Connect your Victure cameras on the PC420 app, you can see what’s happening anywhere at any time. Whether you are protecting your home, checking in on the kids after school, keeping tabs on your pet, talking to your kids, families or your pets and share funny things, or all of the above, our home security cameras will help you keep an eye on things.

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Victure PC420 Home Security Camera Review

  • Victure video baby monitor is built-in 48dB microphone & speaker and anti-noise technology. The fluent sound allows you to comfort your baby/pet/nanny. You can communicate with your baby, pet or the elder clearly whenever you want.
  • When Victure wifi baby camera detects moving and abnormity, notifications will be sent to your phone immediately, instant alarm videos will be taken and stored in cloud or SD card. Ensure the security of your house.
  • This baby home security camera with 120°wide-angle lens,1920×1080P and 8 invisible infrared LEDs lets you see everything clearly even in the dark without disturbance.
  • Local storage supports up to 64GB Micro SD card. Encrypted security cloud storage service is also supported. The first month of cloud storage is free. Additional charges apply after a month.
  • The installation and configuration of Victure baby wifi camera is so easy. It can be easily mounted on your wall, ceiling or table. Any question or problem, pls feel free to contact Victure via the email attached on the user manual. We are right here to help you.

What we liked and disliked about the Victure PC420 Home Security Camera

Things you’ll like:

Built-in microphone & speaker and anti-noise technology. You can communicate with your baby whenever you want. Motion detecting and abnormalities and sends an alert to your phone immediately. Instant alarm videos are stored in cloud to ensure safety. 120″ wide angel lens, 1920 x 1080P and infrared LEDs. Supports up to 64GB in an encrypted security cloud storage.

Things you might not like:

You must be on the app and have to hold the icon down all the time in order for volume to work, this was annoying to some parents that used it as a monitor. The notifications can be semi-overwhelming.

Warranty, Shipping and More

Specifications: 3.14 x 3.14 x 4.9 inches, 7.8 oz

Warranty: You can add a 2-year protection warranty on Amazon for $4.99

Shipping & Unboxing: If you are an Amazon Prime member this item ships within a week.


About the company: 

Victure is a Home Camera company based in China. They make pet cameras, Home Security Cameras, Sound Detection, Motion Detection and Tracking, Two-Way Audio devices, Night Vision, and Cloud Service Devices.

Existing Customer Reviews

“Worth it! I was really excited to get this in the mail and I’m even more excited that it’s working well. I’ll try to keep this informative and short. Upon opening the amazon envelope I first noticed it’s sleek packaging. This camera is snug in a similar white box and packaged equipment on the inside as iphones are. Instructions are… mostly coherent. They are translated and have awkward phrasing but set up took me less than 10 minutes regardless. (There is also a youtube video of two men I believe unboxing and setting this up, should anyone need it! Just search for this camera in youtube’s search bar.) Camera quality is pretty good! It’s not an HD video from a dSLR or anything but I can very clearly see my son and even with the camera pointing down at him, I can see him breathing. Which, for a first time mama is a plus.” – AHC, LLC. (5 out of 5 stars)

“WOW! A $30 camera, you would think “You get what you pay for” right? In the case of this particular camera, the answer is heck no!! This camera is amazing!!! The picture is so clear during the day and at night. My son has special needs and I wanted to monitor him at night because he cannot adjust himself or talk, he can only cry or laugh so it is very important that I see and hear him clearly. I was skeptical at first but I was not disappointed. I turned the motion detection off because every little move he made, it would alarm like a burglar was in his room lol, which is very nice if I was using the camera for motion detection elsewhere in the house. I guess the only thing I am disappointed about is that me and my husband cannot be logged in on the same account at the same time and I hope over time this will be changed. We would both like to be able to adjust settings so that is why we do not want to share the camera. The person whom is a shared account cannot adjust settings. Overall I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you Victure for making an awesome product!!!” – Amazon Customer (5 out of 5 stars)

“Good Buy! The camera quality is great and the app works very well. For the price it’s a great buy, I use this as a baby monitor for my newborn.” – Jean- Phillip Prefontaine (5 out of 5 stars) 

“Great for Price with Minor Technical Issues. Over all this is a great inexpensive camera! The picture quality is great for the price point. Our two small issues are technical. The first is that you can’t have the video feed up on multiple device at the same time with one account. My husband and I had to create separate accounts in order to both have the ability to view the video at the same time. Otherwise, One of our devices would log off when the other device signed in. The second, and this may be a personal WiFi issue, but the camera feed will only stay on for a short period of time before Returning back to the home screen. This isn’t convenient When you’re using this as a baby camera and are in another portion of your house or you can’t hear your child if they wake up. Otherwise, everything that everyone said about the set up was correct. It was a piece of cake. So much better than the other security cameras we have used in the past. We also like that there are options Within the app to turn the audio on and off, take a screen picture, record, and switch between HD and SD.” – Aimee Ripley (4 out of 5 stars)

“Good product. We purchased a different set of cams for our first child that we were really happy with however have since been discontinued. With baby number 2 we purchased these and were blown away with the quality by comparison. The clarity is pristine. We do have issues with a small delay and connection issues. If the app is left running I do have to re login every 7-10 minutes. This may totally be our internet’s fault(though we have no other issues with our internet) but we can’t discount that that may factor into the issue and that it’s not the product itself. We did have the motion detector on and when it’s on highest sensitivity it picks up everything, and sends an alert to your phone. On lower sensitivity it works great but not totally necessary for us when used as a baby monitor. Overall, this is a good product.” – Tim G (4 out of 5 stars)


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