Big Blanket Co Review | The biggest and best blanket?

Big Blanket Co Review

Big Blanket Co

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Is this the largest and best blanket to buy?  at 120″x120″ it certainly is large!  See the big blankets review below.

Big Blanket Co

Did you know the average blanket is 50″x60″? King size blankets measuring in around 88″ on average.

Big Blanket Co set out to have a larger than average blanket!

So big, in fact, that their flagship model, the Big Blanket Original Stretch, measures 10’ by 10’ or 120″x120″.  In this big blanket review we’ll look at the Original Stretch blanket and go over all the important details you should know about this giant blanket.

Big Blanket Co size

What I Like about the Big Blanket Co

The Bi Blanket Co found the average blanket to be too small.  So they set out to change that with a very large blanket.

Some things I like about the blanket are:

  • The softness of the blanket
  • Its a really big blanket, we are never fighting for our share of the blanket anymore when snuggling on the couch.
  • It keeps you warm but it doesn’t get sweaty like some of the traditional fleece blankets can
  • It tends to feel and stay cleaner than a fleece blanket

What I Like don’t about the Big Blanket Co

In this big blanket review there is not much to dislike about the blankets except a couple things to consider:

  • Storage could be an issue for some, we just have a basket we stuff blankets into.  It is a good solution
  • Folding it is a task since it’s so big but we do not fold it we stuff it in the basket.
  • If you have a very small wash machine you may need to wash it alone.



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Big Blanket Co Warranty and More

  •  Measuring in at a giant 11lbs and 10 feet by 10 feet (100 square feet!), this blanket is HUGE. Give the comfiest, coziest Christmas gift for him, her, the kids, or the whole family.
  •  Say goodbye to cold toes and nightly woes with the gigantic throw that fits 32 of Santa’s largest elves (we did the math). Be the Santa of Snuggles and give the gift of comfort this year.
  •  Our massive 120 inch by 120 inch super soft blanket can fit the whole fam, making it the perfect Christmas movie watching blanket. Made of a temperature-regulating, specially-formulated blend of polyester and spandex, our gigantic blanket is softer than sherpa blankets, but less staticky than fleece blankets.
  •  “Quite possibly the biggest, best blanket in the world.” – This huge blanket puts other throw blankets to shame. It is the best blanket for binge watching, a requirement for relaxing reading, a perfect place for a posh pet, and the ultimate, cozy, colossal Christmas companion.

Big Blanket Co review


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Overall Summary

This blanket is huge and it is not very expensive. If you are looking for a blanket this is worth the price for sure. It feels nice, keeps you warm but not hot and is machine washable. This big blanket review was accuarate!