Nectar VS Purple

Our Unbiased Comparison

While the Nectar Mattress is an old familiar, reliably good quality mattress, the Original Purple Mattress represents a possible contender for their title as market leaders. We wanted to examine the two mattresses side by side and take a closer look at where they differ, and see if we can’t find out which one is right for you.

While the Nectar Mattress offers lifetime guarantees, US Certified foam and a specially designed cooling cover; the Purple brings adaptable pressure point relief, support where you need it and little to no motion transfer when you toss and turn in the night. It is going to be close between these two.

Let’s examine the areas we would normally review and compare the Nectar Mattress and the Purple Mattress side by side.


Nectar are known in the industry as one of the best mattresses in the business. They represent the pinnacle of what you should aspire to, should you decide to get into the mattress-selling game. There branding is pretty impressive, and many of us recognize the logo on instinct, which means that their marketers are definitely doing something right. They also provide a great customer service experience, as testified to by their many happy customers.

Purple, on the other hand, are slightly less well known as a mattress specialist, possibly because they have produced their patented grid technology across a number of different product lines, such as seating and cushioning. This might have adversely affected their branding a little. Besides that their website is clean and sophisticated and speaks to the science behind their mattress, which is very useful for those (like us) who want to know.

When it comes to branding, we think these two are still pretty separate. We call the Nectar Mattress the winner of round 1, and move on to the next.

Nectar Mattress Review Video

nectar mattress review

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Purple Mattress Review Video

ghostbed vs purple

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Delivery, Unboxing & Set-up

Both beds have a similar delivery and set up process. Both mattresses will be delivered to your doorstep by a professional courier firm. The mattresses will come rolled up and vacuum sealed into a box in a newly designed method of lowering the carbon footprint taken up by transport.

Once it arrives we recommend that you take it into the room you want the mattress to belong in before you open the box. Very carefully use a sharp tool to cut away the outer packaging, being meticulous not to cut through the fabric of the bed. Once the packaging is removed your mattress will spring to life – so be prepared to take a step back!

Your mattress will begin to take shape as soon as it is taken from the box. It will take no more than 24 hours for you mattress to fully expand – but you will be able to sleep on it during that time. Place a mattress protector and your sheets over it and you are good to go!

Since both mattresses are delivered in this way we have no choice but to call a draw and move on.

You Will Like


  • Want quality materials for a right price. The Nectar is one the best-made mattresses we have come across for the price. Build quality, warranty, trial period and the overall feel are above average. The overall feel and quality of the foam in the Nectar is impressive for the price. It is one of the best-made in relation to how much they price it. It’s better quality than dozens of other available options online, and the value for money is what makes it stand out than most of them.
  • Are a hot sleeper, the cooling gel technology works through the night to ensure you never get your sweat on.
  • You want a full memory foam bed with a little sinkage and good motion suppressing action.
  • You like a medium to firm mattress while still having the softness of high grade foam to sink into.
  • You want to buy quality on a budget.
  • Experience back pain often.
  • Are a back sleeper.


  • Like to sleep cool – The Hyper Elastic Polymer layer did not get excessively hot for us at all.  Kayla is typically always cold so heat was not an issue for her either.
  • Are looking for a mattress to fit all sleeping positions – Purple has a firmness that will work good for those of you who like to sleep in all 3 positions throughout the night.

  • Are a side sleeper – the grid technology was especially designed for you.
  • Sleep cool or at least don’t overheat, this mattress is breathable but not cooling, unlike the Nectar.
  • If you like the idea of memory foam but you still want the structured support that springs will give you – without having the springs themselves, the Purple Mattress is a good compromise in this regard.
  • Need pressure point relief in multiple places, this mattress will compensate to spread your weight around without the sinkage of  memory foam.

Comfort & Feel


Nectar uses gel foam integrated into the cover of its bedding to provide a cooling, soft feel that has the double benefit of stopping you from sinking right in, as you would with most memory foam beds. There are no errant springs to dig into your side, no hard edges to annoy you and nothing lumpy to keep you awake in the night. It is classed as medium-firm foam that will reduce motion transfer and will keep you supported throughout the night. Best of all, the foam will mold to the shape of your body and provide relief where it is needed.


The Purple Bed seeks to do this by using grid technology instead of the memory foam most companies are turning to at the moment. It sports a highly breathable cover and a responsive bounce that gives more spring than a full memory foam bed might. The top layers of their offering use a high grade, hyper-elastic polymer that is sectioned off into squares that each respond to the bodies contours. They complement it all with a polyurethane foam under layer which, although technically memory foam, your body never reaches on account of the grids. It’s a fairly revolutionary way to design a mattress and we have to give them that.

For comfort and feel we liked the Purple Bed the best for cold sleepers but the Nectar scored better among those customers who sleep hot.

Motion Isolation


The Nectar Mattress presents a very good score in terms of motion reduction, with memory foam in general being widely regarded as a great material for absorbing any unwanted motion in the night. This makes the Nectar mattress ideal for those who sleep with a partner, or for those who toss and turn through their dreams. It dampens movements throughout the night by soaking all weight up and dispersing the energy across the surface of the bed. This is a medium to firm mattress and so it should not present too much bounce to begin with. The Nectar Mattress has scored very highly in the motion reduction department.


The Purple Bed on the other hand, relies upon the interlocking grid construction used in the top layers to provide most of the spring and bounce in this model. The Purple bed sits at slightly higher than a medium on the firmness scale but of course the grids are designed to soak up all the individual movements that you make. Since the grid is responsive to your body weight this mattress does present a little more spring than the Nectar naturally would, ergo we can deduce that the motion reduction on this bed is not quite as perfected as the Nectar has it. That being said customers aren’t complaining…

Off Gassing

Off-gassing to us is a deceptive term, we like to think that all new products have a slight smell to them when they come out of the factory and that the scent of a mattress is no worse than the smell of a new pair of sneakers or a new carpet. Once the mattress has been in your home for as little as a single day it will change in scent and you will hardly notice it.

It is worth mentioning that natural or organic mattresses are more likely to smell, this is due to the materials used during construction. However; once you set your mattress up, cover it with a mattress protector (which we would always recommend) and put on your sheets you are very unlikely to notice any smell whatsoever. Any remaining scent will not linger for longer than 36 hours.

Both mattresses are equally likely to have a little new mattress smell, so we cannot record anything but a draw for this round.

Edge Support

The edge support on both of these is as expected on a foam mattress.  The Nectar I think feels a little better since it uses foam all the way through.  But on the purple the grid collapses so the edge doesn’t feel as sturdy.

All in all, the edge support is good on each as long as you’re not someone who sleeps right on the edge of the bed every single night; the edges of the mattress will also lose their shape more quickly if you sit right on the edge frequently as well.



Let’s start with the Nectar; it is a total of 11 inches thick which provides a solid mattress that won’t move around on the frame. The solid support of two different layers forms the base, a 1¾ inch layer and one 5 ¾ inch layer, each of tough polymer foam that is dense and weighty, giving this bed its anchor. In the middle layer it has 3 inches of a medium firm polymer memory foam which gives the sinkage, feel and comfort you would expect from memory foam. In the top layer they secrete the 1 inch layer of cooling gel infused memory foam that provides you with a slightly softer surface area and a naturally cool feel. The fabric the mattress is wrapped in is made of their own patented Tencil fabric, lyocell and cotton, all of which combined provide high breathability and maximum air flow.


The Purple Bed is a 9 and a half inch thick mattress that relies on a four inch base of tough Polyurethane foam for durability. On top of that it has a supporting layer of medium-soft density polutherane foam, this helps soften the transition between the tough base and the spongy upper layers. The top layer contains 2 inches of their patented hyper-elastic polymer grid technology. This is a durable, moldable and responsive layer that aims to move with the body to provide support and airflow. The fabric used in the cover is white with a knitted quality to it, even though it is made from a Lycra, Polyester and Viscose blend of fabrics. It can be removed but will need dry cleaned, perhaps the sole aspect that lets this bedding down.

In spite of not being able to machine wash the fabric; Purple have put a lot of thought and developed their construction and materials wisely. By comparison we have a problem, because so have Nectar. Both mattresses go above and beyond the materials they use and make it more about how they are used. For that we cannot choose a winner.


The Nectar and Purple will work great on any solid surface.  The floor, platform slats, boxspring/foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.

mattress bases



Temperature is a close call because both of these beds do take it into consideration. The Nectar Mattress provides a cooling layer of viscous gel that has been woven into the top layers to provide hot sleepers with a cool night’s sleep. Because memory foam is a particularly warm substance to sleep on this shows that the makers have put a lot of research and development into how they might go about counteracting the raised temperature… and we do like it when mattress makers pay attention to details like that…


The Purple Bed presents an alternative view on temperature regulation by providing us with what they call a ‘temperature neutral’ bed. What this means is that they have thought about how warm the bed is going to be but haven’t really adapted their technology to account for it. Rather, they rely on the grid system to promote air flow and breathability beneath you while you sleep.

So while both companies have given thought to the matter, we have to award this one to the Nectar Mattress simply because of that layer of cooling gel. Purple might have placed a layer of cooling gel in the middle layer of soft foam but chose to rely on their existing structure instead. It just feels like Nectar have done that little bit more.

Adjustable Base Performance:

The tulo liv will work great on a base being an all foam mattress.

Customer Reviews


For the Nectar Ryan T. says “I’ve been sleeping on the mattress with my fiancee since we had it delivered on April 19th. We can say that after almost two months that this mattress is fantastic. We have it directly on our carpeted floor and cannot feel the floor, even when we jump with our whole bodies and slam onto the bed. We found it slightly softer than our previous mattress (that’s just our opinion though). Overall, we are extremely happy with the purchase, so much so that we bought a twin mattress for our daybed downstairs.”


Whereas for the Purple Danielle L. says “I had been seeing commercials on YouTube for the Purple bed for quite a while before I decided to buy one. This bed is everything they say it is! I sleep so well at night now. I have suffered from anemia and sciatic pain for years. The combination has left me with bruises and pain in my hips from sleeping on other mattresses. But ever since I’ve had the Purple Mattress the pain and bruising has stopped! This bed is a game changer, thank you Purple!”

While both websites are plastered with reviews, Nectar has to win this round out of sheer volume alone. They score an average of 4.8 out of 5 per 5000 customers. The purple bed are up there, but not quite hitting those numbers yet.


SizePrice (Nectar – Purple)
Twin$399 – NA
Twin XL$469 – $699
Full$599 – $899
Queen$699 – $999
King$799 – $1299
Cal-King$799 – $1299

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Mattress Warranty and More

The Nectar Mattress claims to work with all bed frames, offers a 365 night sleep trial and a lifetime-worth of warranty… there is simply no room left to complain. With a year long trial you can test the mattress in any season for temperature, you can see how it stands up to wear and tear and you can get it replaced the moment anything goes wrong. Well done Nectar, in this round you have seriously given every other mattress a run for its money.

The Purple Bed, on the other hand, offer a still respectable 100 night free trial and ten year warranty. They do also offer free returns and shipping, but even a 100 night free trial is a little short of the industry standard of 110 nights. The ten year warranty against defects is still useful, even if it doesn’t quite meet the goals set by the Nectar.

For this round Nectar takes it pretty easily, but we expect Purple to up their game as they gain notoriety.


Overall Summary

When it comes to actually deciding between these two the competition is fierce and we are not sure how to pick a favorite. In the end, it all comes down to the individual customers specifications. If you want a cooling mattress that has all the sinkable benefit of memory foam but without the hot sleep then you need the Nectar Mattress. However, if you have aches and pains and want a responsive and supportive structure to cradle you while you sleep you want the Purple Bed Mattress.

What we can tell you is that if you buy either one of these you do have a suitable trial period to switch it if you so chose. Either product will give you a good deal and a quality sleep; it really is all down to what you prefer as a sleeper.

We would recommend either mattress so try them for yourselves and let us know what you think in the comments.

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