Aeptom Organic Bamboo Sateen Bed Sheet Set Review

The Internets softest bed sheets?

Tuck into our cuddly soft bedding for a sweet and quality sleep. Made of 100% viscose from FSC certified organic bamboo Bed Sheets set, the sheets are insatiably soft, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking. The fabrics are also Oeko-Tex certified for chemical safety and are tested in an SGS lab for possessing the anti-bacterial properties.

Softer than the best cotton and linen. Bamboo Bed Sheets set!

Woven from ultra-fine and long fibers for a softer and smoother texture. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified for chemical safety, and tested in an SGS lab for the anti-bacterial properties.

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Bamboo Bed Sheets set Review (VIDEO)

Bamboo Bed Sheets set

Organic Bamboo Bed Sheet Set. What I liked about the Aeptom Sheets

  • First and foremost, the softness!  They are a very smooth and silky feel.  Right out of the box.
  • The price is very good for how luxury the sheets feel.
  • The elastic is tough
  • The sheets will fit mattresses up to 15″ thick

Bamboo Bed Sheets set. Aeptom Company Info

Bed Sheets reviews. What’s Different About Them

Bed Sheets reviews. They research what underpin exceptional fabric quality and apply the findings to create superior fabric. Their organic bamboo Bed Sheets set is woven from specially ordered ultra-fine yarns for a softer and smoother texture. They also increased the weft count in the weaving process to minimize pilling issues. Our sheets are OEKO-TEX certified for not containing any harmful chemicals.

Bamboo Bed Sheets set. Conclusion

  • Sheets - Overall
  • Quality VS Price

Overall Summary

I say this is a good buy!  These are honestly some of the nicest sheets we have reviewed.  So far, I have only washed them twice, but they have held up well and are not pilling.  They are very very soft!  I definitely recommend trying these.  The feel is very nice and the price is very good considering how luxury they feel.  Worth the price for sure.

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