My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) Mattress Review

My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) Mattress Review

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My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) Review

The Natural Escape mattress is a new model from my green mattress, it works with the same technology as the “Pure Echo” from the My Green Mattress brand. This mattress offers a springy bounce while still able to support your frame and offer its contour comfort. It is a new button-tufted design that is more durable than the other models. The mattress feel is described as being “just right” with its not too soft, not too firm attribute.
My Green Mattress offers information on their website and their social media platforms. They give a full product description of their products, offers and guide customers to making the right choices. The brand also provides information on the discounts available to customers, funding options, free trial period, the warranty period as well as the prices. Their transparency is a good business strategy because it gains the trust of customers quickly.
On their website is their contact number which is very responsive so that unsatisfied customers could communicate their frustrations or concerns. Verified buyers also get the option of posting reviews on their use. These reviews are fully visible on their website with a smashing 96% rating by customers. The company must have great confidence in their services and product to feature this option on their website. There are filter options in the review sections where you get to see reviews from verified buyers about a certain feature you need confirmation on.
They provide links to their social media platforms where you get to see more reviews from users. They also provide customers with video content reviews for visual analysis. Overall, their website is well designed and easy to navigate. The mattress comes in a cylindrical box which is a unique packaging format. The beige quilted cover has the brand logo on the edge which helps for brand identification.
There have not been any complaints on their services so it can be assumed that they offer good services to buyers and potential buyers as well. Their all-natural products can also be considered a branding credit because of its eco-friendliness and ability to be recycled. People Their branding is excellent and scores a rating of 90% because there is always room for improvement as the business world evolves.

You will like My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) Mattress if you:

• Are one that loves bouncy foams.
• Love a mattress that offers comfortability and quality. For a night of great sleep, this should be your option.
• Are conscious of the environment, you should purchase the green mattress natural escape, as it is certified and designed to be environmentally friendly. The mattress is made out of all natural materials which are biodegradable when disposed of.
• Prefer the feel of latex mattresses to that of sinking memory gel,
• Are allergic to synthetic materials. It is very rare to find people who react to natural latex and the quilted cover also protects you from being in contact with the latex.
• Like a high-quality mattress at an affordable price.
• Love a long-lasting mattress
• Want to seep with the assurance that you and your family are not in danger of sleeping on toxins.
• Are a back, stomach or combo sleeper.

You might not like My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) Mattress if you:

• Love the sinking feeling of memory gel mattresses to that of latex.
• Prefer very soft or firm mattresses to medially firm mattresses.
• Do not like your mattress being bouncy.
• Want a mattress with a hundred percent elimination of motion transfer
• Prefer a removable cover for easy laundering.
• Prefer a two-sided mattress which would enable you to flip the mattress when you feel.
• Are a strict side sleeper.

Delivery and Set up

Setting up the Natural Escape is just a breeze. When your mattress order arrives, it comes in a cylindrical box where it had been folded to fit in. This boxing method is quite different from other boxing methods, where the mattresses are fit into rectangular boxes. It is advisable to unwrap the product as soon as possible. After unwrapping, the mattress simply unrolls open without much effort. This is a plus for the mattress and brand because no one loves stressing over setting up a mattress.
After which you place it on a flat platform, and you’re set to sleep sound and comfortable. When you are using a slate, ensure that they are not more than three inches apart. It is good to note that the mattress should be placed on flat platforms including the floor if you choose to do so.
The mattress delivery usually takes less than two weeks after placing your order. When you purchase the Natural escape, you get to save about $100 to $150 on every mattress purchased. There’s a lot you can do with $100 so it’s great news. The shipping cost is free so you get to save those bucks too.
The mattress prices vary depending on the mattress size you choose to purchase. You can order this mattress with just a single click on your computer while at the comfort of your home.

Comfort and Feel

If you are searching for just the right mattress, there are some features you would need to know about the mattresses available to you. The Natural Escape is very responsive due to the latex and the three-zone coils. You don’t have to feel stuck in your bed due to a mattress with a sluggish feel. As you change positions while sleeping, the natural escape springs back up and hold you in your new position. The natural quilted cover of the mattress feels smooth and does not trap heat so you always remain cool.
The bounce is a dominant characteristic in the Natural Escape. This is most important on couples who love that bouncy feel while getting intimate. The mattress also conforms to the body and relieves it of its heavier parts, therefore helping to keep you fully rested. The mattress keeps you cool by not trapping air due to the latex and pocket support core it is made of.
The individually pocketed coils have the tenacity to react to body weight and keep pressure off your bones and joints. Also, the 3-zone pocketed coil enhances the pressure being lifted off your body. It is a surety that constant use of the natural escape over a long period of time can relieve you of body aches. The presence of strong edge support in the Natural Escape prevents sinkage of your body parts on the farthest areas of the mattress. It could be uncomfortable if the edges are sinking and may lead to body aches in the morning.

Motion Transfer

The Natural Escape is made of 904 individually wrapped coil systems, which offers full body support and eliminates motion transfer. If you’re the type who values an uninterrupted sleep, this is your cue. Motion transfer is that characteristic of the mattress that makes you feel every vibrations and movement on your mattress. With the motion transfer eliminated in the Natural Escape, you don’t have to worry about movements from your partner, children or pets.
In this mattress, the motion transfer is not a 100% eliminated so you get to feel little movements on the bed mostly due to its bouncy effect. The mattress is fast reacting so it doesn’t completely block out motion waves.

Edge Support

This mattress has splendid edge support. The coils at the edges are made to be stronger and tighter than the other parts of the mattress. With this, you don’t feel like you’re falling off the bed when you sleep. This is usually a priority feature for most when it comes to mattresses and the natural escape is excellent in this aspect.

My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) Mattress Construction

The Natural Escape is made in three layers of natural materials. The first layer is made out of a ½ inch all natural American eco-wool. The second layer is made of a 3 inch organic natural Dunlop latex while the third layer consists of an 8.5 inch three zone pocketed coil spring system. The cover is made out of organic cotton quilted cover. This hybrid mattress is made of both cool and foam materials. The first layer made of natural wool acts as a cushion. It is like the comfort layer. Underneath it lies the layer of Dunlop latex which is 3 inches in width.
Below the latex layer is the coil layer which gives the support and bouncy effect. Finally, the layers are covered with a smooth quilted organic cotton.
It is very rare to find mattresses that are eco-friendly. The natural escape is made out of all natural biodegradable materials. When you are done with the mattress, you don’t have to worry about environmental pollution. The mattress has also been tested and certified free from harmful chemicals. The latex used for the second layer is the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) Certified. The natural quilted cover is both Global Organic Textile Standard Certified (GOTS) for the organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certified for the wool. The Natural Escape is certified GREENGUARD Gold by the UL environment.
The materials used for the natural escape are totally recyclable including the metal springs. The green mattress company recycles these materials to produce new and affordable mattresses. The exquisite design and materials are plausible. This gives the mattress an easy 100% rating because there’s nothing better than a product that doesn’t pollute the environment.

Softness-Firmness level: 6.5
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


The natural escape has no temperature regulating features but doesn’t support over-heating. You get to sleep at a neutral temperature. The coils and latex support air flow so it doesn’t trap heat. The mattress is organic so it excels more in this without temperature regulating features.
The cover is made of fine cotton and wool, materials which would never give off heat while you sleep. Generally, the natural escape is best suited for hot sleepers.

Off Gassing

There is no off-gassing experienced with the Natural Escape. The mattress can be used immediately after setup. There is an absence of any pungent smell because natural materials are used in making it. Naturally, coils and latex have no characteristic or distinct odor, plus zero chemicals are used in the production of the natural green mattress.
The absence of off-gassing in the Natural Escape makes it a go-to choice for shoppers, gives it a competitive edge amongst its competitions.

My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) Mattress Price:

Twin XL$335
King? It says sold out currently
Cal King? It says sold out currently

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My Green Mattress (Natural Escape) Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box generally in 1-5 business days

  • Warranty – 25 years

  • Trial Period – 100 nights

The product can be ordered from any credible online platform where it is available. The shipping is free and it arrives on your doorstep in less than two weeks. From its arrival, there is a 100 days’ risk-free trial. This is mind-blowing. You get a full 100 days to decide if you like the Natural Escape or not. If you so decide to return the mattress within the 100 days, you get a full refund.
Also, the mattress comes with a 25-year warranty. This is an exceptional amount of time. For a company to trust in the quality of their product up to 25 years, it must really be of high quality. The company also offers customers who cannot afford the mattress the options of qualifying for the financing by Affirm. All you have to do is apply for financing at the Affirm and you just might be a proud owner of a Natural Escape mattress.

Customer Reviews

There are several positive reviews on The Green Mattress Natural Escape. Most of them talk about the natural materials used in the mattress while some talk about its positive and exceptional qualities. You can get some reviews from the company website. Some reviewer says “Very Comfortable! Love it! My husband and I have slept on an old queen mattress for a long time. He started developing back pain, and we were waking each other up with our movements, so we decided it was time to upgrade our mattress. We bought a king Natural Escape mattress after our neighbors let us lie down on theirs. Shipping was fast (about a week). We have slept on the mattress for two nights so far and have two great nights of sleep! The mattress is very comfortable. I would rate is as medium-firm. It definitely has some give, which I like, as I feel like it cradles me. I sleep in multiple positions and find the mattress comfortable in every one of them. We have no back pain or neck pain after sleeping on this mattress. The mattress is good at not transferring motion, so I don’t wake up when my husband rolls over. As far as smell, ours had a very light, pleasant and natural smell when we first received it that has dissipated. It smelled similar to the mattress we purchased for my son a few years ago. We are in love with this mattress and would highly recommend it! It’s incredibly comfortable, and I like that we are not sleeping on toxic chemicals. We look forward to going to sleep on it every night and can’t believe how much more refreshed we are in the morning.”
If you don’t feel convinced about the reviews from the company website, there are other reviews available to you just like this one.


  • Durability & Materials
  • Comfort/Feel
  • Price
  • Cooling
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Off Gassing
  • Warranty
  • Trial

Overall Summary

The spring bouncy effect is widely considered as the selling point of this mattress. You don’t have to feel like you’re laying on a rigid layer. It is fun and cool. Also, it saves you the cost of buying a spring platform. If you are in the market for a mattress that offers comfort and keeps you fully rested and free of aches at a bargain price, then the Natural Escape is the right fit for you.
There have been positive reviews on the mattress which can be found on the product website. The high-quality materials used in making it is lauded as well as its comfort. Its suitability for children is also a high point.
The Natural Escape could be recommended for people mostly because it is an all natural product. It is certified as environmentally friendly, biodegradable and you get to rest assured that you’re not sleeping on toxic chemicals. Some physiotherapists can also recommend this mattress for their patients because of its pressure relief system. Dermatologists also can recommend the natural escape if patients react to other synthetic mattresses.
In the event you choose not to go with the Natural Escape, because of some features you don’t want, there are other options from My Green Mattress which are also organic. The Pure Echo is just like the natural escape but firmer, and it is two-sided so you can flip it. The Hope Latex Mattress is medially firm just as the Natural Escape, but 8 inches thick. These two other options are of three layers and are sure to give you the comfort you need.

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