An In-Depth Buffy Comforter Review [Unbiased]

An In-Depth Buffy Comforter Review [Unbiased]

Comforters are among the most important pieces of bedding because they keep you cool or warm according to the season and provide you with a sense of protection when you are under them. Therefore, it is imperative that you consider getting a comforter that is not only excellent at regulating temperatures but is also made from decently soft materials to provide you with greater comfort.

So if you are interested in getting a comforter, you should read this review on the Buffy comforter. We will talk about things like the pros and cons, material, comfort level, feel, caring and maintenance and much more. So make sure to stick to the review till the end. And if you will enjoy it feel free to explore more of our reviews Here

Buffy Comforter Review

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Overview of Buffy Comforter:

Buffy comforter has been very popular over the social media for the past few years and there’s a good reason for that; it was created while keeping both the environment and comfort in mind. The shell of Buffy comforter is made from the soft and silky eucalyptus fabric that is filled with layers of fibers made from the recycled PET plastic bottles. The comforter is not only breathable and light; it feels like a cloud to help you sleep comfortably.

The best part of using Buffy’s comforter is that it is 100 percent eucalyptus plant based which is perfect for environmental-friendly product lovers. Furthermore, the use of plant-based material ensures that the comforter is gentler and highly breathable than the typical comforters. Furthermore, the comforter is filled with recycled plastic instead of animal feathers, which ensures you get not only an environmentally-friendly but also pet cruelty-free comforter.

Key Points to Consider Regarding Buffy Comforter:

Construction of the Comforter:

The Buffy comforter is an environmentally-friendly comforter that is made using 100% eucalyptus fabric and has a 300 thread count. It also has a filling of recycled plastic bottles which means its animal cruelty-free as well. The outer layer is made from Lyocell which is a natural fabric extracted from eucalyptus. The benefit of using eucalyptus fibers is that they are naturally anti-inflammatory, soft and soothing and also resist mildew, mold and dust mites.

Furthermore, the fabric of its shell and the fill leverages 37.5 technology that has active particles designed to keep your body from getting too hot or cold by regulating temperature. Lastly, it has sewn-through triangles that hold some part of the fill while the remaining is held loosely throughout the comforter to evenly distribute the fill.

Feel of the Comforter:

You can really feel the eucalyptus in the shell if you lay under the comforter and its benefits is that it feels very soft and even softer than many microfiber and cotton comforter shells. Also, eucalyptus is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which means it may also help in keeping your skin smooth.

Furthermore, the comfort is an excellent temperature regulator because as mentioned above, it uses 37.5 particles that can cool you down when you feel hot making the comforter very cool to touch and comfortable to the skin.

Loft of the Comforter:

The Buffy comforter is advertised as a very fluffy comforter, but it might not be as thick as it is advertised. When you open it, shake it out and place it on your bed, you may find it a little thinner than what you may see on their website.

However, that doesn’t mean that it is not fluffy at all. The comforter features the fill of recycled plastic bottles that is enough to keep it raised and soft. Furthermore, the comforter offers great warmth even though it is quite thin.

Overall, the comforter might be perfect for people who do not prefer very fluffy comforters and would like to go with the thinner ones.

Warmth and Breathability of the Comforter:

Buffy is surprisingly warm for a thinner comforter which means it will keep you very insulated on a cold night and you might not need another layer to cover yourself.

However, some people, especially the warm sleepers, may find it a little hot during the summers as this comforter’s focus is more towards keeping you hot during winters.

But all in all, if you are not a very warm sleeper, you might find the Buffy comforter very soft and highly breathable providing you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Pros & Cons of Buffy:


  • Shell is made from 100% eucalyptus that is both silky and soft
  • Offers excellent warmth during winters
  • Fluffy, breathable and light
  • Naturally resistant to mildew, dust mites and mold
  • Contains eco-friendly materials


  • It can be a little expensive than some down-alternative comforters
  • The free trial starts right after the order is placed

Other Considerations Regarding Buffy Comforter:

How to Take Care of the Buffy Comforter?

One of the most important things to consider when getting any type of bedding is how it should be cleaned because ultimately, you can only enjoy a restful night’s sleep if you are using neat and clean bedding. So with that said let’s look at a few things to consider to maintain and clean the Buffy comforter:

  • Though down comforters can be cleaned in the machine, you need to make sure to only wash the Buffy comforter in the industrial-size washer and dryer because small machines can damage it.
  • So if you cannot arrange the comforter to be cleaned in an industrial-size washer and dryer, then make sure to only dry clean it to keep it in top shape.
  • Furthermore, you can also put your Buffy comforter in a duvet cover so that way, you can just take out the cover and wash it, and dry clean the comforter itself and then put the cover back on. This will keep your comforter super clean.

So these are a few recommended things to keep in mind if you want to make sure that you enjoy a neat and clean comforter on you.

Shipping and Returns:

When it comes to the shipping of the Buffy comforter, you can get it shipped to anywhere within the continental U.S. You can go for the free UPS Ground shipping that takes four to seven days or the expedited shipping that takes only two days for shipping at the cost of $49. However, if you go for the standard shipping, your order will be shipped within one business day.

Furthermore, you get a trial of 30 days as soon as you place the order and if you don’t want to use the product and want to return it, you can just call 1-855-466-4812 to initiate a return. The returned comforters are donated to charities, shelters and homeless.

Who Should Buy The Buffy?

Buffy Comforter is For You If:

  • You prefer to use environmentally-friendly bedding as the cover of the comforter is made from 100% eucalyptus plant and contains the fill made of recycled plastic bottles.
  • You have allergies because the Buffy comforter contains natural, hypoallergenic material. So if you have problems like a runny nose or watery eyes, you can use Buffy comforter.
  • You are looking for a comforter that you can comfortably use in the fall or winter seasons because Buffy comforter provides excellent warmth that is enough to keep you cool all night long. And the best part is that you don’t have to use any extra covers.

Buffy Comforter Might Not be for You If:

  • You prefer to sleep under a loftier comforter that can provide you with a feeling of sleeping under a cloud because the Buffy comforter, though contains good amount of filling, is thinner than most of the down alternative comforters.
  • You sleep warm because this comforter is focused more on keeping you warm during the winters. Although the Buffy comforter features 37.5 technology that regulates the temperature, some people who tend to overheat at night might not find it cool enough in summers.

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  • Buffy - Overall

Overall Summary

There are tons of things about the Buffy comforter that make it a highly valuable comforter such as the eco-friendliness, 30 days of the free trial, excellent comfort, good temperature control and more. However, if you tend to overheat at night, you may find the Buffy comforter very hot in summer times which is the only major drawback associated with it.
So if you are a warm sleeper or someone who likes to sleep under a fluffy comforter, you may need to explore other options. But due to the 30 days trial, you can just give it a try and if you find it perfectly comfortable, you can then keep it otherwise you can always return it.

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