An In-Depth Malouf Metal Bed Frame Review [Unbiased]

Frame Summary

This is the frame I used to sell I my stores.  Its universal to fit al sizes, durable and easy to use.
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Build Quality/Materials: 5/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.9/5
Overall Value: 4.9/5

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An In-Depth Malouf Metal Bed Frame Review [Unbiased]

Today, humanity sleeps as comfortable as they ever had since the inception of the earth. Technologies are available to the everyday man that were only available to kings, Pharaohs of old. Mattresses and pillows are as comfortable as they have ever been. Nothing quite compares to the experience of lying down on a soft mattress, resting your head on the perfect pillow. It is one of the most therapeutic experiences in the world. Sleep is how we maintain our sanity in all the chaos that surrounds us. Most of us spend so much time worrying about the perfect mattress and the perfect pillow that we tend to forget the less important sleeping accessories.

Bed frame might not be the most important of sleeping accessories. They are certainly not as important as a mattress or a pillow when it comes to providing you with the best sleeping experience possible, but if you are looking for the most well-rounded sleeping experience possible then you may want to think about investing in a good bed frame. A good bed frame may not improve your sleeping experiencing exceptionally, but it will bring about some subtle improvements to your sleeping experience.

A good bed frame will definitively bring about marked improvement in your health. A good bed frame is not the first thing you buy when it comes to providing you with the most comfortable sleeping experience: it is rather the last, but in any case, you should buy the perfect bed frame and Malouf Bed Frame may be the perfect bed frame for you.

Overview of the Company:

Malouf Sleep has been in the sleeping business for a considerable time. The company has grown from a sort of two-person operation to fully grown sleeping product company. Malouf Sleep was the brainchild of Sam and Kacie Malouf and both of them have transformed a two-person operation into the full-fledged Goliath that Malouf Sleep is now. The company offers a wide array of sleeping products.

Malouf Sleep boasts over 11,000 products. These products range from premium mattress to soft feeling pillows to the under-appreciated bed frames. The company has been founded on a simple mantra and it took years for Sam and Kacie to perfect the mantra that the key to successful sleeping business is to provide the customers with the ideal amount of comfort, value, and durability.

Sam and Kacie have been fully vested in their company and unlike most other sleeping product companies: they have spent years perfecting their products. They have spent years researching the products and perfecting them with great care and love. In there earlier years they went exploring the globe. The purpose of their exploration was to get the best materials.

What Makes Malouf Bed Frames the Best?

Malouf Sleep has innovated—creating patents, researching new products, and building a vertically integrated company. The result is an ode to time-tested materials fused with the freshness of cutting-edge technologies. And one of such cutting-edge products is their Metal Bed Frame.

Malouf Sleep makes one of the best bed frames in the world. Most people don’t even know what a bed frame is, let alone the potential benefits of using one. A bed frame’s task is simple: it is a fairly simple way to get your bed off the floor. This will allow you to get in and off the bed more easily. You can easily set a bed frame underneath the bed.

The metal bed frame by Malouf is not like the traditional bulky beds that require an army to move from one place to another. Their innovative metal bed frame is based on a few metallic rods that can be quickly and easily assembled in a robust and sturdy bed frame that can easily bear someone of the heaviest weights.

The Malouf metal bed frame is one of the tops of the line offering from Malouf. It uses only the best materials and comes in all sizes. You can equip the metal frame with a standard queen frame or a twin frame or a full size. The bed frame will give you an additional 7 inches of height as well as the added extra storage.

Materials Used in Malouf Metal Bed Frame:

The Malouf metal bed frame is made using the finest high-quality steel. The bed frame comes in three main pieces. The three main pieces can interlock together to create the final form. The final frame is an incredibly durable and solid frame that can be used with a mattress or a box spring.

Another important aspect of the bed frame is the legs; which are attached with solid rivets; the rivets increase the strength of the bed frame. The leg also helps the frame move easily.

The bed frame also comes with cross arms which lock together. The cross arms also come with their preset size options and are secured by canoe clip. The bed frame also has plastic end caps that serve the purpose of protecting the bed.

In its finished form, the bed frame will set about 7 inches above the ground and will make getting in and out of the mattress pretty easy. The bed frame will also allow about 7 inches of usable storage space.

Features of Malouf Metal Bed Frame:

  • The bed frame can be adjusted to fit Queen, Full, and Twin mattresses. The metal bed frame can also be easily assembled in under 10 minutes. You will need no tools to piece the bed frame together. The whole process is trouble-free and you will just need to follow the enclosed instruction.
  • The bed frame also comes with four 2.5-inch extra-wide rollers and center support glide. The purpose of the rollers and the center support glide is to help you move the frame easily. The bed frame has two rollers: two on the front and two on the back. The front rollers help with mobility and back rollers add stability.
  • The bed frame provides excellent support. It has a 1.5-inch center support bar; which adds extra strength to the heavy-duty frame. The patented TRI-SUPPORT braces reinforce rails add durability as well as support.
  • The metallic frame has a striking, Gunmetal black color. The gunmetal color is achieved by using a matte powder coating. The matte coating will keep the frame looking great for years.
  • The bed also come equipped with a few headboard brackets. The main function of the universal headboard brackets is to protect the wall, human head, along with a variety of other things. The headboard can be attache to any type of headboard.
  • The Malouf metal bed frame comes with an incredibly high 5-year warranty. If the metal frame breaks down during the first 5 years then you will just need to email the Malouf customer support staff and the company will send you a replacement or return your money.

Value Offered by Malouf Metal Bed Frame:

The value for your money that Malouf bed frame provides is remarkably high. The metal bed frame uses only the best materials, couple this with the fact that the frame is highly durable and provides able support and you get excellent value for your money.

The company has also spent a great amount of time on the little things: such as the ease of assembly, the free shipping, plus the great price point of the product.

The Malouf metal bed frame might not be your first choice but it is definitively one of the well-rounded metal bed frames on the market today.

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