Unbiased Mattress Depot Review

Unbiased Mattress Depot Review

Sleep is essential to our day to day cycle. Without sleep; we would be no different than animals. It is one of the greatest pleasure in the world: to feel the loving, blissful embrace of your mattress, after a long and tiring day at work. But, you will need the right mattress; otherwise, your blissful sleep can quickly turn into a nightmare.

With a name like Mattress depot you know you cannot go wrong. They literally have a mattress in their name. Mattress Depot is built on one simple ideology: to provide you with the best tools for sleep. The company has become a multi-national brand in just 16 years.

Quick Overview of the Mattress Depot:

Mattress Depot is a major US Goliath. It deals with every kind of mattress; in all shapes, make and sizes. You can buy a mattress from the company either by using one of their in-store options (currently available in 30 states) or you can use the online option.

The business model of the company is simple: they charge you for the mattress plus they also charge for the personalized service that they offer to each individual customer that comes through the store. You will get better bang for your buck online, but you will get that personal service touch only in the store.

Mattress Depot is a great place to buy a mattress.

Some Key Points about Mattress Depot:

Quality of Materials:

Mattress Depot is best known for selling third party mattresses from a variety of different companies. You can either buy a new one or go for a used option (to save some cash), although not all Mattress depot stores provide used mattresses for sale.

Overall Comfort:

Mattress Depot has a standard. Any company’s mattress that falls below their standard: is not sold at their store. It is one of the primary reasons why Mattress depot has been able to carve a reputation for themselves for selling comfortable mattresses. However, as with all mattresses in life: Mattress depot mattresses also suffer from issues of durability and are known to sag quickly.

Many customers are also not big fans of the delivery method used by Mattress depot. You can find a whole host of complaints against the company for providing damaged or substandard mattresses.

Firmness of Mattresses:

Mattress Depot sells a whole host of different mattresses and with such a variety: comes different firmness options. The Mattress depot is home to firm mattresses, semi-firm mattresses, and soft mattresses.

You can pick one that is most suitable for your sleeping needs. The general rule of thumb is that people with heavy bodies should go for the more firm mattress options, while people with smaller bodies should go for a semi-firm or soft mattress.

Relief from Back Pain:

Mattress Depot also has a variety of mattresses with the zoned support technology. These mattresses are excellent for the alleviation of joint pain and pressure points. If for some reason you are against the zoned support technology then you can spring some cash for the pocketed coil systems. Just be sure to be a little more careful with these mattresses; as they are not known to be very durable.

Coolness of Mattresses:

Almost all of the Mattress depot mattresses are known to be cool to sleep on. They are among the very best when it comes to cool temperature sleeping. However, for those that like to sleep very warm, you may want to look elsewhere for a more specialized cool mattress.

Most Popular Mattresses at Mattress Depot:


Aireloom brand mattresses are exclusive to the mattress depot. The company is a California based company. Aireloom has slowly but surely gained popularity. The company’s mattresses’ main claim to fame is their patented ‘Aireloom lift”. The technology works by increasing the areas of low pressure when you are laying on the mattress: this gives you a feeling that the bed is “cradling” you.

The Aireloom mattresses are not perfect. Customers regularly complain about the durability of the mattress and the mattresses have been known to sag over time. The price might also be a big issue for those looking for a mattress: the Aireloom mattresses are not cheap. The range of price starts from $1300 and goes up to $9839.

  • Pro: They are very comfortable to sleep on, especially the back support is excellent.
  • Con: The mattresses can sag in the middle.

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn bedding is one of the powerhouse mattress company operating currently in the U.S. They have their own company, a variety of brands and offer the customers a great variety of options to choose from. They have nearly perfected the art of making and selling mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding is known for its innovative design and technologies. A mattress from them is sure to serve you well and as for the price, the mattresses start from just $499 and go up to $2899,

  • Pro: They have six different options. You can choose firmness level as per your desire and you may like the thickness of the mattress as well. Also, the mattresses are not too unreasonably priced.
  • Con: Some models are known for off-gassing plus most of their mattresses are quite heavy and difficult to move


Nectar has grown into a widely popular brand since its inception in 2017. Nectar has sold tens of thousands of mattresses to happy costumers. Their business model is simple: provide and make the best mattresses by using the best materials and provide the best customer support.

They provide a no-nonsense 365 days trial period; you can return the mattress within a year. The Nectar mattresses are near universally praised for the level of firmness that they provide plus they are very comfortable to sleep on.

While the Nectar did succeed in making an excellent mattress; they have thus far failed to provide adequate customer support. As for the price, it ranges from $524 to $1024.

  • Pro: Good conforming and excellent motion isolation along with the incredible silence of the mattress.
  • Con: The customer service department of Nectar is not the best.


Restonic is known for making excellent mattresses that provide ideal comfort. They place greater emphasis on quality build than reasonable price. The company’s offspring mattress is one of the best in the business and the customers seem to like them.

You will be able to find better mattress deals online and the company is known for making sub-durable mattresses and their prices range from $575 to $2099.

  • Pro: Restonic offers excellent innerspring and hybrids options. They also produce sublime memory foam and latex models.
  • Con: Restonic mattress models are not particularly durable.


Sealy is one of the most popular brands in the U.S. It has a presence in nearly every big retail store. The company has a ton of variable mattress models and you can choose one depending on your preference of firmness, comfort, and cooling.

The company is best known for making budget mattresses and they do a very good job at making very affordable mattresses with prices ranging from $599 to $1399.

  • Pro: Sealy mattresses come in a variety of size, height, and firmness rating. Sealy is guaranteed to have the mattress of your choice.
  • Con: Sealy mattresses are not known to be particularly durable. You may want to use the mattress carefully.


Serta offers innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Serta is a very common presence at many mattress’s retail outlets. You may have heard the brand name on the radio. Serta has been doing mattress business for a very long time now. It offers both the innovative all-foam and hybrid mattresses and the classic innerspring designs.

While most customers find Serta’s branded products to be initially comfortable, there are some concerns about durability for some sleepers. But for the starting price of $299 which is insanely low for a mattress while their highest prices can go up to $3499.

  • Pro: Serta mattresses are best known for their good temperature neutrality, strong edge support, and excellent support for intimacy.
  • Con: Serta mattresses often suffer from sagging and sinkage.

Simmons BeautyRest

Simmons BeautyRest is unequivocally among the most well-known mattress brands in the U.S. They are known for shelling out big bucks for their advertisements. The Simmons BeautyRest mattresses can be found in virtually every big retail store.

The company is known for making the Beautyrest Black and Recharge lines. The prices offered by BeautyRest range from $799 to $6999.

    • Pro: Simmons BeautyRest currently have 24 different models in their line up and out of the 24, 12 models are customizable. You can choose the firmness levels as well.
  • Con: Customers have regularly complained that the BeautyRest mattresses are not very durable and anyone buying a Simmons should be prepared for a sub-average life span.



In this world, there is no such thing as the perfect mattress.  No matter which mattress you buy: you will either have overpaid or underpaid. The durability of the mattress will be an issue, plus you will only later find about the off-edge support, the comfort level and the temperature level of the mattress.

Choosing the ideal mattress for you can be a very difficult task but Mattress depot has a whole host of selection. You can go into the store and see for yourself; which mattress suits you best or you can order one online (Based on the information provided in this article).

In, any case, good luck.

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