Moon Pod Review | Better than a beanbag?

Moon Pod Review

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After finding great success with the Gravity Blanket, creator and entrepreneur John Fiorentino launched another highly successful Kickstarter campaign for the Moon Pod.  A bean bag chair reimagined.  See what I thought of the Moon Pod below.

Features and Uses of Moon Pod

Moon Pod is similar to bean bag but better!  It is designed for sitting, reclining and laying back on witch will make a great mix with a big blanket.  It has an option crescent to buy that adds back support and arm rests (see below) as well as an option ottoman/foot stool that they call the lunar lift.  The Moon Pod is also designed to give you a zero gravity feeling which is a good position to sit and sleep in as it removes the pressure on your back and body and increases blood flow.  You may have heard of zero gravity settings on adjustable mattress bases too.  Moon Pod also comes in a Super Moon Pod which will fit 2 people.  We reviewed the smaller one.

Moon Pod Positions

Moon Pod

Moon Pod Positions

Compare Moon Pod

In this Moon Pod Review you can see a comparison to Love Sac, a regular bean bag and a recliner.  Moon Pod has the features of all of these but takes up less room, is easy to move and has a lower price.  For me it is hard to compare to a recliner since most people wanting a recliner are not going to want a Moon Pod but it does have “reclining” seating functionality.

Moon Pod Review

What I Like about the Moon Pod

Here are some things I liked about the Moon Pod:

  • Even though I am around 200lbs the high-quality beads inside held my body weight fine.  I figured I would plunge to the floor or near that, but it dispersed my weight and held me up nicely.
  • It is great for lounging around and easy to move to another room if you don’t want it in your main living space all of the time.
  • The cover is washable
  • I liked the zero gravity feel when laying back.  It takes a lot of pressure off your body and has other benefits like increased blood flow too.

What I Don’t like about the Moon Pod

In this Moon Pod Review you will find the disadvantages of the Moon Pod to be:

  • Although I could get comfortable, and it held me weight it felt a bit small for me at 200lbs and 6′ tall.  For my wife being smaller it was a more proper proportion.
  • Being almost 40 years old it felt a bit like a dorm room product or something for younger adults and kids.  It’s not exactly something I want hanging around our living room all of the time, although it was easy to move to another room when not in use.  A larger Moon Pod is available too, the Super Moon Pod which I may have liked more for size but then it also takes more space and harder to move for someone who doesn’t want it in their living room all of the time.


Moon Pod$299
Lunar Lift$95
Super Moon Pod$499

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The dual shell membrane provides a soft and stretchy, yet supportive structure engineered to respond to any body shape and movement.

Filled with responsive high-density beads, Moon Pod mimics the sensations of Flotation Therapy, which has been known to help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Weighing just 12 lbs, and taking up only 4 square feet, Moon Pod is incredibly easy to move around and store anywhere.

Warranty and More

  • 3 & 5 Year Warranty


  • Moon Pod - Overall

Overall Summary

I think the Moon Pod is better than a bean bag for sure!  It is more comfortable and supportive in the sitting down position and the zero gravity feeling is fantastic.  If I were buying one and had the space for someone my size I would go for the super moon pod but for people smaller than me the regular one is good and easy to move.  Overall if you are seeking this type of furniture for you home and are considering a bean bag this is a better option to consider in my opinion.