A Complete Purple Bed Sheets Review [Complete Review]

A Complete Purple Bed Sheets Review

Having a light and comfortable sheet that allows you to sleep cool and sweat-free is a blessing and people who have such sheets know what it’s like to sleep on a cloud. If you are also in pursuit of such bed sheet then you are in for a big treat today because we are going to review a bed sheet that just might be what you are looking for.

This is going to be a review of the famous purple bed sheets. You are going to learn some of the most basic facts about these sheets and we hope that by the end of this review, you will be able to make a well-informed decision about whether you need to purchase it or look for another bed sheet.

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Purple Bed Sheets Review

What’s Used to Make Purple Sheets?

These sheets are made out of a unique mix of spandex and viscose taken from bamboo. It is intended to give users a soft, stretchy, and breathable feel. Purple sheet manufacturers don’t include specific weave or thread count as they believe that thread count is now ‘ancient history’.

Even though thread count is something that you can’t ignore, the purple sheets are here to teach sleepers that they ought to consider a lot more factors when hunting for your perfect bedding.

The purple sheets also assert that bamboo-based bedding makes the best bedsheets. Even though such an opinion is purely subjective yet the fact remains that fabric extracted out of Bamboo is fairly reputed for being moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, durable, and eco-friendly.

Despite its great advantages, it is still a matter of dispute as to how many bamboo qualities get transferred into the sheets when you spurn the bamboo fibers into fabric?

How Purple Sheets Feel?

These sheets are smooth, cool to touch, and are also stretchy. As they are made from the blend of viscose from bamboo and spandex fostering a knit-like feel that feels really comforting, they do imbibe some of their benefits. For example, these sheets are light, breathable and offer great durability.

The sheet gives you the kind of feeling that you could go on to stretch these sheets for miles and they’d comfortably bounce back to their original form with absolutely no tears! These sheets are hyper-elastic, which allows them to flex with the purple mattress in a uniquely purple fashion.

You will experience no gapping or bunching of materials in these sheets. The fitted sheets will stay snugly despite all of your rolling around.

As an extracted material from bamboo, the purple sheets did adopt some of the bamboo’s moisture-wicking properties, which will particularly benefit sleepers who tend to run hot. Overall, these sheets are smooth, soft, and stretchy in their own unique purple fashion.

Pros and Cons of Purple Sheets:


  • Purple sheets are soft to touch
  • They’re fairly stretchy
  • Even though they are made out of them, they are not 100% as silky as bamboo viscose textiles
  • There are no seams with purple sheets
  • They offer strong elastic on the fitted sheets
  • You get limited warranty on workmanship
  • It offers you a whole lot of variety to choose from


  • You don’t have much color choice
  • There is no trial period
  • It is less than 100% natural because of the Spandex
  • No money back guarantee or return policy

Features of Purple Sheets:

The purple sheets offer amazing features which make them one of the most popular choices by consumers all over the world.

Material and Style:

What makes purple sheets unique in the market is their inclusion of 10 percent Spandex along with 90 percent viscose that is created out of bamboo. Due to this combination, purple sheets are able to stretch a lot more than just normal without having to compromise over their breathability. The same material is used to make pillowcases that come with the sheet which also help them to remain in place. As the fabric holds tightly to them, you will feel your pillows more loved than before.

It has a simple design but the more attractive feature of purple sheets’ material is that there are no visible seams, meaning there would be less stitching.

Pristine Build Quality:

Purple sheets feature good quality material and stitching. It has a loose weave making it breathable but it is not so loose as to get snagged easily. The depth of the mattress which this sheet can accommodate is another area that this product makes itself unique from the rest.

As its material is highly stretchy, the purple sheets can accommodate the mattresses of up to 16 inches in depth.

The company has justified pride in their quality construction and amazing workmanship which is borne out by the stitching and a general feel of the sheets.

High Durability:

Durability is something every customer is concerned about when buying new linen. Remember that all natural fibers tend to shrink when washed. Although this risk is reduced greatly with bamboo fibers but still, it is a risk.

However, the purple sheets are fairly stretchy and that’s why a little bit of shrinkage will not make a huge difference to its fitting or finish. You won’t have any problem if you correctly follow the care instructions.

This bamboo-made viscose is a durable fabric which will confidently withstand regular usage. The sheets must last a while.

Excellent Weight Balance:

The purple sheets offer great benefits in terms of weight. This material is fairly lighter than both cotton and linen. Additionally, the looser weave of this coupled with the added Spandex makes them a very light bedding choice. The sheets move along with your body without clinging and you don’t feel trapped in your bed.

Because it has a lightweight material, these sheets are ideal for use in the summer and in areas facing hot and humid weather.

Very Comfortable:

When it comes to being comfortable, the purple sheets receive rave reviews from the customers! Their softness attracts people and they feel these sheets pleasantly slippery without being as slippery as satin.

These sheets offer comfortable breathing space and they feel incredibly light on your body. As the bamboo is a perfect absorbent, the sheets give an immense cooling effect. Since the spandex is the same that is used in sportswear, this improves the sheet’s ability to wick moisture.

Value for the Price:

The price for these purple sheets is fairly higher than the standard sheets. However, you should expect no less as the material used are bamboo fibers and Spandex. Additionally, the sheets are pricy because of the fact they are immune to seams making its manufacturing cost higher than the other sheets.

What makes these sheets a worthy purchase is the benefits you receive in terms of improved sleep quality. Another plus point is that these sheets do not wrinkle because of the spandex material. They have amazing construction and with proper care, you can use them for a few good years, so the sheets offer a good value for your money!

A Brief Comparison of Purple Sheets with Others:

The bedding is a wide world and sometimes, you are not able to decide which bedding would be right for you. So to make the decision easy, let’s compare these purple bed sheets with some other popular sheets in the market.

Comparison#1: Purple VS Brooklinen

It is like talking about apples and oranges. Purple sheets will offer you the smooth stretchiness whereas Brookline’s cotton percale is super crisp. You will find no crispiness with purple sheets at all. However, you should go with Brooklinen sheets if you are more into that ‘freshly ironed dress shirt like feel’.

Both sheets are breathable and therefore you can have any of them to suit a warmer climate. Hot sleepers are sure to enjoy the cooling qualities offered by both sheets.

Comparison#2: Purple VS Parachute

Parachute sheets tend to be crispier to touch while the purple sheets will offer you softer and stretchier touch. Parachute’s sheets are sateen woven which offer you a silkier, and smoother feel but they are very dissimilar to purple.

Parachute’s percale has a lot more things in common with purple’s sheets as they are both breathable and light. However, the purple sheets are in their own league!

Comparison#3: Purple VS Lime and Leaf

If you were asked to pick a sheet set of either one of these three brands that are fairly similar to purple sheets, you should be picking lime and leaf.

They are not stretchy yet they are garment-washed that gives them extra softness. These sheets are also incredibly light and airy-the two qualities that make them an excellent pick for the summertime.

Who Should Buy Purple Sheets?

You should consider buying these sheets if you;

  • Sleep Hot: Purple Sheets have spandex and bamboo-based viscose that is combined with the looser weave, turning them into the highly breathable sheets. Bamboo is usually cooler than cotton so this would be better for hot sleepers.
  • Have Night Sweats: If excessive sweating at night is a problem for you, you definitely need something which will help ensure you remain cooler and will absorb the moisture. That’s why you need the excellent material that is viscose.
  • Enjoy Lightweight Sheets: If that is the case then your standard linen sheets won’t be as good as they tend to be a little heavier. This could be problematic when you try to move at night. These purple sheets tend to be fairly elastic so that they are able to stretch with you instead of clinging to your body.
  • Like Your Sheets Soft: Hands down, these sheets are the best option as they are the softest and most comfortable to sleep on.
PriceFrom $89

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  • Purple Sheets - Overall

Overall Summary

Purple sheets have something about them that attracts a lot of people who want to upgrade their regular sheets to something very comfortable, cool, soft and very lightweight. These sheets have not disappointed most of its users, and they are not going to disappoint you as well.

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