Nectar vs Purple Mattress Review [Detailed Comparison]

An In-Depth Nectar vs Purple Mattress Comparison [Unbiased]

When it comes to selecting a perfect mattress for yourself, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. It is not 1990s anymore where you just purchase a random mattress based on the suggestion of the salesman. The lifestyle of people has been upgraded and they need to be very productive to keep up with the continuously changing trends at workplaces.

But, you cannot be productive unless you get a good night’s sleep and that is why you need to be very careful in choosing the mattress. Therefore, we have made this comparison of two industry-leading mattresses so you can see which one has more features according to your needs. So let’s start:

Nectar Review

nectar mattress review

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Purple Review

ghostbed vs purple

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Quick Overview of the Mattresses:

Quick Overview of the Mattresses:


Founded in 2016, Nectar Sleep has done a great job with their flagship mattress that is known as the Nectar Mattress. The mattress has a total of four layers where three layers are made of memory foam and the last layer is a polyfoam for providing additional support. The mattress also has a cover that is made with a blend of TENCEL, cotton and memory foam that keeps the sleeper cool all night long. Furthermore, the mattress offers medium-feel that accommodates most of the sleeping preferences.


The company was founded in 2015 and their flagship mattress, the Original Purple features a Smart Grid design that is made from the elastic polymer grid and buckling-column gel that provide it with bounciness and excellent cooling. The mattress as a total of three layers and out of those, the last layer, which is the support core, is made using high-density polyfoam for additional support and contouring. The mattress has a Medium-firmness level that is targeted to facilitate most of the sleepers.

Pros and Cons of the Mattresses:



  • Offers excellent pressure relief and very deep contouring
  • Keeps the sleeper cool
  • Made using certified premium quality materials
  • Comes with a breathable cover with a zipper
  • Excellent warranty and trial period


  • Not very soft and close conforming
  • May respond a little slower



  • Quiet bouncy with fast response time
  • Comes with a durable and breathable cover
  • Excellent cooling
  • Ideal for any type of sleeper
  • Offers decent pressure relief


  • Edge support is weak
  • Might not be very soft and close conforming

The comfort of the Mattresses:

Nectar Firmness:

Nectar mattress has a firmness level of 5.5 to 6 out of 10 which means it is medium-firm that appeals to most of the sleepers. Furthermore, it has a traditional memory foam feel that offers deep compression and great contouring. Though you may sink deeper into the Nectar mattress as compared to the Purple mattress, it will help you relieve pressure from any sensitive areas.

The downside of this mattress is that it has a slow response time which means it will not be much bouncy. So if you don’t prefer your mattress to be bouncy, you will find Nectar a very good choice.

Purple Firmness:

Purple is also a medium-firm mattress but its firmness level is a little bit higher than the Nectar mattress but it still offers sufficient pressure relief. So people who prefer their mattress to be a little firmer than just medium-firm, they should consider purple mattress.

Furthermore, the purple mattress offers great bounciness which is not the case with the Nectar mattress. So the bounciness of this mattress allows it to offer a quick response so you can enjoy sleeping in different positions.

Construction and Materials of Mattresses:


Nectar mattress comes with four different layers and a highly breathable and stretchy cover that is made out of TENCEL, cotton and memory foam. The mattress is 11 inches thick and its four layers are:

  • The first layer consists of one-inch thick gel memory foam that increases the comfort and keeps the sleeper cool.
  • The second layer is three inches thick memory foam that improves the pressure relief, deep compression and body contouring.
  • The third layer is also made of memory foam and is 1.75 inches thick. It offers excellent comfort and body contouring.
  • Last layer, the fourth one, is a 5.25 inches support foam that provides very deep compression.

All of these layers are covered with a thin, stretchy and cool cover that is quilted on the mattress and helps the user sleep on a highly comfortable and cool surface.


The purple mattress comes with three different layers of foam and a very thin and breathable cover that is made using the blend of polyester, viscose, and polyester-lycra. The whole mattress is 9.5 inches thick and its three layers are:

  • The first layer that is on the top is 2 inches thick and made of hyper-elastic polymer making it quiet bouncy and cool.
  • The second layer has 3.5 inches thickness and is made of the polyurethane foam that provides enhanced support to the sleeper.
  • Lastly, there is a third layer at the bottom that is made of four inches thick polyurethane foam that offers deep compression and makes the mattress appropriate for a variety of sleepers.

All of these three layers are covered using a thin and very breathable cover that offers plenty of room for the air to flow properly helping the user sleep cool and comfortable all night long.

Responsiveness and Support:

Support of the Mattresses:

Nectar Support:

No matter what type of sleeping preferences you have, Nectar mattress is going to be very supportive. It combines comfort memory foam with gel memory foam offering very supportive foundation that is highly durable as well.

The special memory foam structure in Nectar provides it with a pressure relieving sleeping surface that is mostly demanded by sleepers. Also, it has excellent edge support.

Purple Support:

Purple mattress quickly adapts to the body of the sleepers once they lay on the mattress and offers them excellent comfort as well as support. The mattress has excellent hugging contour making the sleeper relieved from various pressure points.

When it comes to edge support, purple mattress lacks it. Though the whole mattress offers great support, it is not a good choice if you need excellent edge support.

Motion Transfer and Coolness of the Mattresses:

Nectar Motion Transfer:

There is virtually zero bounce with the Nectar mattress and combined with the memory foam; it will leave no room for the motion transfer. This means you or your partner can get in or out of the mattress without having to disturb the sleep of the other person.

Purple Motion Transfer:

The purple mattress also offers a very low motion transfer. Though the mattress is bouncier and highly responsive, the company has meticulously designed it to be motionless as well. This means you can get in and get out with causing much disturbance. But if you want the extreme level of motion isolation, Nectar mattress is what you need.

Coolness of the Mattresses:

Nectar Coolness:

Although Nectar uses memory foams for most of its layers and memory foams are known to sleep hot, Nectar has done a great job in keeping its mattresses cool by using the gel memory foam and a cover of TENCEL that is known to be highly breathable. So if you are not an extremely hot sleeper, Nectar might be a good choice.

Purple Coolness:

If you sleep very warm and are looking for a mattress that offers excellent cooling that is even higher than Nectar, then you should go with the Purple mattress. The reason for this is the unique structure of the mattress that makes it highly breathable and improves air circulation making it perfect for people who sleep very warm.

Who Should Get Which Mattress?

When Should You Choose Nectar Mattress?

  • If you appreciate the traditional feel of memory foam and want a medium-firm mattress, you should consider getting the Nectar memory foam
  • If you sleep a little hot, Nectar might be perfect for you
  • If you suffer from neck and back pain, Nectar mattress will offer pressure relief, balanced support and deep contouring
  • People who want to get a long trial period with a very long warranty

When Should You Choose Purple Mattress?

  • If you are looking for a medium firm feel that is a little bit higher than the Nectar mattress
  • People who are extremely hot sleepers and sweat during the sleep will find comfort in the breathable and cool foam of Purple mattress
  • If you prefer to have a bouncy mattress that offers a quick response time
  • Purple mattress has a unique feel to it so if you want to experience something new, you should definitely give Purple mattress a try



We looked at the various aspects and key points of both mattress and we have concluded that both types of mattresses offer excellent benefits to the users and they have very small differences that may appeal to a very little user-base.

However, if you have the problem of running very hot during the sleep, Purple mattress is for you but if you want higher motion isolation and no bounciness, you might find Nectar pretty useful.

So make sure to look at the strengths of both mattresses, assess them based on your needs and then make a decision to get a total bang for your buck.

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