What are the best mattresses hot sleepers?

Hot sleepers have an important decision to make when it comes to mattress selection.

These mattresses are some of our top picks for hot sleepers.  These mattresses are all mattresses built with design in mind.  All of them either have top notch cooling properties or use latex which generally sleeps cooler.

Side Sleepers Need Extra Support While Maintaining Firmness and Pressure Relief

Mattresses that sleep cool means that they do not trap heat as much.  Regardless o what you get the mattress will warm.  What matters is how long the components take to cool off.

People who like a very soft mattress will struggle with getting warm more than someone who likes firm.  Soft mattresses hug and engulf your body more than a firm mattress.  On a firm you will have more air exposed to the air and less hug, resulting in cooler sleep.  These 4 mattresses will stay cooler, longer than most in medium and firm feels.