Unbiased Mattress Warehouse Review

Unbiased Mattress Warehouse Review

Mattress Warehouse is a prominent name in the field of mattress retailing. They are catering the buyers through a network of branches which are spread all across the eastern U.S. The retailers showcase many recognized brands out of which some are mentioned here like Tempur–Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Sealy, and Serta, etc.

Apart from them, Mattress warehouse is also a dealer of some other brands which are easy to afford, along with the recognized ones. They have several options of some pocket-friendly articles that can be useful for the people with low budget.

All in all, they are known for their good reception services for their customers at their stores. But it is reported that the articles that are offered in the stores and the ones they are selling through some attractive offers may not be as attractive as the ones without the offer.

Mattress warehouse’s Specifics:

Among many dealers of mattresses, Mattress Warehouse is the leading mattress retailer in the eastern U.S. They are selling their products with over 250 mattress retailing outlets.

In their specifics, the worth mentioning factor is their bedMatch™ system that runs a test which examines the preferred firmness of consumer to get the appropriate mattress accordingly.

Selection becomes an easier job when it comes to Mattress Warehouse. Other retailers have limited selection factors that inhibit them from competing with Mattress Warehouse. If the consumer is unaware of what he wants then Mattress Warehouse takes its toll by showing its wider selection of products.

The truth behind this vast selection strategy is the invisible high-cost for an average quality product. What happens to this extra amount of money that is gained from such strategies?  The answer is the extremely big network of stores that needs maintenance, the staff commission, profit-making and customer’s compliance.

Some Popular Mattresses at Sears:

Mattress Warehouse is known for its vast selection of multiple lines for its consumers. Therefore, we are taking you to a quick tour to have a look at the types of mattresses they endorse. Seeing the details will give you a better picture of the pros and cons of any item. This will result in you being able to make a well-informed decision.

After this, check in to the store and explore the options wisely. Don’t forget that Mattress warehouse has alternative budget-friendly options as well as the leading brands that offer an extremely low cost that tempts the buyers to change their minds. So browse calmly and decide smartly.


Tempur-Pedic is a well-known and one of the leading name-brands of the mattress world that is commonly available in all famous stores of the country. This brand is famous for its high-density memory foams as it has introduced some special features like cooling–gel technique and pocketed coil system for the comfort of sleeper.

They have these revolutionary properties in their product that is why their prices are a bit high as compared to the same articles that are available online at cheaper rates.

The good time to buy their products is when they are on sale or under special offers. But if you want to know the typical price range for their mattresses then it is between $1499 and $6949.

  • Pro: Their latest technology products which rotate around the degree of comfort that a sleeper may experience while sleeping.
  • Con: Prices are too high whereas the same product is easily found online at much lesser rates.


Aireloom creates upscale mattresses that are handmade. Why are we calling them upscale? Because In the making of these mattresses, some expensive fabrics and good quality equipment are consumed. The use of cashmere fabric that is quite costly and pocketed coils give the products a luxury-style look.

In spite of comfortable and lavish designs, some people reported the issues about the loss of firmness with frequent use in a short period of time. They need to focus on using quality materials that can last long and remain stable to achieve a good level of durability.

As for the price range of their products, the lowest end is $3033 and it goes to a high of $6813.

  • Pro: Luxury mattresses that provide complete comfort at the time of sleep.
  • Cons: Cases of sagging were reported after regular use in a very short period of time.

Stearns & Foster:

Everybody knows about this prominent name of Stearns & Foster in the world of bedding. The reason behind this popularity is that they make the mattresses with good enough thickness and use high-quality materials to make the mattresses luxurious and cozy at the same time.

The price they ask in accordance with the material used is highly competitive than some other brands that are selling similar products at higher costs. Though they are offering a complete package regarding comfort and price, a couple of their users complained about the integrity of the mattress.

The price range of mattresses by Stearns & Foster range from $2649 to all the way up to $9849.

  • Pro: High-quality mattresses that provide comfort with a reasonable price range with respect to the quality of the material that is being used.
  • Con: A few People registered a complaint that materials are not resistant to bear frequent usage stress and the mattress turned saggy only after a few days of using it.


Sealy creates mattresses that offer various price points and have many different options of firmness that a person can choose accordingly. Out of several types, the most talked about type is their Posturepedic range. It is obvious from the name of the brand that it has special features to support the lumbar system of your body. That special feature is zoned-support that acts as a cradle to the vertebral column.

No doubt, the mattresses got a great response in the beginning by the customers but at the same time, some of them reported about the shabbiness of the mattress right after a short period of buying it. As for their price range, the mattresses start at just $494 and go up to $4942.

  • Pro: Multiple choices for customer with price points and revolutionary zone-support for the spine.
  • Con: The cases of wear n tear were observed in a few cases.

Cheswick Manor:

The Cheswick Manor brand is one of the major names among the brands that are being sold in Mattress warehouse. It creates mattresses that are the fusion of innerspring and hybrid mattresses in a reasonable price range.

Some people reported about the retail markup and other deals while a handful of users reported rapid distortion before covering the average time period. The price range of Mattresses by Cheswick Manor range from $529 to $1259.

  • Pro: Economically viable with multiple options.
  • Con: Integrity of the mattress is doubtful.


The name is describing the royalty of the mattresses. Kingsdown has features of hybrid, pocketed coil and some are Latex mattresses.

According to the name, Kingsdown has some high-end products that provide extra comfort with somewhat fair price ranges. It also offers some fine firmness options with a variety of price points.

With all these benefits, some people were still not happy from a durability point of view. Overall, this brand has good feedback. The price starts at $1490 and goes up to $3430.

  • Pro: Luxurious mattress with mid-grade pricepoints with the features that care about comfort.
  • Con: A couple of users gave negative feedback about the sustainability of the materials used in the products.


What makes Serta so famous? The two prominent lines offered by Serta named as iComfort and iSeries make it so special. They are beneficial in either way whether its firmness or price points. They offer multiple sets of designs that are found in both options; full foam style and the innerspring system.

At first, users did not report any issues regarding the strength of the mattresses but later on some people reported less stability. But seeing the price range of $409 to $2499, it’s still a steal.

  • Pro: The availability of mattresses in both options of innerspring and all foam.
  • Con: The issues in the longevity of the mattress.

Budget Brands:

Mattress Warehouse is not only the hub of the famous brands but it also has a range of mattresses that are high in use and low on the pocket. It has some lines with unbelievable price ranges. The extremely low costing of these brands draws the attention of buyers and repels users from buying the products of the leading brands.

Apart from these appealing budget-friendly prices, the reviews are telling something else about the durability of the mattress. Some reviews are that it could not fulfill the expected warranty period and broke down easily. Still, the price range of their budget mattresses is $109 to $1139 which means a few issues with the mattresses should be ignored.

  • Pro: The attractive price is no doubt a good feature plus availability in various styles.
  • Con: The wear and tear and stability issues were reported.



The world is becoming smarter and gets treated as a global village just because of the advancement in the field of information technology. We suggest you make the most of this blessing and make your life smarter by making a good decision that cost you less hassle and more pleasure.

The goal behind telling you so many things is to convince you to do your homework prior in the form of browsing rather than regretting later. We let you see the details in depth about all brands so just sit back and explore.

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