Odinlake Ergo Art Office Chair Review | High end without a high price

Is this office chair worth the price?

Odinlake.com offers 3 chairs ranging from $249-$449.

We are reviewing what I think is the most attractive looking model the ergonomic Office Chair Art model.  This is a minimalist looking chair with mostly all metal parts.  These are very high-end chairs without a very expensive office chair price tag.  See what we think below and check out our mattress review video too.

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Ergonomic Office Chair Review (VIDEO)

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Ergonomic Office Chair. What I liked about the OdinLake Ergonomic Chair

  • I have only ever bought chairs that were primarily made with plastic parts. (odinlake office chair reviews, many for the same price as this one or close) and they have not held up well.  This is made with almost all metal parts.  It is much more durable and stable.
  • I love the design and look of the ergonomic office chair.
  • The overall feel is very nice (and adjustable).
  • The price is very fair considering it is made with metal parts and very nice fabrics.
  • It is overall a very good quality ergonomic office chair for a good price when compared to many chairs that are in the same price range that use a lot of plastic parts.

Ergonomic Office Chair Company Info

Ergonomic Office Chair Art 643’s Designer

“With sensitive intelligence to innovative simplicity”— Justus Kolberg.

With years of excellent work experience in Tecno & designteam Wiege, Justus has received numerous awards including the IF Hannover Design Award, the Red Dot Design Zentrum NRW, the IDEA Gold Award and the Japanese Good Design Award.

Best Chair for Asrtists 643 perfectly embodies the fusion of ergonomic chair and modern art and presents the ultimate Nordic minimalist style.

What is a ergonomic office chair?

The ergonomic office chair design is generous, one-of-a-kind, fashionable, and lightweight. It is a new eco-friendly health chair widely used in modern homes, outdoor spaces, meeting rooms, and workplaces. The aim of optimum comfort is achieved by using the best curve of the human body and medical factors. Therefore, it emphasizes product quality and customer experience, but it also prioritizes human development in the long run.

For cushions and chair backs, ergonomic office chair mainly utilizes mesh (composition: DuPont yarn + polyester fiber), environmentally friendly fabric + high-quality memory cotton, and other elastic and environmentally friendly materials. The process design is particularly suited to modern furniture. During use, it has excellent airflow, and heat dissipation characteristics are pleasant and health-care-friendly. They can prevent the growth of bacteria inside the chair. Additionally, it can decrease the area of pressure on the buttocks, improve blood circulation in the buttocks, prevent strain on the neck, shoulders, and waist, and help to preserve the user’s overall health and well-being.

Ergonomic Office Chair Conclusion

  • Ergo Art - Overall
  • Quality VS Price

Overall Summary

I say this is a good buy!  The quality is VERY high.  It uses mostly metal components, and you can truly feel the difference compared to a cheaper plastic amazon chair.  I am impressed with the design, look and performance of the ergo office chair price.   If you are ready to step up your office chair game and get something a bit nicer this is an extremely good option to consider.

The only thing that could make it better is if it came assembled, BUT assembly was not hard at all, and I get that it needs to ship unassembled.  One complaint is at the time I did the review this model was sold out, so hopefully this is not a consistent issue.

Best Ergo Office Chair Price

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