A Complete Brooklinen Bed Sheets Review [Complete Review]

A Complete Brooklinen Bed Sheets Review

Although there are numerous bedding brands in the market, yet, Brooklinen differs from them in one important aspect. Its products are exclusively available for online sale. The company has a verity of pillows, blankets, bed sheets, and comforters to sell.

In addition to this, Brooklinen has what it calls a ‘Brooklittle’ line of products which are dedicated to making premium quality bedding for young children and infants.

You can also buy certain other home goods from this website for your bathroom, including plush towels, washcloths, and bath sheets. Their ‘Bedcetera’ page contains accessories which are going to help you get the most out of their bathroom and bedroom products.

Other than this, Brooklinen also offers its own, unique pro-eco ‘laundress’ line of fabric care products. These products help customers in keeping their bedding clean without them having to rely on toxic and harsh cleaning solutions.

Brooklinen Bed Sheets Review

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What’s Used to Make Brooklinen Bed Sheets?

Pure long-staple cotton is used to make these sheets, and they feature a 270 thread count which is meant to offer a softer and breathable ‘hotel bed’ feel.

The classic core set is made of percale woven sheets. This is despite the fact that Brooklinen offers Luxe core set with sateen woven sheets. You can, therefore, say that the classic core sheet set which is being tested here will offer more of a cool, crispness which is generally regarded as a typical characteristic of a percale weave.

You must be wondering about how one can compare percale and sateen. Well, you need to know that it is usually a safe bet to assume that percale bedding will be more of a crisp, and Sateen will offer more smoothness.

These sheets are designed to be light and breathable that makes them workable with hot sleepers. Following the typical classic percale personality, these sheets also contain a combination of a matte finish. These sheets offer more of what may be called a crisp, dress-shirt aesthetic. With each sheet come one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

How Brooklinen BedSheets Feel?

Despite the typical lightness and airiness of the percale sheets, this sheet feels even lighter and airier, in addition to being crisp. True, that not all lodgings will use the same bedding, but these are the sheets that most commonly featured throughout most of the vacations you take.

These sheets are naturally designed to be light and breathable, which help the airflow enabling the body to dissipate heat. If you are one of the warm sleepers, you will find these sheets pretty useful! However, these sheets are not suitable for colder climates because of their light nature. They are best for use in the summer

Brooklinen uses the percale weave for these sheets that creates a crisp feel which is similar to a freshly ironed dress shirt.

The sheets come with a class matte finish, but a bit prone to wrinkles. When you are washing them, be sure to pull them off the dryer as soon as the cycle finishes. Having the ability to be dried by machine is kind of an advantage of having these sheets. Furthermore, if you want to keep from getting wrinkled, make sure to spread them out over the mattress when they are still warm.

Pros and Cons of Brooklinen Bed Sheets:


  • These sheets unequivocally have an excellent quality
  • They will wick away water far better than cotton
  • The sheets are soft to touch, and washing makes them even softer!
  • You can get these sheets in four different designs
  • These can be bought as individual pieces
  • They come with mix and match patterns


  • The color options are restricted to white or cream
  • Linen gets creased a lot
  • Even if you have returned the goods, you are still liable for handling and shipping
  • These sheets’ price point is a bit higher than similar sheets available in the market

Features of Brooklinen Bed Sheets:

The Brooklinen sheets offer several distinguishing and catchy features that make them popular with users all over the world. Here are some of the most amazing features of these sheets:

Material and Style:

These linen core sheets are the latest addition to this range. Prepared with keen attention to details, these sheets feature Belgian Flax and are woven in Portugal. The linen is quite softer to touch because the textile is stone-washed before the sheet leaves.

The same fabric is used to make the pillowcases featuring the ‘envelope design’ which is the company’s standard design. There are no zippers to get stuck in.

It is made using a percale weave that combines a creative mix of breathability and usability. It features simple white and cream colors in order to give customers an underrated style with this product.

High Durability:

Every natural fiber shrinks to some extent, especially after the first few washes. However, these sheets are distinguished in the way that they have already been stone-washed. This means that unlike other sheets, they will face minimum shrinkage if there happens any at all. By following the proper care instructions, you can ensure that there is no problem with shrinkage at all!

The linen is a deeply durable fiber which stands quite well to wash and wear. If you properly take care of the sheets, they are sure to last for a lifetime. The best part is that Brooklinen sheets offer easy caring as all you have to be watchful is that there are no spills. If you discover one, treat them right away! Though you can use a dryer with them, it would be good if you use the lowest setting.

Excellent Weight Balance:

You might find these sheets a little heavier but it is dependent on the type of bedding you are used to. The sheets boast higher quality textile and the kind of weave used to make it turn the sheets heavier. Though you won’t be crushed down under it the sheet is definitely heavier than the standard cotton that you’d been using.

Why this is acceptable is because it facilitates airflow making breathing easy without having to cling to your body. So, you won’t have a feeling of being hemmed or trapped into these at any stage.

Highly Comfortable:

What you will be amazed by is the softness of these sheets! The typical linen is a crisp fabric which offers no impressive or comfortable movement. As these sheets are stone-washed during the manufacturing process, they get an extremely soft and used feel. They are incredibly comfortable from the day you purchased them will continue to soften the more you use them.

Their natural fibers are the most effective material that may be used to regulate and control the human body temperature. The linen is a fiber that will allow the free passage of air, ensuring the skin continues to breathe. This made it the most elite garment in ancient Egypt.

The linen is also better at moisture-wicking properties and offers better absorption than the cotton.

Excellent Build Quality:

It has an excellent build quality, and the stitching is also very neat which shows that the company is trying its best to live up to its promise of providing their customers with quality products at highly affordable prices.

The fabric of the sheets feel very sturdy and taut which means higher longevity. Furthermore, the percale weave guarantees a very sturdy fabric that will not start falling apart after just a few washes.

When it comes to the finish, the company has kept it simple yet elegant.

Value for the Price:

Let’s be honest, we are not looking at something very cheap here, but the value you are getting for the price is outstanding. You are getting a set of sheets that are easily going to last a lifetime. And the best part is that the company provides a lifetime guarantee as well.

Furthermore, the soft, durable and easy to wash fabric makes these sheets cut above other similar linens in the market. A sheet is an excellent option for people who are hot sleepers or those who sweat a lot during the night.

Though their color range is a bit limited, their cream and white colors will go with any type of color scheme.

A Brief Comparison of Brooklinen Bed Sheets with Others?

If you are making a choice, it is better to assess and compare items so that you are able to make a more informed decision. So to help you get a better idea of which sheet to get, we have done a brief comparison of Brooklinen bed sheets with some of its competitors.

Comparison#1: Brooklinen V.S Casper

Casper’s cool Supima sheets resemble closely with the Brooklinen’s classic core.  They are also made from 100% long-staple cotton, boast a percale weave, and their design offer cooling comfort.

The real difference between the two lies in the details. Let’s just have a look at them.

Casper fitted sheet comes with a thicker, rubberized elastic band which offers you a mega-grip on the matters. The Brooklinen sheets are less smooth and have more crisp than the Casper sheets.

Despite the fact that both sheets offer cool, crisp and cotton feel, Casper’s sheet are a little heavier.

Comparison#2: Brooklinen V.S Parachute

Parachute’s sheets happen to be lighter and breathable yet they are also garment washed. For this reason, they offer what is referred to by the company as a ‘lived in’ feel, making them softer and less crisp than both Brooklinen and Casper sheets.

Unlike other sheets mentioned here, parachute’s sheet sets do not include a top sheet. Instead, sleepers are given the option to add a top sheet to their order depending on their comfort but you have the benefit of getting it with the Brooklinen Sheets.

Comparison#3: Brooklinen V.S Snowe

Snowe’s percale sheets are prepared out of long-staple Egyptian cotton. These sheets come with a higher thread count than Brooklinen’s percale sheets, making Snowe’s sheets feeling a little thicker and stronger. Out of all the companies, Snowe’s fitted sheets offer the deepest pockets.

Ultimately both Snowe’s sheets and Brooklinen sheets commonly share softness and crispiness feelings except for the fact that Snowe’s sheets are a little heavier on the body.

Who Should Buy Brooklinen Bed Sheets?

You should consider buying these sheets if you;

  • Want 100 percent natural bedding experience
  • Like sheets which have been broken in already
  • Are the kind of person who wants to invest in their bed linen
  • Need an effortless sense of style
  • Are someone who is suffering from nightmares

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  • HOMEDICS - Overall

Overall Summary


Brooklinen sheets are durable, soft to touch and offer easy cleaning. In addition to this, these sheets are also highly affordable, offering greater durability. So if that’s what you are after, these sheets are your best bedding companion!

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