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One Bed Lux Vs Cool & Lazy Sheet Set Review

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Do your sheets pop off the corners of your mattress?

If so, you need to try these One Bed Lux Cool & Lazy Sheet Set on your mattress!

What I Like about the One Bed Sheet Sets

Do your sheets pop off on the corners?! Its frustrating as heck I know!

One Bed offers two sheet types, the Lux which are the softest and the Cool and Lazy sets which are more of a crisp feel.

The Luxury bed sheets are Sateen Weave Cotton: Luxe (Sateen weave) sheets are silky smooth, often described as soft like butter, but not slick.

The Cool one bed sheets are Percale weave and are cool & crisp, like a luxury hotel.

Luxury bed sheets that stay on and go on easy! Every Sheet Set comes with Stay On Fitted Sheet, choice of flat sheet (or without flat sheet), and 2 pillowcases. If you have an Adjustable Bed, see Adjustable Bed Sheet Sets.

My thoughts: I reviewed both models and I liked the Lux model better.  They claim the Cool and Lazy model sleep cooler, it could be the case but for me personally they didn’t show a huge difference for temperature.  I tend be after softer sheets, the lux were softer so I tended to like those more but both are very nice.  The cool model will tend to get softer with washes but were not as soft to start with.

The sheets main perk is how well they stay on.  The fitted sheet was awesome in terms of the strong elastic.  They do not pop off and were easy to put on.  I liked that we never lose the top sheet now in bed either, we tested the semi fit top one bed sheet.  I liked that it stays on better and is harder to lose in the bed but it is harder to kick up and put my foot out of the blankets.  I am not sure yet if I like that or a regular top sheet more, but they do offer both.

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Queen Set $149
King Set$179

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Warranty and More

  • Try for 100-Nights if your not 100% Satisfied send it back for full refund
  • 2 Year Warranty


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Overall Summary

If you have a need for this product, you will not be disappointed the sheets do stay on tight.  I liked this for the bottom sheet a lot.  For the top sheet I tend to like to pull it up vs having it tucked in or harder to pull up as this one was.  I like to kick it up and have my foot out and the top sheet here made that a bit more difficult.  Overall, I do recommend these sheets, especially the fitted sheet.  They do offer different top sheets too!  I preferred the lux, softer sheets more but it appears they sell more of the other model.  The nice thing is they are priced very good for the price and they offer a trial so you could try both!