An Unbiased Walmart Mattress Review

An Unbiased Walmart Mattress Review

Walmart is a Staple of American culture. They offer up a huge line up diverse and affordable products. Everything that you will need: Walmart has. Walmart is a huge part of America and for a good reason. The Multi-national retail Goliath was founded in 1962 and has since become the go-to retail store for budget items. They have the third largest employee base of any company and produce annual revenue of a whopping 514.4 billion dollars.

Walmart is one of the best places to buy any kind of mattress. They offer a huge variety of third-party mattresses; finding a good mattress in your budget and to your liking is virtually guaranteed.

Walmart doesn’t trouble itself with the more luxury items. Instead, it focuses on the more budget options. They offer brands such as Zinus, Lucid, Sleep Innovations, and more, all of which are known for their price rather than quality.

Quick Overview of Sears:

Specifics of the Company:

These mattresses might be of low prices but the low price comes with a cost of quality. Most of these brands use mediocre quality materials that lead to the mattresses being not very durable. There have been some reports regarding the mattresses suffering from sinkage and sagging.

You will have to use these mattresses with care otherwise they are only going to last a few months. Cheapness has a cost.

Walmart’s biggest strength is the variety of mattresses that they offer. The most common budget brands such as Lucid, Sleep Innovations, Zinus, and more are prominently displayed. One of their more quality third-party offerings is Allswell, a mid-line mattress in a box. Allswell boasts superior build quality than many of the other budget-friendly memory foam mattress wallmart brands.

You will just need to walk the aisle of Wallmart and decide on the mattress for you. We will make a list detailing what makes each brand unique and by the end of it, you should have a pretty good idea of the mattress for you.

Some Popular Mattresses at Sears:

Some Popular Mattresses at Walmart:


Allswell is one of the better brand mattresses being offered at Wallmart and it is one of the more recent additions to the Wallmart lineup. Allswell only offers mattresses in a box but mattress can be found in two firmness options. The mattresses make use of the hybrid mattress technology and come equipped with memory foam and pocketed coils. The quality build of the mattress plus the price make the Allswell the best that Wallmart has to offer. Their mattresses will cost you anywhere from $495 to $1035

  • Pro: The two firmness options are a big plus at this price point and the mattress is priced excellently.
  • Con: Customers might be put off by the mattress lacking an ultra-firm option.

Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons is one of the more recognized mattress companies currently operating in the U.S and their Beautyrest line up is the more budget-friendly option. The features of the Beautyrest line up are the budget price, and pocket spring mattresses having layers of memory foam above the support system. The problem with the low- price Beautyrest is the durability of the mattress. You will have to use them a bit more carefully than your everyday mattresses. Simmons mattresses have a price range around $399-$1299.

  • Pro: Pocketed coils are a big plus, especially at this price point. Also, they come in a variety of firmness options.
  • Con: Simmons mattresses are not known to be very durable and the comfort level of some of the models is lower than others at this price point.


Zinus is another low-cost mattress brand in a sea of other low-cost mattress providers. Zinus specializes in infused memory foam materials coupled with coils. The company provides a whole host of differently priced mattresses with varying levels of durability and quality. Zinus mattresses enjoy a love/hate relationship with their customers. Many customers love the mattress; others hate them.

Zinus mattresses begin at astonishingly low $100 and the more expensive models cost up to $499

  • Pro: The low cost is their biggest selling point plus they are offering multiple firmness options which is a welcome feature.
  • Con: Durability is not one of the strongest traits of Zinus and they might not be the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on.

Spa Sensations

Zinus is the parent company of Spa sensations but it is virtually a separate company. Spa sensations are memory foam mattresses at an extremely low price. Spa sensations are known for their cheapness more than their build quality. It is a good option for someone looking for a mattress on a budget: just be sure to take care of the mattress properly. Otherwise, it will not last very long. They are priced similarly to the Zinus. $99-$458

  • Pro: Very reasonably priced
  • Con: Spa Sensations are not known to be durable or comfortable.

Signature Sleep

Signature sleep is one of the more budget-friendly options; their mattresses begin at a staggeringly low price of $99. They offer a whole line of memory foam and coil mattresses and as an added bonus: all of the Signature Sleep mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified (which means that they don’t off-gas toxins). Most of their mattresses’ reviews are good but customers often complain about the durability and the comfort of the mattresses.

  • Pro: The mattresses are offered at a very reasonable price and come in both memory foam and coil options.
  • Con: The mattresses are not known to be very durable or comfortable.

Modern Sleep

Modern sleep is one of the more modern, sleek mattresses brand offered in the retail realms of Wallmart. Modern Sleep mattress brings with it exciting new cool-gel memory foam technology. The cool-gel is a major reason why the Modern sleep mattresses are quite cool to sleep on, but down the road these mattresses may suffer from longevity and durability, but at least for 4 to 6 months, you are guaranteed a cool mattress to sleep on. If you take care of the mattress perhaps, the Modern sleep might even serve you well for a couple of years. The mattresses are priced from $99 to $483

  • Pro: The cool Gel technology is the biggest plus of this mattress, especially at this price point.
  • Con: Quality control and durability issues plague the lineup


Sealy mattresses have been around for years and the company harbor’s a lot of goodwill in its customers’ hearts, the reason behind such goodwill is simple. Sealy is known for making mattresses that are excellent for your postures. Their Posturepedic brand has coned coils which are great for realigning spines. The mattresses do cost in the neighborhood of $289 to $1499

  • Pro: The variety of mattresses available is a big plus and nearly all of Sealy’s mattresses are great for your posture.
  • Con: Nearly all of these models suffer from durability issues. The high ends models are also not very durable.


Lucid has been quietly working with an online store to make a name for themselves in the mattress business. They have been in the business for 7 years and in that time period, they have gained a surprising amount of popularity. They offer mattresses in both the hybrid and the memory foam variety. They infuse the foam with bamboo charcoal and cooling gel that makes the mattress quite cool to sleep on. Price Range: $375-$1000

  • Pro: The mattress boasts a variety of exciting technologies.
  • Con: Lucid mattress’s craftsmanship is spotty at best. The craftsmanship is a big reason why mattresses suffer from durability issues.


Linenspa is another one in a long line of budget mattresses. They currently boast the cheapest mattress available on wall-mart. Their cheapest option is priced around $94. They offer two main types of mattresses: gel memory foam and latex foam mattresses. Linenspa mattresses also come in different shapes and sizes. Most of their mattress line up is made overseas and that is why the company can keep the cost of these mattresses so low. The price of Linenspa mattresses ranges from $94-$499.

  • Pro: Affordable memory foam and latex mattresses.
  • Con: Durability is a big issue as customers have complained of sinkage and material degrading.


Mainstays is a mattress brand found exclusively at Wallmart. They offer coil mattresses that come equipped with 6” gauge innerspring. The design and the make of the Mainstays mattresses are very traditional, but the mattresses carry with them a very low price point. Customer reviews all agree that the mattresses provide good initial comforts but in the long run, the mattress tends to display significant sinkage and material degrading. This might be best used as a temporary mattress rather than a permanent one. The price point ranges from $94 to $499

  • Pro: The low price point makes it an attractive option for people looking for a cheap mattress plus they offer Innerspring and memory foam technology at a low price point.
  • Con: Serious problems with sagging and the mattresses don’t last very long.



Buying from Wallmart means that you are already looking for the budget option. The online retail store offers a great variety. You will be able to choose from a variety of price points, shapes, sizes and build qualities, although you may have to sacrifice one or more features.

Buying a mattress on a budget cannot be an easy task. You will have to sacrifice on one of the key features and for the most point it seems that you will have to sacrifice durability, but if you can properly take care of the mattress than the it should be able to take care of you.

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