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Recore Mattress Review

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Introducing the all Recore from industry veterans Novosbed.

The Recore currently is only available in Canada. It combines latex and memory foam for a good balance of support and pressure relief.

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The have set out to offer many luxury components and a very substantial/thick mattress but with a skinny price.  It offers a 15 year warranty and 120 Night Sleep trial.

Is it Canada’s Best Mattress?

Build Quality/Materials: 4.6/5
Cooling: 4.9/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.7/5
Overall Value: 4.6/5

Recore Mattress Review

The Recore is an offshoot of reputable brand Novosbed so already we expect great things. Join us as we get up close and personal with the Recore mattress to find out what’s hot, and what’s not!

The Recore Mattress is produced and sold exclusively to Canada, so straight away they are limiting their own customer base by excluding the rest of the world. However, first impressions of this latex foam mattress are that it looks professionally made and seems to sport some fairly innovative technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the Recore and find out all there is to know before we make our final judgment.


So we have reviewed other Novosbed mattresses before and they seem to be fairly good. They aren’t the first name on the tip of the tongue when you round off a list of mattress providers – but they are definitely up there and are known as a manufacturer who produce quality items.

As if to entice us into this product we noticed they have put the sleep trial up to 120 nights, meaning you can try before you buy for quite a substantial period. The mattress itself looks great; different to most standard memory foam mattresses and innovative in both color and texture. The bed is sort of banded around the middle, with a different top layer than bottom.

The website looks suave but we would expect no less from Novosbed. Even the reviews have been correctly written and don’t feature spelling mistakes. The orange and black of the website is professional and daring, as well as eye catching.

Delivery, Unboxing & Set-up

Delivery of the Recore mattress is usually free for most parts of Canada – but bear in mind they won’t deliver it to anywhere else. It usually takes between 8 and ten working days from the day you order it until it arrives.

When it does get to you it will be rolled up and vacuum sealed inside plastic wrapping, which has then been placed inside a box. This method of shipping saves space and therefor carbon emissions, making it a favorite among manufacturers. When you have your mattress we recommend that you take it to the room you want to place it in before you open it. The Recore mattress is a little heavier than most and it can be bulky once unboxed.

When you are ready, use a sharp tool to cut away the box and the plastic, taking care not to cut through the fabric of the mattress as you do so. When all the wrapping has been peeled away the bed will start to expand. It can take up to 72 hours for this particular mattress to expand but you should be able to sleep on it before then, with the air of a mattress protector and some sheets.

You like the Recore Mattress if you:

• Live in Canada and want to save your Carbon Footprint by ordering a Canadian made model.
• Want an affordable bed that doesn’t carry quite the same price tag as some similarly built mattresses.
• Find memory foam too soft and hybrid bedding too springy.
• Are a back or side sleeper this has great pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.
• If you want a mattress that scores highly for motion reduction.

You might not like the Recore Mattress if you:

• If you tend to sleep hot, this is a temperature neutral mattress but it doesn’t have in-built cooling technology. There are mattresses better suited to your needs.
• Live outside of Canada and can’t buy it.
• Want a full memory foam bed or prefer a hybrid model.

Comfort & Feel

The cover of the Recore mattress is made from a polyester, spandex and viscose blend that is soft to the touch and durable. The Recore sits at about 6 out of ten on the firmness scale, making it a medium-firm mattress. It is full latex foam and is not a hybrid, meaning that there is little bounce. That being said, we did notice less sinkage on the Recore than we would normally see on a full foam bed, indicating that the Graphite-fused latex foam has a bit more resistance and shouldn’t see the sleeper sinking very far.

Those that are particularly light are not likely to experience any sinkage on this mattress at all so we recommend it for those over 140 pounds. The foam and latex blends in the center allow for
a good, solid and responsive mattress that will conform to the shape of your body. There is some pretty high density foam in there so it does feel a little firmer than your average medium firm memory foam mattress.

The top layer here is graphite-infused latex foam which ads a little temperature neutrality to the mattress. Likewise, they have infused silver into some layers in order to add an antimicrobial layer. We like those little finishing touches.

Motion Isolation

The Recore mattress scored surprisingly highly in terms of motion reduction. This simply means that you can sleep next to a partner that tosses and turns and you don’t get woken up by them. The lack of bounce in this mattress gave it a similar result to a full foam bed, which would score highly due to its ability to soak up and spread any weight placed on it.

Recore have achieved this by layering latex with memory foam so that there is a responsive feel to the bed, as well as contouring to your shape. It works pretty well, giving a little more resistance than your standard full foam mattress would but with maybe a third of the bounce associated with a hybrid model. It’s a delicate balance and we think they have done very well.

Off Gassing

To us; off-gassing is a bit of a deceptive term. This is because any new product that you take home from a store is going to smell a little like the last place it was kept. It is similar to the smell of a new car or a new pair of shoes and is nothing to worry about. Oddly, it is natural or organic mattresses which tend to smell the most – but you have nothing to worry about on that front with the Recore mattress.

Once the packaging is removed from the Recore there should be very little – if any – smell. If there is a scent then it shouldn’t be anything to worry about as it is probably just the residual smell of the warehouse where it was packaged. Any smell should not linger and ought to be gone completely withing 36 hours. We noticed very little smell at all from the Recore, although we did notice a few other reviewers thought it had a latex smell to it when it was first un-boxed.

Once you place a mattress protector and fresh sheets on your new Recore mattress you shouldn’t notice any scent at all. We gave it a 10 out of 10 for off-gassing – but if you are particularly worried then look for a model that carries the CertiPUR label.

Edge Support

Normally a fully foam mattress would do badly in this category since the nature of memory foam is to contour to your shape – which does not lend itself well to effective edge support. Rather; the latex layers in between the foam in this bedding gives enough tough strength to stop you sinking much farther than the top two layers. We found the Recore remarkable in this category in that it performed almost as well as a hybrid bed.

The Recore contains high-density, latex-fused memory foam that provides a strange mix of bounce and sinkage. It is like the mattress conforms to your shape while pushing against your body, allowing for excellent pressure relief and above average edge support.

Recore Mattress Construction

The Recore stands at 10.5 inches tall which is big for a memory foam bed. The cover is a quilted and soft blend of viscose, polyester and spandex – but don’t forget that the whole thing is also woven with that anti-microbial silver infused thread. Next a 1.5 inch layer of their patented Graphite-infused synthetic latex allows for good response to contouring, a little bounce and resistance and just enough comfort to help you get the most out of sleep.

Next we have a 2 inch layer of gel-infused polyfoam which acts as both a comfort layer, and a transition layer for the harder core foam below. The last layer is made of high-density polyfoam which provides structure to the whole product and support to your aching joints. The cover is not removable nor machine washable, but you can dab it clean with the right shampoos.

We like the innovation that has gone into this mattress, as well as the finer points that make it a little bit special. We would like to see a little more thought towards temperature regulation and perhaps another inch on the comfort layers – but other than that it is a wonderful value product.

recore mattress layers

Recore Mattress Cover

Douglas CoolSense™ Cover

A washable cover made with Natural Eucalyptus Fabric™. Inspired by the mountains of Western Canada, the CoolSense™ cover draws moisture away, leading to a cool, dry night.

recore mattress

Douglas Foundation

The Douglas will work great on any solid surface.  The floor, platform slats, boxspring/foundation and they now offer an adjustable base as well.

His and Hers – Firmness and Feel:

My thoughts (Ross)

We had a good experience on the Douglas Mattress.  I am generally one who prefers thicker mattresses but Douglas didn’t bottom out easily and had a good overall feel.  I always use a mattress protector so some of the benefits of the cover may not have been noticed for me.  The nice thing is now they offer a mattress protector that uses the same fabric as the mattress!

The Douglas Mattress impressed me for the following reasons.

A.) To me the overall build and quality was above average. It is a very good price for having some higher end features.

B.) The top comfort layer really didn’t get hot at all

C.) It worked well in all sleeping positions.

D.) It has a perfect medium feel that will appeal to most of you out there.

Her thoughts (Kayla)

For me the Douglas Mattress had a good medium feel.  It conformed well even though I am light but still had good support for Ross who is heavier.  Duglas slept cool (although i’m always cold) Ross will comment all the time if a mattress sleeps hot.  That was not happening on this.  I tend to like a soft mattress so I sink in a bit more but it felt nice even though its not uber soft.  The top layer gives in and conforms very well for any weight.

Softness-Firmness level: 6.5
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


As we mentioned before, the Recore has a Graphite Infused latex layer coupled with antimicrobial silver-infused thread. This thread has been used throughout the mattress and helps to keep it clean and fresh, even when it is getting on a bit. That graphite and silver mix also have the double benefit of working to keep you cool while you sleep…even if they are not specifically cooling technology.

The cover is also good for temperature neutrality. It stretches with the bed so that it doesn’t cling or tear, and the polyester viscose blend helps wick away sweat while you sleep. On top of the cover and he metal-infused materials the Recore also has the benefit of multiple layers. Each layer creates a sort of passageway through the mattress, ultimately promoting air flow under you while you sleep.

All of these factors work together to make the Recore mattress what we call a temperature neutral bed. This means that it doesn’t cool you down specifically, but that it also doesn’t allow you to get too hot.

Adjustable Base Performance:

The Recore Mattress being all foam will work great on an adjustable base.

Recore Mattress Price:

Twin XL$629CA
Cal King$849CA

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Recore Mattress Warranty and More

  • Shipping – free shipping, it arrives compressed in a box. Typically 2-7 business days.

  • Warranty – 15 years

  • Trial Period – 120 nights

  • Discounts – Use our link above for the best price

  • Made in the USA

The Recore comes with a 120 night sleep trial which is pretty fantastic by comparison to other brands. Industry standard seems to be around the 100 night period and this one goes above and beyond all but the very richest of competitors. A sleep trial period like this allows you to try the mattress out through a variety of seasons to make sure the temperature is right for you.

What we do note is that the Recore needs a full thirty days of trial period to have passed before the bed can be returned. This is because it takes this long for the fibers to loosen up and the bed to mold to your particular shape. If you want to get the best trial possible then go beyond the thirty days.

The Recore also offers a full 15 years limited warranty against defective parts. This means that if you keep the mattress as good as you can and it still goes wrong then you get to return it and have it replaced for free. Again, this warranty is longer than industry standard – by a whole five years. It is rare to find a deal much better than that.

Recore Mattress Company Info

Recore is a sister company of the Novosbed and Logan & Cove Mattresses.  They are a Canadian company who ships the flagship bed to the USA.  Currently the Douglas & Logan & Cove will ship only in Canada.

Customer Reviews

We like that Novosbed has a link directly to their reviews from their web page, it shows honesty and transparency. Overall most of the reviews are 5 star, which attests to the quality of the product. Of course, Canadians are very nice so this must be taken into consideration…

Chris H says this is his first Bed-In-A-Box mattress:

“So far so good, only been sleeping on it for 2 weeks. The only disappointment was that its not Certipur rated and that the latex top is synthetic. It would have been great if it was 100% natural dunlop latex.”

While Christine C. said:

“It’s such a FABULOUSLY comfortable re-energizing mattress! A mattress to look forward to sleeping on after a busy day and wake up recharged.”

And Reid C. added:

“Since using my Recore mattress I’ve been sleeping really well. The firmness is just right and I don’t notice movement from my partner in the night.

Even with our very tight stairs it was simple to get the packaged mattress around corners and into our room.”


Overall Summary

Overall we think this is an inventive take on the memory foam bed. It uses the foam in a new way and conforms neither to the sturdy bounce of the hybrid nor the soft sinking sensations of full foam. It scored well in edge support and motion reduction, both features we found echoed throughout the reviews. We also found people were particularly pleased with their mattress arriving in a box, which is a relatively new way of shipping.

We wouldn’t recommend this mattress to hot sleepers, stomach sleepers, or anyone who is remotely allergic to latex – nor could we recommend it to anyone who doesn’t live in Canada. On the other hand; it is affordable luxury that can give everyone a taste of memory foam sleep… and once you get a taste it can be a bit of a gateway drug. Some other cons are the lack of cooling technology and the lack of a removable or washable cover. That being said the silver-infusion does go some way to keeping the bed germ free.

We like this bed. It’s fun, it’s different and it’s inventive. It doesn’t claim to be anything it isn’t and it gives Canadians everywhere the chance to purchase a good quality, long lasting and super comfortable mattress… that is provided, of course, that those Canadians are based in Canada.

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