An Unbiased Original Mattress Factory Review

An Unbiased Mattress Factory Review

Welcome to the information seeking club of purchasing your mattress. Here we try our best to provide full information with all positives and negatives of the brands that start with special features of the product, price range and durability.

It gives you a comprehensive detailed survey of the types of products that you can unveil through browsing. Go through all the details with attractive pictures of the featured products before stepping into the store. It will prevent you from unplanned window shopping and save your time as well.

When you take help from the reviews, you become aware of the highs and lows of brands without wasting your energy as well as sales person’s energy. These reviews help you make your mind for a particular item and you have a clear idea about what you want from the store. The advantage of prior knowledge is priceless. This one is about Mattress Factory, what type of mattresses they sell and what you can expect out of them, so let’s begin:

Quick overview of Mattress Factory:

The original Mattress Factory has been maintaining its name and competing well with the leading brands of the 20th century.

Mattress factory emerged when the company that used to sell Sealy and Stearns & Fosters was to be bought. Some of the main employees decided to quit and planned to begin their own brand with the name of Original Mattress Factory.

They had ample information in this field. The experience they had glorified their motive. The objective of the company was to construct good quality mattresses that will be sold solely in their own stores.

Some Key Points about Mattress Factory:

Original Mattress Factory Specifics:

Mattress Factory is known for its historical strength and quality involved in mattress building. Their work revolves around the widely used techniques of innerspring system and pocketed coils in the making of mattresses. The blend of this technique works either way; memory foam provides comfort and coil system is responsible for attaining proper body posture.

In general, there are no critical issues found in the mattresses, but still, a few users reported the less integrity of the product. If you are looking for the long-lasting comfort with the quality you can go for top rated products.

What Quality Should Be Expected From Their Materials?

All the factories of “The original mattress factory” are located in the United States. In general, the materials they use in the making of their products are medium in quality level.

Although the feedback of the customers is positive, some issues emerged regarding longevity and strength. A handful of people reported about the early distortion of the mattresses than the expected period of time.

Quality control department should play an effective role during the construction of products to avoid these kinds of issues in future. So think and select the product that suits your body.

Popular Mattress Lines Offered by Mattress Factory:

Popular Mattress Lines Offered by Mattress Factory:

The original factory house is known for making four lines of mattresses that is the combination of memory foams and hybrid mattresses. They also offer a custom line through which you can get customized products according to your need. We will elaborate each line for your convenience.

Classic Line:

Classic lines have economically viable options for customers with a wide selection of products. The factory acclaimed that they have thinner mattresses, unlike other companies. The making of classic line mattresses needs fewer materials as compared to the available mattresses in the market. The leanness eventually leads to the discomfort of the sleeper, especially for the people who sleep on thick beds.

This line offers a wide selection of products including the Classic one, Classic, Classic luxury firm, Classic euro top and Classic plush. The reason for the classification of these mattresses is the Comfort layer that comprises of cotton batting and foam that further covers the innerspring matrix that gives the mattress a certain degree of comfort to the sleeper.

As for the prices, the mattresses that come under the Classic Line range from $129 to $809, which is a lot less compared to the quality they are providing.

  • Pro: The budget-friendly options with varying firmness.
  • Con: The thinness causes the breakdown of the mattress before the expected time.

Regency Line:

The Regency line is somewhat like the classic line. The feature that separates them into two different classes is the addition of comfort layers at the top. These are high-quality mattresses that offer some other ranges of mattresses, for example, the range of Regency Sapphire and the Regency Sapphire euro top.

The difference between these two types is that Regency sapphire has limited firmness options whereas the Regency Sapphire euro top has additional comfort layers that give extra plush to the series of mattresses.

Now the similarity between the Classic line and the Regency line is the placement and the composition of layers. The layers are at the top and lattice of inner spring is at the bottom. As for the price, this line starts at $319 and goes up to $969.

  • Pro: Providing a medium quality innerspring system with a variety of comfort layer options.
  • Con: Limited firmness options with a few reports against sustainability.

Orthopedic line:

The orthopedic line comes with extraordinary features. This range offers a variety of firmness options that range from ultra-firm to ultra-soft in the form of the pillow top.

The difference between classic line or regency line mattresses and the orthopedic ones is the innerspring matrix that is interconnected, but the orthopedic has many layers that stack above each other. These layers are made of extra foam providing with extra comfort while sleeping.

The orthopedic line is known for its unique system that is pressure point relaxation technology. This system provides comfort by moving coils that suppress the pressure points of your body and relax your backbone during sleep. It’s good news for side sleepers. The price range of this line starts at $359 and goes up to $1839.

  • Pro: This line offers a lot of options regarding the comfort of the sleeper.
  • Con: The innerspring movement is bothersome for modern users plus a few complaints about durability have been observed.

Serenity line:

Serenity line is giving you serenity through its all foam composition. The range of mattresses we get from serenity line comprises of the medium, soft (measured by plush) and firm (made of latex) options. All of them are having mattress profile of 10.5 inches with stacks of the foam layers.

The quality of these mattresses varies from medium to high. These ranges can be heavy on your wallet, unlike innerspring system. Some users reported the issues regarding temperature increase and they felt hot during their sleep.

Moreover, the pricing factor was disturbing for buyers; they reported the availability of the same product in the market with cheaper rates. But if you know the price range, which is between $1109 and $2519, you can better judge if you are getting value for money or not.

  • Pro: Variety of firmness options with all foam composition is the guarantee of the comfort that a sleeper can achieve during his sleep.
  • Con: The price is too high in comparison with the similar options found in the market.

Who Will Find the Mattresses by Mattress Factory Suitable?

It is highly suitable for the people who are looking for the factors mentioned below:

  • It has both the options of beds and box springs that help support your lumbar region. Innerspring provides the most proper posture to the body than other techniques. The comfort of the body depends upon the comfort of your spine. Once you feel that your spine is at peace your whole body will respond in a healthy manner and sound sleep will do wonders with mind and soul.
  • The different degrees of firmness provides extra comfort to get the orthopedic effect. The super quality system of innerspring used in the mattress is thicker providing sleepers with extra comfort and support. So sitting and lying is a blissful experience.
  • The quality of material consumed in the making of mattresses will improve its longevity and strength.

Who Might Not Find the Mattresses by Mattress Factory Suitable?

The original mattress factory is not for people who are looking for flexible policies because:

    • It does not accept any returns or exchanges
  • The purchased item is considered used and according to the policy there is no replacement or exchange of used item.



Uninterrupted sleep provides comfort from the top of the body to the bottom of it. It is possible only when your entire body is at peace during the sleeping activity. You should feel comfortable in the bed with the correct posture and desirable soothing effect which is why these mattresses are made; to provide sleepers with proper support and comfort.

So make sure to carefully read about the different lines offered by Mattress Factory and get the one that you find most suitable for you so you can get a total bang out of your investment.

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