An Unbiased Sears Mattress Review

An Unbiased Sears Mattress Review

Sears is a renowned home store for ages that always provides its customers with a pocket-friendly solution. Notwithstanding the fact, they were on the verge of winding up the stores but still, they have a name in the market of mattresses and other equipment.

Let’s take the example of mattresses; Sears has the various reliable brands along with the statistical comparison with other products for the convenience of customers in stores and on the website as well.

Although the quoted prices are reasonable in comparison with other brands, you may have to be very careful to get value for your investment because you are not directly buying from the brand. So it is better if you just directly purchase online from the brand. Also don’t forge to check our My Green Mattress.

Quick Overview of Sears:

Sears is a big name that has been serving its customers for decades to adorn their houses internally as well as externally. In terms of bedding, if we talk about their range of mattresses, they have come up with the bigger margin of pricing criteria than other stores that satisfies the need of a buyer. But this peace of mind has its own cost that is concealed in the wrap of satisfaction. In fact the cost that has been charged for the material is higher than actual. There is a good enough reason behind this.

Sears do it intentionally to cater to the needs of the employees plus the maintenance of this enormous store. Sears earns profit through these strategies and fulfills the requirements of operating its stores. Some other brand names are also involved in profit making. To prevent this loss, always try to check the standard retail –mark up of the particular item before buying it. Hassle-free purchasing with several options is the only reason to consider Sears.

Some Popular Mattresses at Sears:

Some Popular Mattresses at Sears:

To prevent the problem of overspending at the time of purchasing a reasonable mattress at a fair price, we are presenting the information about available brands in Sears’s departmental store.

We have mentioned the details along with price plus pros and cons of the mattresses so that you can make your decision wisely by keeping these useful points plus highs and lows of each item in your mind before placing an order.


Tempur-Pedic, this is the brand that made its place in the category of household in the 90s due to its best-seller article “memory foam mattress”. After getting such a remarkable response from the consumer world made them introduce a new range of mattresses with innovations of pocketed coils system and cooling gel techniques.

These mattresses stole the hearts of consumers regardless of the fact that it is too pricy as compared to the similar products available online or in particular, mattress market. People have good things to talk about it and the best part is that its mattresses are not as expensive as different brands as their prices range from $1499 to $3499.

  • Pro: Medicated system for eliminating discomfort during sleep.
  • Con: High retail-Markup than standard values.

Restonic (Scott Living)

Restonic comprises of a wide range of mattresses that are easily available in specific foam or mattress stores as well as in departmental stores nationwide. Sears offers its Scott Living range with a special feature of innerspring and pocketed coil that guarantees the cozy posture of the lumbar system.

Pricing again sounds subdued in comparison with top online results showed on search engines that are way cheaper. Still, the price usually ranges between $951 and $5935 for different models. A few of the users reported sagging and loss of rigidity with the passage of time as well.

  • Pro: Advanced techniques are used to maintain the correct posture of the lower body.
  • Con: The overpriced factor and a few reports of less enduring material.


Simmons is a brand that comprises of a wide variety of mattresses. This brand has two famous types that are beauty sleep and beauty rest. These lines have multiple styles of mattresses with different features under their name. Beauty rest mattresses provide several styles regarding strength and smoothness with different price ranges for each item.

This brand has an exclusive feature of the pillow top. This is the most striking feature which guarantees the blissful sleep to the sleeper. Apparently, it has good feedback except for a few complaints of contorting.

The best part of getting Simon mattresses is that you can get a mattress according to your budget as their prices range from just $217 to all the way to $13055.

  • Pro: Pillowtop feature for extra comfort.
  • Con: A few users experienced the issue of sagging.

Signature Sleep

Signature Sleep brand is gentle on your pocket especially when you are desperately looking for a mattress with a terribly low budget then it’s not a bad option. This brand is offering a big range of memory foam and pocketed coil mattress with various styles of comfort providing features and it has remarkable pricing options too.

This brand offers absolutely fair rates according to the market. All in all they have reasonable ratings from the customers, though a couple of complaints have been received about sagging.

Make sure to have a look at users’ feedback before making any decision and also keep the price range in mind that is between $97 and $799.

  • Pro: Pocket-friendly with useful features.
  • Con: Sagging experienced by a handful of users.

Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster is famous for their lavish line of mattresses. This brand has been serving its customers from ages. The most striking feature of their mattresses is their thick coating that comprises of luxury materials.

They have high thickness mattresses that feature luxury materials which is a fine blend of handiwork and latest techniques of today. In general people gave good remarks but at the same time they reported that it did not last long. So it’s a question mark on the durability of this mattress.

Furthermore, the mattresses are a bit on the expensive side as you can get them within the range of $1151 to $7219.

  • Pro: The lavish features like craftsmanship and use of valuable material in the making.
  • Con: Evidence of Unreliable durability.


Sealy is recognized as the medicated mattress maker that provides the feature of supporting your posture. For that they have designed a special range called Posturepedic range. This range is responsible for the proper posture of the spine. Sleepers are in full comfort while sleeping.

They also offer their regular mattresses range with different firmness options. But a few complaints about sagging in an unreasonable period of time were reported. In general it has good reviews and as for the price, it ranges from $279 to $6199.

  • Pro: It focuses on correct body posture by supporting the lower back.
  • Con: Some negative remarks about sagging were recorded.


Serta’s foremost lines are iComfort and iSeries brands. They have a tremendous budget line for all sorts of consumers. Whether you are carrying a heavy wallet or light, you can always choose something from their products.

Along with these two lines they still give options for innerspring and memory foams. In the beginning, sleepers are contented but later they found some issues related to the strength of the mattress.

The overall feedback is positive but some of the customers faced the problem of sagging. You can get your hands on mattresses by Serta for as low as $199 to all the way to $4372.

  • Pro: Multiple options with fair pricing.
  • Con: Droopiness experienced by a few customers.

Budget Brands

Sears has tons of options to cater to the needs of its customers; for example, it serves us through its budget brands such as Dorel and Wolf Corporation. But if you judge the brands on the basis of the feedback given by the customers then hold on because it has received different opinions regarding comfort. Plus there is a complication in firmness and integrity of these mattresses.

First, do a survey of the mattress market and then decide where to order or book your desired article. Try and buy something durable within your budget with extra little effort. And as for the price range, they range from $84 to $664.

  • Pro: Pocket-friendly brands under the same roof available in various options.
  • Cons: A couple of people gave remarks about fragility and weakening.


We described all the negatives and positives in depth so that you can make a smart decision. Buying something after paying double the amount doesn’t make much sense. Consumers are advised to do a comprehensive survey before buying anything.
It’s not a hard nut to crack rather a click away from you. Just browse the specific websites and look for the best products in reasonable rates or try to wait for special offers and then book your desired mattress. It might take some of your valuable time but will prevent you from the monetary loss in future.
Happy Shopping!

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