Casper Nova Hybrid- Mattress Review

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress Review

Casper Nova Hybrid- Unboxing – COMING SOON

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The Casper Nova Hybrid is for those who want a plush top layer without sacrificing support and cooling.

Build Quality/Materials: 4.5/5
Cooling: 5/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.6/5
Overall Value: coming soon

Casper Nova Hybrid

Billed as Casper’s plushest mattress, the Nova was developed by Casper as a next-generation model. The Nova Hybrid features two comfort layers. The top layer consists of AirScape open-cell polyfoam. The second comfort layer, also AirScape polyfoam, is divided into three firmness zones. This ensures enhanced support for the lower back and hips, along with gentler cradling for other areas of the body. The Nova Hybrid also has a transitional memory foam layer divided into seven firmness levels for additional zoned reinforcement. The support core features pocketed coils encased in high-density foam.

The all-foam version of the Nova has a very similar design, including the same comfort and transitional layers. This model’s support core is constructed with solid high-density polyfoam, rather than coils. The all-foam Nova is available through select retailers, and cannot be purchased directly from Casper.

  • Plush comfort for the coziest sleep.
  • 7 zones of support for proper spinal alignment.
  • 2 layers of perforated breathable foam keep you comfortably cool.
  • Hybrid design combines foam and springs for added lift and airflow.
  • Each mattress cover is made with up to 70 recycled bottles.

You will like the Casper Nova Hybrid if you:

  • If you weight under 130lbs. and are a side sleeper
  • Have sharp pressure points
  • If you tend to sleep hot and enjoy the hug of a foam mattress
  • Appreciate a good core support and need additional airflow

You might not like Casper Nova Hybrid if you:

  • Sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds may sink in, especially when sleeping on their backs or stomachs
  • Shoppers may find the Nova Hybrid too expensive
  • Since the Nova Hybrid has been on the market for less than one year, it has a shorter track record

Casper Nova Hybrid customer reviews 

A Little Too Comfortable 5/5

It’s like sleeping on a cloud. You feel very rested the next morning. In fact, it is a little too comfortable . My husband has now slept through his alarm 3 times.

Best.Sleep.Ever 5/5

Best mattress ever. I’m a lover of soft mattresses, but my last one wasn’t supportive enough. The Nova performs in both areas. Was really skeptical of ordering an online mattress, but the pandemic gave me few other options. I LOVE my Nova and won’t hesitate to order beds from Casper in the future.

Happy with Our Mattress! 5/5

Very happy with the purchase. We were a little nervous buying a mattress online and not having tried it out. We really wanted to try to be more Earth aware and looked at several companies and mattress. We are very pleased with this company and mattress. It was a little too firm for us (both side sleepers), but we wanted to keep it, so we added a soft latex mattress topper to it and now our bed is like heaven

Great for Different Types of Sleepers 5/5

My wife and I love the mattress! Very soft but not too soft. It hugs you in all of the right places so that you feel the support. We both wake up feeling great every morning. She is a side sleeper and I’m a back sleeper and it’s perfect for us both. Soft enough for her side and supportive enough for my back! We’re very happy overall!

The Casper Nova Hybrid Off-Gassing

Like all new mattresses, the Casper Nova Hybrid may have an odor at first. Synthetic foam tends to have smells left over from manufacturing, which are trapped in the bed when the mattress ships compressed. The Nova Hybrid is likely to have a similar off-gassing odor to many bed-in-a-box mattresses that contain foam.

These smells are usually considered harmless for most individuals, and they should dissipate relatively quickly. Owners who are bothered by the odor can leave their new mattress in a well-ventilated room to air out. The mattress should air out within a few hours to a few days.

Casper Nova Hybrid Construction

Layer 1– A layer of AirScape™ with small perforations increases airflow and pushes hot air and body heat out so you don’t get overheated. This premium foam top layer has a plush, velvety soft feel.

Layer 2- A second layer of AirScape™ helps prevent overheating. Supportive foam has 3 ergonomic zones to help align your spine and provide more relief. Softer under shoulders and firmer around the hips, waist and lower back.

Layer 3- Zoned Support™ Pro relieves pressure under the shoulders, and provides more support under the waist, lower back, and hips to align your spine. 7 support zones reinforce the supportive layer above

Layer 4- Resilient springs add a little lift, support, and airflow to the mattress of your dreams. A firmer border provides edge support to help you get in and out bed easily

See the benefits of Casper Nova Hybrid below from

Casper Mattress Cover

Casper offers stain-free and worry-free mattress protector is engineered with a water resistant material to keep spills out, so your mattress stays clean and comfortable for longer.

Casper Foundations

Casper’s Foundation provides excellent support under any Casper mattress and can be assembled in minutes. The Foundation also comes with a 30-night, risk-free trial.

Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts

This mattress is super plush on top, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. We were concerned it wouldn’t be supportive enough but it does the trick. The Nova Hybrid is super supportive for your back if you sleep on your back. The plush feel of the mattress helps isolate motion more than the average hybrid and eliminates partner movement. Because of the way it’s engineered, the Nova sleeps cooler than many foam models we’ve tested. The Airscape poly foam’s open-cell structure allows air to flow in and out of the mattress. There is edge support which allows you to use the full surface of the mattress.

Softness- Medium Firmness level: 4
Softness- Luxury Firm Firmness level: 4
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


Even compared to other latex hybrids, this mattress offers exceptional temperature neutrality. This can be attributed to its various components beginning with the wool batting layer, which is both breathable and moisture-wicking. Latex generally absorbs less body heat than foam, but this bed’s latex layer is ventilated to create added airflow near the surface of the mattress.

The coil system promotes air circulation to help the entire mattress maintain a comfortable core temperature. The denim batting layer is also very breathable, as is the organic cotton cover.

Lastly, the medium firm and responsive feel ensures you won’t sink too deeply into the mattress. On softer beds with more sinkage, people tend to feel warmer because their surface airflow is somewhat restricted. We recommend this mattress to anyone who tends to sleep hot.

Casper Adjustable Base Performance:

Casper’s remote-controlled adjustable bed frames help you customize your position for blissful, all-night sleep. Their adjustable frame allows full-body adjustability, has a USB ports for easy phone charging, split king option, helps with snoring, has a message feature and under-bed lights.

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Casper Warranty and More

Casper offers in-home delivery, new mattress setup, and old mattress removal for a $149 fee. This non-refundable service is available to customers in the 48 contiguous United States and parts of Canada.

Casper mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial. During this period, customers can contact Casper’s customer service team to return their mattress for a full refund. Casper will arrange for mattress removal.

Customers receive a 10-year limited warranty when they purchase a Casper mattress. The original purchaser is eligible for this warranty provided they bought their mattress from an authorized seller, used the mattress on an appropriate foundation, and the mattress is free from abuse. This warranty covers qualifying defects, including indentations over 1 inch and cracking or splitting in the foam. It is valid in the United States. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Casper Company Info

Casper is a New York-based company best known for its bed-in-a-box mattresses. The lineup includes the Original, the Wave Hybrid, the Element, and the Nova. The Element is an all-foam model, the Wave Hybrid is a hybrid bed, and the Original and the Nova are available with either foam or hybrid designs.


This mattress is for sleepers that love a plush mattress top! Don’t be worried about support, although super soft, this does the trick. The Zone support supports the spine in full and the softer foam near your head and shoulders allows for relief and is ergonomically friendly. Found this mattress to be cool as we tend to be warm sleepers.

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