

5 Medium

1 10 Very Firm


The EcoCloud Hybrid mattress works hard to keep you cool even though it has no in-built cooling technology. The manufacturers over at Winkbeds decided to opt for natural fibers that already lend themselves to cooling, and managed to strike a really good balance between the two extremes. What they have devised is a mattress that doesn’t sleep hot and doesn’t sleep cool… we would go so far as to use the term “temperature neutral”.

The New Zealand wool allows the air to flow under you and air flow also passes between all the layers and all the zones. On top of this, the Talalay latex is more porous than other types of rubber, allowing for yet more air flow while you sleep. Added to this the fact that the bed is zoned along the length to encapsulate and support your different pressure points; and this makes for a bed that doesn’t have the chance of sleeping hot. If it does though, you have the wool to rely on to absorb any moisture and keep you comfortable all night through.

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Winkbeds Ecocloud Mattress Trial, Warranty and More

Winkbeds have gone out of their way to provide a sleep trial that you can count on. They will deliver and return the mattress for free whether you commit to a purchase or not – and even go beyond the industry standard of 100 nights for their sleep trial. You can try this mattress out for a full 120 days before you decide to buy it or not. That’s a pretty good deal that lets you try the mattress out through a few seasons to get a real feel for it.

As for warranty; this is a highly durable product which has been built to last. To this end Winkbeds actually go above and beyond expectations to guarantee the longevity of the bed for a whole lifetime. If something is defective with the product, simply call them and they will deliver a replacement. An industry standard guarantee is usually around 10 years – and we would consider 25 years to be exceptional. A lifetime guarantee deserves more stars than we have to award… it’s just that good.


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Durability & Materials
Motion Transfer
Edge Support
Off Gassing

Overall Summary

This is a good value bed for what you get – but that doesn’t mean that it is truly affordable to all. IF you are looking for a bed-on-a-budget then the EcoCloud might be a bit above and beyond what you can afford.


That being said, there aren’t many things to fault with this mattress. It comes quickly, expands fast, sleeps well and is one of the softest things you will ever lay your body on. It has just enough bounce that you don’t feel smothered and even gives better edge support than others of its kind.

The bad points of the EcoCloud? It has a little problem with motion reduction that isn’t all that bad at all. It doesn’t have any in-built temperature control technology either; but it does make up for it in natural materials and sustainability.

We would recommend this bed to anyone worried about off-gassing and able to spend on a luxury model. We would also suggest anyone who wants to live a more Eco-friendly lifestyle could benefit from a mattress such as this. If you want luxury that doesn’t come at the cost of a rain forest somewhere then the Winkbeds EcoCloud Mattress might be perfect for you. We loved it, and we are sure you will too.

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