Luuf Simplicity Mattress Review

Luuf Simplicity Mattress Review

Luuf Mattress

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Luuf Mattress

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The Luft Hybrid is an impressively built mattress for a great price. It is built and sold by a mattress factory who supplies stores so they have better pricing than many online brands that compare in quality.

Build Quality/Materials: 4.9/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.9/5
Overall Value: 4.8/5


We had a look at all of the most reliable reviews and blended them with our personal experience to create the most comprehensive guide to allow you to make the best choice and give you the best night sleep!

LuuF uses five layers to create its mattresses, giving you the best sleep we think you’ll ever have. They set out to make a universal bed on the market, catering to everyone. LuuF believes that shopping for a mattress shouldn’t be stressful, having to work out many separate elements to make sure you get the right mattress for you. Did you know you spend on average 26 years of your life asleep? So, the right mattress is essential. So, the real question is the LuuF Simplicity worth considering or is it simply not worth it.

Let us look and see if the LuuF is the perfect option for your needs.


LuuF beds are handmade to order and use all American materials in their construction. When you purchase a LuuF product, you are almost guaranteed quality. The company, formerly called Luft Beds, has over 60 years of experience making and distributing mattress and sleep accessories. LuuF is one of the most prominent mattress company that is privately owned. LuuF uses locally sourced materials and combines them with advanced technology and a proven way of doing things, which results in you getting the best product you can.

The goals that LuuF set out when they decided to make high-quality sleeping products was to create a mattress that was made for everyone. They wanted to create a product that gives anyone the comfort and support they need to get a restful night sleep. They wanted to create a stress-free mattress that offers the right balance of support and comfort. And we think they have done this


  • Want a mattress with personal pressure relief. With the different zones, this allows the mattress to adapt to your sleep style and weight quickly.
  • Tend to sleep ‘hot’. With the particular materials used in making this mattress, you will sleep a lot cooler than other mattresses.
  • Need improved edge support. The Quantum Coil design allows for a reinforced edge meaning better support and a stable edge.


  • Prefer a foam mattress – Nest Alexander Hybrid is pairs coils and foam. So if you prefer all foam you can look into their all foam option as well.
  • Have a super tight budget & don’t value real quality- Although the Nest Alexander Signature is a great value for how its made and how it specs out it’s still over $999 for a queen (with our coupon). So if you’re looking to go really cheap, you will need to look somewhere else. If you are considering a Temperpedic or an Icomfort, this is a great alternative.


We think what makes a good mattress starts in how it is made and how its constructed. The LuuF Simplicity is no different; it comprises many layers, with each layer having a specific job.

The cover is the first layer. It is made of polyester and made to be extra soft and breathable. This cover helps maintain a cool night sleep and good airflow, meaning sweat and air aren’t trapped next to the body. The cover is quilted and embedded with a layer of foam and Dacron fibers giving a cozy feel to your mattress. The cover offers some level of pressure relief as it molds to your body, thanks to the foam, and effectively wicks away heat. The cover being stretchy helps it hug the mattress and prevents the cover from moving whilst you sleep.

We then have the Comfort layer. Made with Graphene-infused memory foam, it provides support and comfort while you sleep. It hugs your body whenever you lie down, thanks to it having a slow responsive and low-pressure feel. The Graphene infused foam fixes the common issue with foam mattress as they tend to hold on to heat effectively; the LuuF doesn’t do this. The Graphene is lightweight and has heat absorption properties making it perfect for a mattress as it cools you down. Perfect for a bed.

The transition layer below adds more support to the other two layers to stop you feeling you would sink right through the mattress and onto the floor. This two-inch layer of Serene foam is made of a high-density polyfoam, providing a bouncy feel and firmness. This is due to the polyfoam being quicker in its responsiveness. This layer helps in balancing the comfort of the top two layers, so you won’t sink too much and get the support you need. It helps align your spine and relieve pressure on your joints.

The base of the LuuF provides the majority of the structure to the mattress, as it is made up of 968 individual coils. These coils are individually wrapped and can move independently of one another. This allows the proper support and allows the mattress to easily adjust for anyone who settles down for a good rest. The motion transfer is reduced by the coils moving independently, meaning that you are less likely to disturb someone if you move a lot in your sleep. The coils are grouped into different zones, each having its degree of support, allowing for better pressure relief and increased support for problem areas such as your back, shoulder or hips.

The very base of the mattress is a one-inch layer of support foam. This foam adds to the base and supplements the support that the base provides. It adds structure and robustness that is hard to beat.


Luft uses a nice, thick quilted cover. It adds a nice feel on top. I personally like the feel of a quilt vs a thin zip on cover. I think it provides more or a substantial feel and durability.


The Luft Hybrid can be used on any solid surface. Whether you pop it on the floor, on a wood foundation, boxspring, platform with slats or an adjustable base it will perform great.

mattress bases


The materials used in creating the LuuF Simplicity add up to make a comfy mattress. We feel that this mattress is universally comfy, providing benefits to all sleepers, no matter their sleeping position. The combination of the memory foam and the support coils we feel like it was easy to relax without the fear of becoming uncomfortable fully.

We think that this mattress is the perfect level of medium to medium-firm feel that works for everyone. The flexibility of this mattress allows every sleeper to get the best night sleep possible. This balance, we feel, makes the LuuF Simplicity universal.

The quality of the construction and the use of eco-friendly materials allows for a soft and cool feel to your mattress. The use of their 360-degree stitch allows for increased airflow and a night of more comfortable sleep. Using high-quality memory foam means that you get excellent support from your mattress and increased pressure relief across your whole body. This memory foam combined with the coils makes this mattress feel very supportive and keeps everything aligned. No more sore back or neck in the morning; who wouldn’t want that. We feel this mattress conforms to anyone who sleeps on this mattress regardless of their sleep style—making this truly an excellent mattress.

1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


How hot you get affects how well you sleep. We all have known being far too hot and struggling to drift off to sleep. So, when looking for a new mattress, this is one area we think needs a lot of research and consideration.

The LuuF Simplicity is a hybrid mattress, meaning a combination of coils and foam, which allows it to be a lot cooler than a full foam mattress. The coils allow extra airflow around the mattress, meaning air doesn’t remain trapped and overheat the sleeper. The top layer of foam also adds to the cooling properties of the LuuF Simplicity. A gel-infused layer helps to absorb and neutralise any heat and dissipate it. The Serene foam also does a good job and removing heat and improving airflow. When you add these elements and add them to a breathable cover, you get a fresh and cool night sleep.

Adjustable Base Performance:

The Luft Hybrid will great on an adjustable base.


If ‘off-gassing’ makes you worried, then let us put your mind to rest. When we opened the mattress, we did notice a particular smell of the mattress; however, this is no more than any other latex mattress and is to be expected. This smell dissipated by the 24hr mark. The majority of people we have seen weren’t particularly bothered by the smell this mattress produced. We would suggest that if you are sensitive to smells, you should leave this mattress for the first few hours and open a window to allow the room to ventilate. This should reduce the smell dramatically.


When getting a new mattress, the edge support is an essential aspect of your new bed and one to get right; this means you can use the entire face of the mattress, not just the middle.

The LuuF Simplicity offers one of the best edges supports we have come across. The perimeter of the bed is reinforced with what LuuF calls a Quantum Edge system. These coils are each reinforced, making them more durable and more supportive. The foam used also adds to the stability of the edge, and we didn’t feel much sinking when lying down or sitting on the edge. The edge seems solid from any angle you approach it


Twin XL$799
Cal King$1299

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  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box generally in 2-7 business days
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Discounts – Save $125 off with promo code RealReviews125 & OUR DISCOUNT LINK ABOVE.
  • Made in the USA


Luft is made and sold by a mattress manufacturer who has been around for many years. Symbol Mattress. They supply stores across the country with quality mattresses.


  • Durability & Materials
  • Comfort/Feel
  • Price
  • Cooling
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Off Gassing
  • Warranty
  • Trial

Overall Summary

Luft is a very good option when considering a Hybrid. This Mattress uses the same Quantum Edge to Edge Coil unit many other hybrids use but it comes in 2-300 LESS than several brands.

This is because LUFT is coming directly from a manufacturer so there’s no middle man mark up. I was honestly surprised at how cheap they are selling this.

Its great for people looking for that universal medium feel and you can pick from hybrid or all foam. Overall, this is an amazing value and a lot of mattress for the price.

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