Top Hybrid Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

What are the best mattresses hot sleepers?

Hot sleepers have an important decision to make when it comes to mattress selection.

These mattresses are some of our top picks for hot sleepers.  These mattresses are all mattresses built with design in mind.  All of them either have top notch cooling properties or use latex which generally sleeps cooler.

best mattress for hot sleepers

2 important factors for cooler sleep

  • Foam Type Matters

    The foam type in your mattress and the thickness will affect how hot it sleeps.

    Latex foam generally sleeps cooler than any type of memory foam.  So very hot sleepers should consider latex.  Even if a memory foam is “infused” with gel or something else, it will still sleep warmer than latex.

    If you do choose a memory foam, the thickness will also matter.  Thickness affects softness.  The thicker the comfort layers, generally the softer the mattress will become.  The softer the mattress, the more your body sinks in and is engulfed by the mattress.  This will result in sleeping hotter.

  • Firmness Matters

    People who like a very soft mattress will struggle with getting warm more than someone who likes firm. Soft mattresses hug and engulf your body more than a firm mattress. On a firm you will have more air exposed to the air and less hug, resulting in cooler sleep. These 4 mattresses will stay cooler, longer than most in medium and firm feels.

purple mattress


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What makes purple cooler

A quick glance at the open, latticed grid structure of the polymer layer should tell you a thing or two about the Purple’s ability to regulate temperature.

Unlike memory-foam, which relies on claims of ‘breathability’, the polymer grid is a completely open design which allows air to literally flow through the structure of the bed.

Meanwhile, the pocketed coil layer is also open in its structure, so what we have here is a bed with maximum airflow capabilities – possibly the most out of any mattress on any market.

The polymer layer holds no heat whatsoever. The transition layers of foam are breathable in construction, and are also thin enough to not become heat-traps. The mesh side-panel is also highly breathable and gives form to the mattress while also allowing air to flow.

Overall, the Purple breaks new ground when it comes to temperature regulation, with its remarkably open design. There’s no danger of heat-trapping, unlike in beds that primarily use foam. The use of the polymer also means that there is no need for gel or copper-infused layers.

brooklyn bedding mattress

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What helps the aurora sleep cooler?

This mattress uses a super cooling cover.  That feels cool to the touch, although it will warm this cover feels cool right away or when you move spots.  It also uses a foam that feels similar to latex and it sleeps cooler than memory foam as well as having more bounce.

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress did not trap heat for us.  I am a firm believer that eventually your mattress will end up the temp of you body but some foam disperse heat better than others.  Latex in my opinion is best for temperature regulation and their new foam performs in a similar way.  You should not have any issues getting overly hot on this mattress.

birch mattress

This is another of my top picks for hot sleepers because it uses latex foam which does not trap heat compared to memory foam mattresses.  You also sleep more “on” the mattress than “in” the mattress helping you sleep cooler.

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What makes the Birch sleep cooler?

This mattress slept very cool. Latex in general tends to sleep cooler than memory foam.  In medium I had good body conformance but not an engulfing feel.

So much of your body is exposed to the air vs sinking way in and getting warmer.  The latex is also aerated which helps with airflow.

If you sleep hot latex is the way to go.  Even with infused memory foams that claim to be cooler, latex will be better for heat every time.

avocado mattress

This is another of my top picks for heavy sleepers because it is a substantial mattress and also latex is one of the most durable foams you can buy.  It also sleeps very cool.

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What made Avocado Sleep cool?

The Avocado had no issues with heat.  Generally latex is one of the coolest foams and is aerated to hep with air flow.  In addition Avocado uses a coil system rather than a foam core., which also helps with airflow. You can really tell if a mattress keeps heat in when you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or something and come back to lay in the same spot. If you’re mattress is trapping heat you will noticably feel the heat after laying back down. It is normal to feel some warmth on even the best mattress as they are not air conditioned and our bodies are warm, but it should not feel like a heat pad. I never experienced any excessive heat in those instances where I left the mattress mid night.