Leesa vs Purple Mattress Review [Detailed Comparison]

Leesa vs Purple [Detailed Comparison]

Sleeping is crucial if you need your body and mind to work perfectly throughout the day and that is the reason why you need to choose a mattress that can provide you with ideal comfort and support and allow you to sleep cool throughout the night. And if you are looking for a mattress but don’t know where to start or which one to choose out of tons of different options in the market, you will find this comparison between Leesa mattress and Purple mattress very useful. So with that said, let’s start:

Leesa Review

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Purple Review

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Quick Overview of the Mattresses:


Launched in 2014, the flagship mattress is made using the layers of soft memory foam and polyfoam along with the high-density foam base layer. The use of different foam layers allow the mattress to provide great support to the sleeper and also the memory foam keeps them cool throughout the night. The mattress has a medium-firmness that is considered as the most accepted firmness level by the people because it is not too soft or too firm providing the user with an adequate conforming.


Established in 2015 through a Kickstarter campaign, Purple is a USA company that was founded by two brothers in Utah. Purple features its signature ‘Smart Grid’ comfort layer that is made using the elastic polymer grid and buckling-column gel along with a high-density layer of the foam base. All of these things make the Purple mattress perfect for people who carry higher weights and also provide the sleeper with a relatively cooler surface to sleep on. The mattress has a medium firmness level that appeals to most of the sleepers.

Pros and Cons of the Mattresses:

Leesa Mattress:


  • Offers good support and cooling
  • Offers above-average motion isolation
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Provides free shipping throughout the 50 states


  • Not enough conforming
  • The 30-night break-in period is required for the sleep trial



  • Offers great cooling
  • Provides excellent motion isolation
  • Offers free shipping to the contagious U.S
  • Very conforming, provides great pressure relief and reduces the pain


  • Can be a little heavy to move
  • Edge support is average

The comfort of the Mattresses:

Firmness of Both Mattresses:

Leesa Mattress Firmness:

On a scale of 0 being extremely soft and 10 being very firm, Leesa scores a 6, which makes it medium-firm that appeals to around 80% of the sleepers. The mattress offers cool, soft and comfortable feel that is very pleasing.

Leesa mattress produces a very well-balanced sensation that offers proper contouring and support to side, stomach and back sleepers. Furthermore, it is geared towards providing excellent spinal alignment so you won’t feel much pressure on this mattress.

Purple Mattress Firmness:

If we measure the firmness of Purple mattress then it is going to be at 6-6.5 out of 10 making it a medium-firm mattress as well. However, what makes it different from Leesa is the hyper-elastic polymer layer that makes it very bouncy and keeps the mattress cool.

The mattress has some degree of sinkage that is more of a gentle cradle to adapt to the increasing weight. However, if you are worried about feeling trapped with the sinkage, then don’t fret! The mattress has great elasticity that will enhance the pressure relief and provide you with excellent comfort.

Lastly, thanks to its top layer’s grid design, you will get great breathability that is enough to keep you cool all night long.

Construction and Materials of Mattresses:

Leesa Mattress Construction:

It is a 10-inch bed that leverages three different layers including a high-quality memory foam as well. The mattress features a mixture of three layers that make it highly durable and comfortable. The layers of the mattress are:

  • The first layer is made of Avena foam, which is two inches thick. It is designed for comfort and cooling and offers good bounce as well. The layer is similar to latex but a lot more durable and reliable.
  • The second layer is meticulously designed for support and pressure relief and consists of regular memory foam. The first layer and this second memory foam layer are designed to work in sync so that they can bring adaptive support to the sleepers making the mattress perfect for all types of sleeping preferences.
  • The third which is the last layer is also referred to as the foundational layer and it is made using the support foam. This one is a six inches thick layer and works as the base of the whole mattress. This layer gives extra support making the mattress ideal for people who carry some heavy weight.

All in all, the mattress is designed to keep the heat retention to a minimum so that the sleeper doesn’t have to wake up during the night due to hot temperature. Furthermore, the cover of the mattress is made using Lycra that has a gray color and is made to protect the bed from environmental elements.

Purple Mattress Construction:

Purple mattress’s construction is fairly similar to the Leesa but instead of the Avena foam, it uses hyper-elastic polymer that makes it highly supportive and bouncy as well. Let’s look at its three layers below:

  • The first layer brings a cooling sensation and great comfort. It has a two inches thickness and is made using polymer as mentioned above. The layer brings support, bounciness and pressure relief while keeping the mattress cool.
  • The second layer is solely designed to provide support and makes sure that the sleeper doesn’t feel much pressure by keeping the spine properly aligned. The layer has 3.5 inches of thickness and is made using excellent quality polyurethane foam.
  • Third layer is four inches thick and is the foundation of the mattress. It provides the sleeper with deep compression support and is appropriate for a variety of sleepers with different weights.

The purple mattress also has a cover that is made with a mixture of polyester-lycra, viscose and polyester. It provides mattress with good breathability and is very thin as well.

Responsiveness and Support:

Leesa Mattress Support:

The mattress combines a memory foam and a premium foam that allow the sleeping surface to perfectly contour to the body’s needs by compressing accordingly. The biggest factor that separates Leesa from Purple is the weight of the sleeper. Though purple is perfect for people with light or moderate weight, Leesa provides support to people who have weights over 200 pounds as well.

The comfort layer of Leesa is three inches thick that greatly accommodates people with heavy weights and does not let their pressure points suffer due to extra weight. This makes Leesa perfect for couples or people who don’t like the feeling of getting sunk in the mattress.

Purple Mattress Support:

Purple mattress leverages the hyper-elastic polymer that has a grid design providing the users with excellent support. Furthermore, it offers outclass responsiveness to sleepers’ actions which means it adjusts to their movements and keeps the support level the same that provides excellent pressure relief.

Though Purple mattress may not offer good edge support, its overall support is perfect for people, especially those who have light weight as they will not sink too much in the mattress. Lastly, back sleepers may enjoy this mattress more because of the material in its first layer that will keep their spine perfectly aligned.

Who Should Get Which Mattress?

When Should You Choose Leesa Mattress?

  • If you are in search for a universal feel, you can trust Leesa with its medium-firm feel. The awesome combo of Avena foam and memory foam makes the sleeping very enjoyable.
  • People who prefer a perfect balance that is spread throughout the entire surface of the mattress should go for Leesa because whether you sleep on your belly, side or back, you will be nicely accommodated.
  • If you are into charity, you will love to get Leesa because when 10 of their units are sold, one unit goes to homeless shelters or to someone who might need it. The program has already donated more than 5,000 mattresses, and your contribution can get someone a perfect sleeping surface as well.

When Should You Choose Purple Mattress?

  • If you want a highly responsive mattress, then you should go for Purple mattress because of its hyper-elastic polymer layer that brings excellent responsiveness.
  • You want to get medium-firm mattress then Purple is perfect with its 6.5 rating out of 10 which is a little firmer than the Leesa mattress.
  • If you are looking for excellent cooling, then the Purple mattress is what you should go for because its unique top layer and grid design provide greater breathability.



Overall, both mattress go neck in neck with it comes to different factors like comfort, feel, firmness, support and responsiveness etc. Both of the mattresses are ideal for different kinds of sleeping preferences and leverage a blend of excellent materials that shows how well planned and constructed both matters are.

So all in all, we would say that it is a draw between the Leesa and Purple mattress and it all comes down to which one you feel more attracted to by reading the whole review. We suggest that you look deeper into both mattresses and then decide which one would be perfect for you.

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