Should You Sleep Naked?

Should you sleep naked

Should You Sleep Naked?

Sleeping naked is not for everyone but we all have our own sleeping preferences and there is nothing wrong with the way that you sleep. Our ancestors used to sleep in the nude and a considerable portion of the world has carried on that tradition. There is something really freeing about having nothing between the sheets and you. It is more a comfortable sleeping experience.

Sleeping commando is not everyone’s style but it does come with its own sets of benefits and problems. Sleeping in the nude has a great number of advantages and its fair number of drawbacks as well. Also don’t forget to check our best temperature for sleeping article and mattress buying guide.

Why Sleeping Naked is Good For You?

The main reason for sleeping in the nude is simple: it is a very freeing experience, to sleep without the burdens of clothes is more akin to sleeping on air. It is a really uplifting and comfortable experience. Sleeping without clothes has the added benefit of temperature regulations. Sleeping with your clothes on tends to increase the temperature of your body. You will enjoy a much cooler sleeping experience without clothes on.

Your body has something called the Melatonin and your body has an internal sleep cycle. The sleep cycle and the Melatonin are chiefly responsible for your body telling you when to sleep. As the evening falls; the body’s Melatonin level falls and the lower the Melatonin levels the closer you will get to sleep. The Melatonin level also continues to fall while you are sleeping and starts to rise up around 4-6 hours into your sleep, it is then the body starts producing Cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for waking you up by increasing the temperature of your body.

The lower your body temperature will be while sleeping, the more comfortable sleeping experience you will have. Clothes can externally increase your body temperature by just a few degrees and that few degrees can get in the way of more comfortable sleeping experience. Sleeping without clothes takes out that factor too.

Some Advantages of Sleeping Naked:

Improved Genital Health:

Is it healthy to sleep naked? Yes! Sleeping naked has huge benefits for your private parts. Wearing any type of clothes to bed and sleeping in it runs you the risk of infection. Clothes absorb moisture and this moisture is the playground of most bacteria.

So when these bacteria come in contact with your private parts; your private parts become infected. Men fertility can greatly benefit from sleeping naked. Men who sleep naked produce higher quality sperm than those that go to bed wearing boxers or other undergarments.

You and Your Partner Feel Healthier:

Sleeping naked is good for couples. Sleeping naked while being next to each other releases Oxytocin when your skin’s touches each other’s. Oxytocin helps with anxiety and lowers the blood pressure of the body.

A number of studies have also reached similar conclusions that those couples that sleep in the nude are more likely to be happy together than those that go to sleep fully clothed.

Enhanced Physical Appearance:

Sleeping nude also has a dramatic effect on your physical appearance. Sleeping in your clothes prevents the body from releasing human growth hormone (HGH).

The HGH replaces tissues, builds muscles and helps burn fats, as well as repairing skin and hair. Sleeping in the nude will help your physical appearance.

Reduction in Appetite:

As mentioned earlier, if you sleep in your clothes, you run the risk of overheating your body’s internal temperature. Sleeping with clothes on makes your body produce excess Cortisol.

The Cortisol not only increases the temperature but it also makes you eat more fatty and sugary food.

Those that sleep in the nude will feel less of a need to eat. This will also do wonders for your body’s figure.

You Sleep Comfortably:

As mentioned earlier: lower Melatonin level makes you sleep more comfortably and higher Cortisol level awakens you from your sleep. Our sleeps our recorded in REM cycles, and you need to complete your REM cycle sleep to wake up feeling invigorated and feeling refreshed. But those that sleep with their clothes on run the risk of waking up prematurely.

The higher level Cortisol will awaken you in the middle of your REM cycle and you will wake up feeling tired, and generally Cranky but sleeping in the nude means lower body temperature and a full night of restful and peaceful sleep.

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Some Drawbacks of Sleeping Naked:

May Feel Unnatural:

Wearing your clothes can give you a sense of protection and some people aren’t as comfortable naked. Some people are more comfortable sleeping in their comfortable, warm and fuzzy pajamas.

We spend a whole lot of our lives wearing clothes and sleeping naked can feel unnatural. It is one of the major reasons why most people prefer sleeping in clothes to sleeping naked.

You May Get Too Cool:

Temperature regulation is a tricky subject. On the one hand, sleeping nude does mean that your internal body’s temperature may fall down leading to a more comfortable sleeping experience.

On the other hand, it also means that your body will feel a lot cooler. Clothes offer us protection from the outside world. They shield us against the cold and the winds of the world.

Sleeping in the nude means that you no longer have that protection. The external cold and air can also throw your body’s internal temperature out of whack. Just as you cannot sleep when you feel too hot, you cannot also sleep comfortably when you feel too cold.

You May Not Be Protected:

Clothes do a good job of protecting us. Sleeping in the nude means that there is nothing protecting your body from every tick and insect bite (A sheet can only do so much).

Clothes make sure that some unsavory creature does come to bite you on the legs or anywhere else for that matter. Sleeping naked might mean that you wake up with some rashes on your body.


Clothes also absorb much of the sweat and other bodily liquids that your body releases. Sleeping in the nude means that your mattress will have to absorb them and in the long run, lots of bacteria can start to grow in that filth.

Not only will your mattress start to smell but you also run the risk of serious infections. Clothes also absorb much of the same sweat and body liquid, but you change clothes and wash them. It is very difficult to wash a mattress and very expensive to change a mattress.

4 Suggestions for People Sleeping Naked:

Get Good Sheets and Regularly Clean Them:

The most important thing when it comes to sleeping in the nude is that you know the best sheets to buy and wash your sheets regularly. The biggest issue that comes with sleeping nude is that you run the risk of infection and that risk can be greatly minimized by washing your sheets on a daily bases.

You should also invest in very good bedding. People who sleep in clothes don’t feel the sheets beneath them but nothing will separate you and the sheet below. Invest in the most comfortable sheets otherwise, you won’t get a comfortable sleep.

Maintain Coolness in Your Room:

Sleeping naked means that your body’s temperature will be on the cool side but the body’s working is a tricky thing. Depending on your area, sleeping naked can mean that you might wake up feeling hot.

Keep the temperature of your bedroom on the lower side. A cool steady breeze of air will feel good touching your skin and you will enjoy a very comfortable sleep.

Keep your hand and feet warm:

Your body tends to release a lot of heat during the course of your sleep and if during the heat releasing process your hand and feet are cold then you will wake up (bodily functions are tricky to understand). Infants may prefer sleeping with only a diaper on in extreme heat or humid conditions. Also, Baby’s love sleeping in the Bobby Lounger.

The trick is to keep your hands and feel warm when sleeping. Now you shouldn’t go to bed wearing socks and gloves, a shower 90 minutes before going to bed should do the trick nicely.

Wear something light:

Most people cannot sleep in the nude. Without their clothes they feel uncomfortable, they like the protection of their clothes.

Sleeping naked is one of the best ways to sleep and if you cannot sleep naked then you should wear something very light.

Go to bed wearing a loose pajama and you will enjoy most of the benefits of sleeping naked while wearing clothes.

Final Words About Sleeping with or without Clothes:

Sleeping with or without clothes is really about personal preference

Sleeping naked might not be for everyone but in my opinion the benefits of sleeping naked far out-weight the costs. Now, we can understand that sleeping naked may seem unnatural to some. You shouldn’t start sleeping naked but rather try to ease yourself in the process.

The first few nights you can sleep without your shirts and then remove an article of clothing every few weeks. Sleeping naked gives you the freedom and very comfortable sleeping experience. Just be sure to invest in the best mattress type for your needs and a top mattress protector. Buy quality sheets and wash them regularly.