Purple Rejuvenate Mattress Overview and Review

Purple is a well-known mattress company that specializes in innovative sleep products. With a focus on using unique materials and technologies, they aim to provide comfort and support for a restful night’s sleep. The Purple Rejuvenate mattress is one of their offerings, designed to offer a balance of support and pressure relief. The company provides free shipping and returns within the contiguous United States, along with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial.

This is Purple mattresses new high-end lineup.  The prices are pretty high but they are very substantial mattresses.

Purple Rejuvenate Mattress Overview and Review

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The Rejuvenate mattress offers a medium-firm feel that is generally comfortable for most sleepers. The Purple Grid technology provides a unique and responsive feel, offering a balance of support and pressure relief. The mattress adapts to the body’s contours, allowing for optimal comfort and spinal alignment.


The Rejuvenate mattress consists of several layers, with the highlight being the Purple Grid comfort layer. This proprietary technology is made from a hyper-elastic polymer that provides targeted support and pressure relief. The grid-like design allows for airflow and temperature regulation. Beneath the Purple Grid, there are additional foam layers that offer further support and stability.

Pros and Cons:

  1. Purple Grid technology: The Rejuvenate mattress features Purple’s patented Purple Grid, which is designed to provide responsive support and pressure relief, adapting to the body’s shape and promoting proper spinal alignment.
  2. Pressure relief: The Purple Grid’s unique design helps alleviate pressure points, making it suitable for individuals with chronic pain or those seeking enhanced comfort.
  3. Motion isolation: The construction of the mattress minimizes motion transfer, reducing disturbances caused by movement and making it suitable for couples or light sleepers.
  4. Cooling properties: The Purple Grid allows for excellent airflow, preventing heat buildup and keeping the mattress cool throughout the night.


  1. Firmness options: The Rejuvenate mattress is only available in one firmness option, which may not cater to those who prefer an extremely soft or firm mattress.
  2. Edge support: Some users have reported that the edge support of the Rejuvenate mattress is not as strong as they would prefer.
  3. Expensive

Motion Transfer:

The Rejuvenate mattress performs well in terms of motion isolation. The unique construction, including the Purple Grid and supportive foam layers, minimizes motion transfer. This feature makes it an excellent choice for couples or individuals who are easily disturbed by their partner’s movements during sleep.


The Purple Grid technology is designed to promote airflow and prevent heat retention. The grid-like structure allows for air circulation, keeping the mattress cool and preventing overheating during the night. This feature is beneficial for individuals who tend to sleep hot.

Warranty and Trial Period:

Warranty: The Rejuvenate mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, which covers any defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty ensures that the mattress will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost within the specified period.

Trial Period: Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial for the Rejuvenate mattress. This allows customers to experience the mattress in their own home and determine if it meets their comfort and support needs. If not satisfied within the trial period, the mattress can be returned for a full refund.


The Purple Rejuvenate mattress offers a unique and innovative sleep experience with its Purple Grid technology. The mattress provides a balance of support and pressure relief, promoting optimal comfort and spinal alignment. The motion isolation and cooling properties further enhance the sleeping experience. While there is only one firmness option available and some users have noted concerns about edge support, the overall comfort and performance of the Rejuvenate mattress make it a strong choice for individuals seeking a higher end Purple mattress that also has an upgraded quilt on top.


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