The top 4 reasons to wear blue light blocking glasses

The top 4 reasons to wear blue light blocking glasses


Blue light blocking glasses are all the rage right now and many companies have begun making them in response to the demand. But what are they, why should you wear them, and what do they do? We’ve compiled the top 4 reasons to wear blue light blocking glasses so you can learn more about this fascinating technology and decide if it’s right for you.

1) Reduce eye strain and headaches

If you spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer or tablet, you may have noticed that your eyes feel fatigued after a few hours. This effect is caused by blue light from your screen which can make it harder for you to focus and maintain concentration. This can lead to headaches and other eye-related problems. A simple way to reduce eye strain and headaches is to wear blue light glasses while using electronics. These special glasses block blue light so that it doesn’t enter your eyes.

2) Improve sleep

Research has linked blue light exposure at night with decreased sleep quality, as it can affect your internal circadian rhythm. When your body thinks it’s daytime even when you’re trying to sleep, it will be more difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Wearing blue light-blocking glasses can help make sure that you get a good night’s rest every night. These specialized glasses are coated with an amber filter that prevents harmful blue light from reaching your eyes. There are many different types of blue light glasses on the market today, so if you decide to purchase some of your own, make sure that they have an ANSI rating of 1 or 2.

3) Increase productivity

In a study, blue light-blocking glasses were shown to improve productivity and significantly boost alertness. The blue light from screens can have a detrimental effect on circadian rhythms. The buildup of blue light tricks our bodies into thinking it’s still daytime (when we should be winding down), which can make it hard for us to fall asleep at night and lead to tiredness during waking hours. Blue light-blocking glasses are specially designed for people who work in front of digital screens, like students or office workers. Instead of letting blue light through, they allow only natural red and yellow wavelengths in. This has been proven to minimize eye strain while making it easier for people to get good sleep at night.

4) Have fun with you look!

Blue light glasses can be a fun way to change up your look too. Blue light glasses come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style. Plus, they’re also available in different colors like black, purple, red and even clear! You can even get them with rhinestones or other embellishments if you want to make them extra special for an event or night out on the town or go with a classic look for a professional look at work or on thise zoom calls. While some people may feel awkward wearing something that doesn’t match their typical style, others enjoy how it adds some flair to their outfit. And whether you choose one of these funky pairs or stick with a more traditional option, there are plenty of ways to incorporate blue light glasses into your wardrobe without having them completely overtake your look.

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