A Guide to Buying the Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces [Our Top 5 Picks]

Chronic snoring is a very common condition in the U.S and it can be very embarrassing for the person who has it and very disturbing for people sleeping near them. Luckily, there are different devices available ranging from CPAP machines to small anti-snoring mouthpieces that can reduce or even eliminate the snoring.
So this guide is dedicated to anti-snoring mouthpieces that are very small devices shaped like mouthguards that boxers bite on. They help the user stop snoring by clearing the airway in their throat. If you want to know how they work, what their pros and cons are, how to select the best one and what our top picks are, then read the guide till the end.

How Do Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces Work?

There are two types of mouthpieces that have different ways of working but the goal is ultimately the same; reduce the snoring of the user. So in order to understand how they work, let’s talk about both types below:

  • MAD: It is the acronym to Mandibular Advancement Devices that are the most commonly used anti-snoring devices. How they work is by expanding the airway of sleepers by moving their lower jaw (mandible) slightly forward that presses their tongue downwards and makes way for the air to properly pass without making noises that are known as snores.
  • TRD: Also known as Tongue Retaining Devices, they do not hold the jaw as MAD does, TRDs pull the sleeper’s tongue forward and increase the gap between the throat’s back and the tongue. Once the airway is cleared, the sleeper can breathe easily and not make any noises.

So this is how both types of the mouthpieces work, now that you know it, let’s move towards the pros and cons of having the anti-snoring mouthpieces.

Advantages of Using Mouthpieces:

  • Silent: TRD and MAD mouthpieces are virtually noiseless helping the user and their partner sleep peacefully.
  • Less Expensive: Unlike the BiPAP or CPAP machines, the MAD and TRD mouthpieces have fairly lower prices that can go for as low as $40.
  • Low Maintenance: Anti-snoring mouthpieces are very easy to clean even if they come with some moving parts. Just store them in some hot water to get rid of bacteria and germs after each use and that’s it.
  • No Special Requirements: You don’t need to go through any kind of medical procedure to use MAD and TRD devices and some of them can even be bought without a prescription.

Disadvantages of Using Mouthpieces:

  • Potential Side Effects: Anti-snoring mouthpieces can cause conditions such as soreness or stiffness in the lower jaw, excessive salivation and mouth ulcers.
  • Effectiveness is Questionable: MAD and TRD devices do not tackle any symptoms of sleep apnea as they are just designed to reduce snoring which means that they are less effective than the BiPAP and CPAP therapies.
  • Lifespan is Usually Shorter: Most of the anti-snoring mouthpieces last anywhere between six months to two years which is very much shorter than the life of BiPAP and CPAP machines.

Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces – Our Top 5 Picks

1. VitalSleep – (MAD)

This one is a boil and bite MAD mouthpiece which means you can just boil it and then put it in your mouth and bite hard for a few seconds so that it forms the exact shape of your mouth. This high level of customization makes it a piece of cake for people who don’t want to try out several sizes before they find the perfect one, they can just mold one into the shape of their mouth. Furthermore, you can easily adjust it using an Allen Wrench that is included in the purchase.

The best part of using it is that it is available in larger sizes for men and smaller sizes for women that adds another layer of customization. Furthermore, there is a 60-night sleep trial with a guarantee of a full refund. Furthermore, it comes with a one year warranty which is usually not the case with most of the mouthpieces. Have a look at some of its features below:

  • Made of plastic that provides comfort
  • Comes with an Allen Wrench for adjustments
  • Features a customized fit functionality
  • Backed by a 60-night sleep guarantee
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Perfect For:

  • People who prefer a high level of customization
  • Sleepers who sleep in different sleep positions
  • Those who prefer varying jaw advancements

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2. ZQuiet – (MAD)

The best thing about the ZQuiet is that it features a hinged design that makes it a universal fit which means you don’t have to boil and bite it. It automatically adjusts to the mouth of the user and eliminates the need for the jaw to advance forward which is perfect for people who experience jaw pain with the regular MADs.

Furthermore, it comes with two settings so if the snoring persists with the first one; users can move to the second more advanced setting. ZQuiet provides excellent circulation of air so the users can freely breathe through their nose as well as their mouth which is usually not the case with most MADs. Some of the primary features of ZQuiet are:

  • Eases the opening and closing of the mouth
  • Allows side-to-side movements of the jaw
  • Backed by 30-night sleep trial
  • Made of plastic for higher comfort
  • Has a universal fit hinged design

Perfect For:

  • People who want a bang for their buck because it has a lower price than the standard average price point of MADs
  • Those who suffer from jaw pain
  • Those who have a preference for less jaw advancement

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3. Good Morning Snore Solution – (TRD)

This one is a lightweight and small TRD device that is very effective in reducing the episodes of snoring by stabilizing the tongue. It is meticulously designed to be a universal fit but it is intelligently compacted to the extent where it can easily accommodate all types of mouth sizes. Furthermore, there is no prescription required to get your hands on this one and its uniquely engineered design makes it easy to clean whenever needed.

Though its price is a bit above than the average price point, people can get a good discount on the purchase of two and a handy carrying case is also available in different bundles. Some of its features are:

  • It is a universal fit so there is no issue of finding the right size
  • The device is very lightweight and made of plastic
  • Its small size makes it easy to clean it
  • No doctor’s prescription is needed to purchase it
  • The device comes with a 30-night guarantee and there is a full refund on all returns

Perfect For:

  • People who like to have light and small mouthpieces
  • Those who suffer from jaw pains

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4. AVEOtsd – (TRD)

If you are someone who would prefer a material that is even softer than plastic then AVEOtsd is just for you. This TRD device is made from silicone which is found to be far more comfortable by many sleepers. And its primary feature is that it leverages a futuristic suction system that firmly keeps the tongue between the lower and upper lip without causing any jaw pain or discomfort.

AVEOtsd comes in different sizes; small, medium and large that can accommodate all types of patients. Furthermore, the unique offering from AVEOtsd is that it does not have any moving parts and doesn’t need adjustments or customizations making it easy to clean as well. Some of its primary features are:

  • Made from silicone making it softer than the typical mouthpieces
  • Has three different sizes
  • Leverages a suction system to stabilize the tongue
  • Easy to clean because of no moving parts
  • Does not advance the jawline that comforts the jaw

Perfect For:

  • People who want value for money because it has a lower price than the standard average price point of TRDs
  • Those who prefer lighter and smaller mouthpieces
  • People who suffer from jaw pain

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5. SnoreRX – (MAD)

This one is the most differentiated among all others mentioned in this list because it has an attractive matrix design along with a calibrator at both sides that aids in adjustments. Furthermore, you can adjust the SnoreRX to up to 6 millimetres in just 1 mm of increments that makes it perfect for people who have different preferences. You can just slide its lower and upper trays by manually squeezing its sides and adjust it at any time you want.

Also, the price of SnoreRx is surprisingly lower than most of its ‘bite-and-boil’ competitors making it a high value for low money. Lastly, you do not need a prescription from a doctor to get this one. Have a look at some of its prominent features below:

  • Unique matrix design
  • Can easily be adjusted through a calibrator
  • Made from plastic for a high level of comfort
  • It is a customized fit
  • The device comes with a 30-night trial and there is a full refund for unsatisfied customers

Perfect For:

  • People who have a preference for the customized fit mouthpiece
  • Those who want value for money because it has a lower price than the standard average price point of competing bite and boil devices
  • People who prefer varying jaw advancements

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Things to Consider While Getting Anti-snoring Mouthpieces:

  • See if the device is MAD or TRD because MADs are usually more adjustable
  • How adjustable the device is and what type of adjustments you need
  • You can get a good device for $100 or less
  • If you want customized fitting then go for MAD that molds according to the teeth
  • While sleeping, if you breathe through the mouth then get a device that has holes in it
  • If you have bruxism, MAD might be better for you
  • See if a mouthpiece that you want needs a prescription from a doctor
  • Look at the trial period and decide if that is enough for you to try out the device
  • Look for the certification of the device at the packaging or the website of the company


So that concludes our guide to getting the best anti-snoring mouthpieces. Make sure to go for the ones that have the features matching your need. We suggest that you do not compromise on the price as the comfort that you and your partner will get through an ideal mouthpiece will be worth every penny.