Noble Pillow Overview And Review | Are They Worth The Luxury Price?

Noble Pillow Overview And Review


These pillows are designed for luxurious sleep. Using wool and latex or a combo of both they will be extremely supportive and cool. Is it worth the money?
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What I Liked About the Noble Pillows

I am a big fan of latex and wool components in that they are very natural and offer extremely good support. Latex is one of the most supportive and cooling foams there is. I liked the woo and latex combo. It offers the good support of latex but a little extra softness with the wool. The triangle body pillow was a surprise for me. I liked it way more than I thought I would for between my legs and to just hug and use the corner on occasion.


  • Provides great neck support.
  • Removable & Washable cover
  • Replaceable components with Noble Pillow Care
  • Sleeps cool
  • The foams & wool options are great quality
  • Very soft feeling cover

Noble Overview and Review

The Ergonomic, Organic & Adjustable Head Pillow.

The orthopedic design helps to relieve:

– Neck and shoulder injuries

– Spine and mid-back pain

– Postural problems

– Muscle spasms

– Breathing issues

These luxury pillows combine the finest natural fibers for superior support, outstanding thermoregulation, and unparalleled comfort for a priceless night’s sleep.

Choice of hypoallergenic wool and/or vegan latex filling layered with high-end, GOTS certified organic sateen cotton. Noble Pillow’s patented technology was created to revolutionize sleep, focusing on chiropractic and therapeutic needs. It is the most ergonomically-sound design on the market. Expertly crafted by master artisans, with a five-year warranty.

Recessed center for back sleeping and independently adjustable elevated sides for side sleeping. Nine anatomically designed sections to adjust to you today and adapt to any future changes you may have in weight, shape, or preference.

Our Eco-Conscious approach to reconditioning our pillows with Noble Pillow-Care (witch you can see Here) saves customers the trouble and cost of buying a whole new pillow and instead replenishes the organic, eco-friendly, fill retaining a long-lasting investment in your health.⁠

The quality of your sleep is crucial to your mental and physical performance, overall health, and ability to heal from injury. You spend approximately 30% of your day in bed, so invest in the pillow that will help you thrive!

Latex Fill-Soft:

Our 100% pure ultra-fine, shredded, organic Talalay latex allows for more adjustability and breathability than other latex types. Our latex is harvested from trees and is Oeko-Tex certified, which guarantees that no harmful substances are used in the foaming process. It’s healthy and safe for the whole family and does not off-gas like conventional petroleum-based foams or fills. This fill type is best for those who like a softer, springer feel.

Wool Fill-Firm:

Wool is an excellent thermoregulator and is best for disc or rheumatic problems. Ideal for people who like extra firm pillows. Wool bolas/”puffs” are selected for better contouring around your head while still providing optimal support. Our ethically-sourced puffs are 100% U.S. grown and processed without synthetics or chemicals (many manufacturers add polyester fiber to reduce costs).

Wool/Latex blend-Medium:

50% Wool and 50% Latex-blending the two gives the best of both worlds. For those who like a feel between soft and firm.

Latex Base +Core/ Wool top-Soft+:

When it comes down to your texture preference, this option comes with extra latex. Since every section is adjustable and easily accessible, you can always switch out to your desired configuration. For those who like soft-medium with the option to go softer.

Your pillow order includes:

-GOTS certified organic sateen pillowcase.

-Bag of extra fill. Another bag of additional fill is complimentary if needed within 90 days of receiving your pillow; after that, more may be purchased anytime.

How to Order

Choose your size:

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-Standard (26” X 20”)

-Queen (30” X 20”)

-King (36’ X 20”)

-Scandi-King (38” X 22”)

Choose your fill:

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-All Latex fill (top, core, and bottom)

-All Wool fill (top, core, and bottom)

-All Wool/Latex blend (top, core, and bottom)

-Wool top, Latex core and bottom

Noble Price

Queens $375
Kings $399

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Noble Trial and More

Shipping – free shipping. Typically 3-7 business days.
Trial Period – 30 days
Discounts – Use our link for the best price offering
Warranty – 5 year


  • Noble Pillow Score

Overall Summary

These pillows initially I was unsure of before they arrived considering the price. These are an investment for better sleep. The price is not as scary once you realize they will offer you different fill options if you don’t like it. Additionally, with Noble Pillow Care you can replace the interiors once they break down or lose some of their supportive properties rather than buying an entirely new set. I loved how cool the pillows were and also the support the truly offer especially for neck support. If you are looking for higher end pillows to match a luxury sleep system these are worth considering. The natural components are another great feature.

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