Nest Bedding Hybrid Organic Latex Mattress Review

Nest Bedding Hybrid Certified Organic Latex Mattress Review

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Nest Bedding Hybrid Summary

If you haven’t heard of Nest Bedding Hybrid before, you really ought to have – this company, which has more than a dozen showrooms across the US, has been praised by such publications as Men’s Journal, Women’s Daily, Forbes, and the Huffington Post for the high quality of their mattresses and bedding products, as well as their customer relations.

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Build Quality/Materials: 5/5
Cooling: 4.8/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.9/5
Overall Value: 4.9/5

Nest hybrid mattress Introduction

If you haven’t heard of nest hybrid mattress before, you really ought to have – this company, which has more than a dozen showrooms across the US, has been praised by such publications as Men’s Journal, Women’s Daily, Forbes, and the Huffington Post for the high quality of their mattresses and bedding products, as well as their customer relations.
Today, we’ll be concerning ourselves with Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress – which, like their other products, is made from certified organic, chemical-free materials, as part of the company’s commitment to minimise their impact upon the environment while still providing quality products.
Available in the seven standard US bed sizes – from California King, all the way down to twin – and in “medium feel” or “firm feel” varieties, the nest hybrid latex mattress is 11.5 inches in height, and available at prices ranging from $1499 to $2599 (payable one-time, or in monthly instalments).
And, well, we’ll say right off the bat that, so far, this particular mattress has impressed us tremendously – as has Nest Bedding as a company. Below, we’ll be going into why.
Nest Hybrid Mattress Branding
Nest Bedding’s official website reflects a clear awareness on the part of the company of the trends generally shaping modern web design. The site maintains a consistent black-and-white colour scheme that matches the company’s general branding; and the text is centred neatly in the middle of the page. This is a design that is easy on the eyes, and which makes text readable without it completely dominating the page.
In addition, the website’s subpages are easy to navigate – the product pages are sorted into such menus as “mattresses”, “bedding” and “furniture”, all of which are consistently available at the top of the page; while more central pages, such as reviews and the FAQ, are all available in the top left corner.
The site is, perhaps not quite as minimal as some sites might opt to be – as one scrolls down, the page does become a little bit more “busy”, with a fair amount of imagery and text showcasing products, reviews, certifications, and so forth. However, for the most part, this does not make the site feel cluttered, but rather, makes it feel alive, reflecting the many bedding-related options available at nest hybrid mattress.
The site also makes contact details easily available. The official phone number is consistently displayed in the top right of the screen; and scrolling to the bottom will give you access to the contact page, from where you can access the company’s email address, chat live with a representative, or leave message directly via the website.

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You will like Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex if you:

  • Are willing to invest a fair amount of money in a product that is very much worth it, both in terms of quality and sustainability.
  • Are committed to purchasing products that minimise your impact upon the environment.
  • Are looking for a mattress that offers an adequate, but not excessive level of supportive firmness.
  • Are seeking a product made from latex, textiles and foam that have had their quality independently certified by GOLS, GOTS and CertiPUR-US.
  • Would like a long-term warranty.
  • Wish to purchase from a company that gives you a generous amount of time to adjust to your new mattress, and the opportunity to return it for a full refund if that time if unsatisfied.
  • Are seeking a mattress available in all possible sizes.
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  • Nest hybrid latex

You might not like Nest Hybrid Latex Mattress if you:

  • Prefer a particularly soft variety of mattress.
  • Are looking for an option friendlier to a limited budget.
  • Nest bedding mattress reviews

Nest Bedding Mattress What are the customers saying?

The vast majority of on-site reviews of the Hybrid Latex mattress – and, indeed, of Nest Bedding products in general – are notably positive, with a general vibe of measurable satisfaction on the part of customers. There’s clearly a reason they’re so easily accessible from all points of the website, after all.

Kali, for instance, rated the Hybrid Organic Latex five stars, noting how it was, for her, a generally superior option to the Hybrid Natural.

“We went into our local Nest store pretty much knowing we wanted a “nest hybrid mattress” after sleeping on a temperpedic for 10 years” she said. “In the store they had the Nest Hybrid Mattress Natural and the Certified Organic Nest hybrid Latex but not this one. We liked the Organic one better than the Natural one, and for those of you curious they really are nothing at all alike. The Hybrid Natural has foam along with the latex and coils and feels much more like a memory foam bed, the Certified Organic is foam free and a much firmer feeling, as well as feeling more like a regular mattress or a nest hybrid latex mattress. We could not afford the “Certified” Organic nest hybrid mattress so took our chance ordering the Hybrid Organic Latex. Luckily our gamble paid off and this mattress much more closely resembles the “Certified Organic Hybrid” than the “Nest Hybrid Mattress Natural“. The mattress was really, really firm (we ordered a firm) and I was regretting my decision not to get the medium until a few weeks into sleeping on it, it seems like it has gotten softer. I am incredibly happy with my purchase, although I’d probably give it 4.5 stars, it could be just slightly softer on the top. I’d recommend getting a medium firm if you don’t want REALLY firm.”

Another five-star of review of a separate product spoke further praise for the quality of Nest Bedding’s products, with Devin L. calling Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Hybrid the best bed that he had ever owned.

“This mattress was purchased for my wife and I” he said.“We are both extremely happy with our comfort while sleeping on it. For me it was an instant hit and felt remarkable from night one. For my wife it took about 2 weeks before her body settled in, and now she agrees how comfortable the mattress is. We are going to do our first mattress turn soon in an effort to break it in evenly (if that’s really even a thing) and re-evaluate at that point. We are both side sleepers and had issues with our arms falling asleep. That situation is now much improved!”

In addition to positive product reviews, customer feedback on general service quality and interactions with the company has also been notably positive. One customer, for instance, noted that, after she had some issues with the post-wash effects on a nest bedding mattress reviews blanket she recently bought, the company, in full accordance with their policy, quickly and happily provided a replacement. Another noted how pleasant and helpful the representative that she dealt with at Nest Bedding’s Studio City outlet had been, and how he had continued to offer assistance long after she had left the store, even offering a prompt response to a late-night email. Yet a third customer likewise praised the patience and friendliness of the staff at the Albany retail outlet, referring to her time there as “like a little vacation”.

Even the few negative reviews reflect a dedication to customer service on Nest Bedding’s part. For instance, when one customer gave a low rating to one of their pillow products – not because of the quality of the product, but because they felt they had been charged extra for unnecessary extra fill space – nest bedding mattress responded that same day, promising that the customer would be fully refunded for the unnecessary charges.

Nest Latex Mattress Shipping, Unboxing & Off Gassing

Nest Hybrid Latex Setup and delivery

Depending on how lucky you are, your mattress ought to be ready somewhere between one and three days following your order being received. Combine this with shipping time, and your order will likely be at your house within four to eight working days. We’ve come across shorter average shipping times – one or two companies guarantee it in the space of a week – but as they go, this is still one of the more prompt mattress delivery times.

On this front, we’ll be giving Nest Hybrid Latex a 9/10 – it could be better, but only very slightly.

Nest Hybrid Latex Off-gassing

If you’ve never heard this term before, it’s a more technical term for what you might call that “new mattress smell” – some mattresses, when first unpacked, have an unpleasantly bitter or pungent smell to them, which, needless to say, is not what you want to have in your nose when you’re trying to sleep.

The thing is, though, this smell is commonly caused by artificial chemicals – which, naturally, you won’t find any of in this organic mattress. None of the Nest Hybrid Latex mattress’s wholly natural materials have any chemical component, meaning no chemical smell during that early period.

Overall, this one’s a 10 out of 10 – just another way in which investing in organic products really does pay off.

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress Construction

Arguably the two most significant materials within the Hybrid Latex mattress are its aforementioned latex transition layer and base, which contribute to its pliant sturdiness, and its layer of organic cotton batting, which contributes to its comfort – both of which, as mentioned earlier, have been verified by the Global Organic Latex Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard, respectively. Equally significant are the aforementioned pocketed coils, which keep the mattress steady end to end. All this is capped off with three inches of GOLS-certified Dunlop foam.
Overall, this mattress is structured with a carefully selected blend of materials of verifiable high quality, all of which have been combined to make a wonderfully strong, yet comfortable mattress. In terms of material selection

Depth: Approximately 12″
Core: Pocket-Coil Innerspring System
Surface: GOLS-Certified Organic Natural Rubber Latex
Cover: Quilted GOTS-Certified Organic Wool and GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Cover.
Synthetic fire retardants: None. This mattress has passed all federal and state testing, with the use of organic materials. Watch the fire test here.
Warrant: Nest Bedding Lifetime Warranty
Exchanges: Firmness layer exchanges cost $100 for this mattress.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Nest Bedding Hybrid Organic Latex Mattress Review on Comfort & Feel

As mentioned, the Hybrid Organic Latex mattress is available in “feel” varieties of either medium or firm – meaning that, unless you’re after the sort of mattress that you absolutely sink into, there should be a variety suited to your particular needs.

And from what we’ve seen so far, the mattress is, tremendously comfortable. Solid latex layers above and below the springs ensure that it stays solid and supportive end to end; whilst 3.5 combined inches of cotton and foam on the top layer ensure that it offers the sort of softness that really encourages sound slumbers, without absolutely consuming you.

All in all, it’s just the right combination of softness and support that almost all of us are looking for in a bed. In terms of comfort and feel, we’re going to have to rate this one a 10 out of 10.

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress Motion Transfer

We’ve all had those days when we’ve woken up because of the wife or husband getting a bit restless during the night, with their stirring about resulting in the whole mattress shifting about.
Many mattresses are ideal for completely absorbing any motion that may stir them; however, for the most part, these mattresses are entirely made out of foam, which is a highly motion-absorbent material. The Hybrid Organic Latex, being, well, a hybrid, can only hope to absorb a small amount of this motion with its initial 3.5 layers of cotton and foam – once it gets down to the stiffer latex layers, some of it is bound to shift its way to your end of the mattress.
This is the sole thing that the Nest Hybrid Latex mattress could perhaps do a bit better at – we’ll have to give it a 7/10 for this one. However, this lack of motion reduction could be considered a side-effect of the product’s firm build, which is an asset in itself – we’ll elaborate on that once we talk about edge support.

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress Edge Support

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of sleeping on a low-quality mattress, you likely know that edge support can be a real issue – a mattress can seemingly be solid in the center, but absolutely buckle under any sort of weight around the edges.

Luckily, this is yet another issue that Nest Bedding is clearly aware of. As a result, its firm latex transition layers and base, combined with the six inches of pocketed coils directly in between them, are evenly distributed across the mattress from one end to another. These lend the mattress an evenly distributed rigidity that ensure it stays firm no matter which point your weight is concentrated on.

In short, Nest Bedding has clearly taken weight distribution and edge resort into account in their careful design of the Nest Hybrid  Latex mattress.

Softness-Firmness level: 6.5-7
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress Temperature:

Many people still fail to realise the crucial role that their mattress plays in their night-time temperature. Keeping a fan on is all well and good; but if you’re sleeping on a thick mattress that just soaks up all the cool air, you can still find yourself struggling to sleep for the heat.
Fortunately, this won’t be an issue with this particular mattress. Its organic material means that it is extremely breathable, and allows cool air to move not only over it, but also through it. As a result, you’ll find yourself kept cool from above and beneath, which is never the case with less breathable mattresses.

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress Adjustable Base Performance:

Nectar will perform great on an adjustable base.  Being an all foam mattress, it will bend easily and lay back flat with no worry of harming the mattress at all.  Using the Nectar on an adjustable base can add a lot of benefits.  Adjustable bases can help with some things such as acid reflux, snoring and just finding a more comfortable sleeping position to ease joint pain and pressure in certain areas.

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