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Muslin Cotton Bedding Review

Muslin 365 Blanket Review


365 Blanket™ is ultra breathable, temperature-regulating (less night sweats), hugely OVERSIZED, and all-natural (4ply/8 layers of 100% Muslin Cotton).
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What I Liked About the Muslin 365 Blanket

I am a big fan of not only the look of the blanket but also the feel. Its not too thick or too thin making it perfect for keeping you warm but not overly hot. The 100% cotton design makes it durable and easy to wash and dry. The larger than average size covers the mattress Muslin cotton bedding nicely when the bed is made and also great for the two of us when in bed to not have to fight over the blankets.


  • Very Soft feeling on your skin
  • Oversized so we are not fighting for coverage
  • Washable
  • Keeps you warm but not hot
  • 100 cotton

Muslin Overview and Review

The “Magic Blanket” according to the customer reviews!

The 365 Blanket™ is ultra breathable, temperature-regulating, hugely OVERSIZED, and all-natural (4ply/8 layers of 100% Muslin Cotton). Pre-shrunk. Intended to be Muslin cotton bedding used “European Style” – in place of a comforter and top sheet for maximum breathability.

  • Woven from hypoallergenic, natural 100% cotton. Safe for kids & pets.
  • Easy to wash at home. Fits in your home washing machine.
  • Hugely OVERSIZED. No more fighting over the covers.
  • Recommended for any season, 365 days a year!


  • Oversized King: 120″ x 120″*
  • Oversized Queen: 110″ x 110″*
  • Oversized Full/Double: 96″ x 96″*
  • Oversized Twin: 96″ x 71″*

Muslin Price

Queens $249
Kings $274

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  • Warranty – 5 year


  • Muslin Score

Overall Summary

This blanket is exceptionally comfortable.  As I mentioned above the softness is great and I love the thickness of the blanket.  Its not too thick or too thin.  The oversized design makes it Muslin cotton bedding perfect for couples and looks great when the bed is made.  We do not like a heavy blanket but they do offer a winter blanket as well as some other bedding like sheets.  I hope to test the others soon but this is a great blanket and the price is reasonable for how good the quality is.

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