Full vs Queen Mattress Size Guide

Mattress Size Chart Full vs Queen Mattress Size Guide

Research what size mattress might work best for you and your bedroom space.

Whether you are single/sleeping alone or a couple sleeping in the same bed.  The difference between a full and queen size mattress can make a huge difference.  Additionally, the size of you space could be a deciding factor for you when looking at these two mattress sizes.

The size difference is not great but it can make a significant difference, especially for couples.  Read the Full bed vs queen size guide below to help you make the right choice.

full/double vs queen

TypeSize Suitable for
Full or Double54″x75″This size is very common for older kids seeking more space or shorter adults with limited space.
Queen60″x80″Queen size is one of the most commonly purchases for adults and couples that do not require a lot of sleeping space or have a smaller bedroom.



This size mattress is 54″x 75″.

The Full size is commonly knows as a double or “standard” size.  This is a great size for kids seeking a larger mattress.

Also a great choice for adults who have limited space but want more width than a twin provides.

Although two people can sleep on a full, it is not ideal.  If you have a partner, child or pet that sleeps with you, if you can fit a queen, we would suggest upgrading.

*Bear in mind if you measure most mattresses they can appear off by about an inch or so in one direction or the other.



This size mattress is 60″x 80″.

Perhaps the most commonly sold mattress in the world, the queen size is ideal for couples or singles with kids/pets who sleep with you.

If you are considering anything larger than a Queen you will want to make sure to measure your living space first.

The next thing to consider is if you sleep set has to go up or down a staircase.  Many old homes in a city have smaller stairwells.  If your home fits in this category, have no fear, you can order a split boxspring/foundation.  The mattress is not an issue since they will bend if needed in most cases.

*Bear in mind if you measure most mattresses they can appear off by about an inch or so in one direction or the other.

mattress size dimension quide


When trying to find the right mattress size to fit the needs of you or your family, these are a few things to have in mind.

  • If upgrading for adults to a larger size be sure to measure your room to make sure you can accommodate the size you want.
  • If you are upgrading your child’s mattress be mindful of how tall they may get and if you want to bypass a twin size for a full or queen if height is prominent in your family.
  • Third, who will be sleeping in it? If it’s just you and you are not tall, you may be good with a twin xl r full/double size.  But, if you are a couple, single with a child or pet you may want to strongly consider a queen or king.
  • Keep in mind if you are looking to buy a new bedroom set or upgrade in mattress size, the larger you go typically the bed frame, beds, platforms, etc will also become more expensive to buy.  Spending more now to get the comfort and space you want is generally not a bad investment.  Unless it doesn’t fit in your space, you will never say “I wish I had a smaller mattress”.

Now that you have an idea of what size mattress could work great for you take some time to see our other guides and which mattress might work best for you.

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