Latex For Less Mattress Review

Latex For Less Mattress Review

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The Eden Mattress is a truly heavenly night’s sleep on 100% organic materials, just how nature intended.

Build Quality/Materials: 4.5/5
Cooling: 5/5
Comfort/Feel: 4.6/5

Latex for Less Mattress

Before we get into The Latex for Less review, we need to find out what you should look for in a mattress?

The first thing we think you should look at is the firmness and support that the mattress provides. This all depends on how you sleep. For side sleepers, we recommend either a softer mattress or a medium. Back sleepers should look for Medium/Medium Firm, and if you like to sleep on your front, you should be looking for a firm mattress as this offers the most support for your spine.

Construction is the next thing you should consider, whether you go for a foam mattress, a hybrid, or a traditional spring mattress. Memory foam moulds to your body and spread your weight over the bed rather than in one place. Spring mattresses offer a lot of support and a bouncy feel, which sleep ‘cooler’ than your typical memory foam mattress. Hybrids are a nice balance between the two.

Durability is probably the most significant thing we think you should consider. We believe a good quality mattress should last eight years before it needs replacing; this can be longer if you rotate your mattress every six months to ensure even wear.

How well the mattress regulates your temperature is also an excellent thing to consider when purchasing your new mattress. Generally, memory foam mattresses retain heat, making them perfect for the winter or needing that extra warmth. Whereas pocket sprung mattresses tend to be cooler as they have better airflow. This is something to think about.

It would be best to look for one that spreads your body weight evenly, relieving pressure on sore spots like your back, shoulder and hips. If you get the wrong mattress, you can wake up painful and uncomfortable and not sleep as well as you could.

We think the last thing you should consider when purchasing your mattress is the warranty it comes with. The majority of beds are covered up to ten years after you buy them. The top of the range mattresses can exceed twenty years. Mattresses that come with a short warranty indicate that the company is not confident in their bed or the lifespan.

Now we know what to look for, let’s see how well The Latex for Less stands up and whether it could be the perfect mattress for you.


Latex for Less pride itself on using all-natural materials, and we have to agree with them. As we all should be more conscious of the damage we are doing to the planet at the moment, the assurance that they are using no synthetic materials is a weight off our minds. They set the goal of being all-natural, incredibly comfortable, and it had to be affordable. We think they have hit all their goals.

Latex for Less went straight to their farmers to build up a sustainable relationship cutting out the middleman, which would drive up the mattress’s cost exponentially. This relationship creates a win-win for everyone. Benefiting the farmers and planet, this is an ideal we can get behind. With the earth and their consumers in the front of their mind, they offer handcrafted mattresses to provide you with a restful night sleep for years. They never skip on quality and never send out a mattress that doesn’t meet their high standards.

You Will Like the Latex for Less Mattress if You:

  • Love all-natural materials and are a sleeper who values the environment
  • Wants the added benefit of choosing between two different firmnesses
  • Love Latex mattresses
  • Are looking for an all natural/organic – the Eden is a healthy, clean choice and one of the best built natural mattresses we have reviewed so far.
  • Like to sleep cool – Generally latex sleeps the coolest. Then you add in that it’s aerated and uses a coil system rather than a foam core it all helps with air circulation. You don’t have an over whelming amount of body either so so more of your body is exposed to the air which helps to stay cooler. I did not experience excessive heat at all.
  • You want a good value – Sometimes the natural and organic mattresses get really pricey. This is an honest, good price for the quality of build and materials that are uses. The pillowotp is a little pricier but its still a good deal for being organic.
  • Sleep in multiple positions – This mattress is a good medium feel with good body conformance.
  • Sleeping on your side, back or stomach Avocado will conform to your body very well. As with most latex mattresses I can see some people thinking its a little on the firmer side but that’s typical with latex foam.
  • Are a heavier sleeper – This mattress is one of my top picks for heavier sleepers. Its thick, and built like a tank. Additionally latex is one of the most resilient foams that will last for a long time with minimal sag.
  • Like the combo of bounce and body conformance – With the latex & coils it maintains good bounce which makes it easier to adjust positions and not feel stuck.

You Might Not Like Latex for Less Mattress if You:

  • Prefer a non-latex feel– The Eden has a true latex feel. So not as much sinkage or hug as say a memory foam provides. It’s also a little on the firmer side of medium.
  • Want a foam bed – If you know you want a foam mattress you should look elsewhere. The
  • Avocado is a comfortable mattress but it won’t probably transform you from a foam fan to a spring fan.
  • Want something SUPER soft – Latex does not tend to have a very soft feel, its more of a supportive feel.

Latex for Less Mattress Off-gassing

If you’re worried about ‘off-gassing’, then let us put your mind to rest. When we opened the mattress, we did notice a particular smell of the mattress; however, this is no more than any other latex mattress and is to be expected. This smell dissipated by the 24hr mark. The majority of people we have seen weren’t particularly bothered by the smell this mattress produced. However, we would suggest that if you are sensitive to smells, you should leave this mattress for the first few hours and open a window to allow the room to ventilate. This should reduce the smell dramatically.

The best thing is that because the mattress is made from all-natural materials, the smells won’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins, so you can breathe easy, knowing the fragrances are just smells, nothing dangerous.

So for Off-Gassing, we would give The Latex for Less a strong 9/10. We dropped one point of top marks for those people especially sensitive to smells.

Latex for Less Mattress Construction

The Latex for Less is made using the highest quality Latex, which is 100% natural. They use organic cotton in their manufacturing process and pure wool, which is also 100% natural. Let us see how this is broken down. Using simple construction, The Latex for Less uses two layers, with an overall height of 9 inches. Depending on the side you use, you will have two different firmnesses because they can be reversed. On one side, you will have the two-inch layer of Talalay latex, a softer and lighter latex; on the other, a six-inch layer of Dunlop latex is a lot firmer. The cover is made from organic cotton, which allows it to be breathable and soft—increasing airflow and feeling fresher than synthetic materials. Blended with natural wool, it creates a super soft feel we know you’ll love. The Talalay layer, which creates a medium feel mattress, is lightweight and responsive to touch or pressure. It allows you to sink in, and it relieves pressure on any sore points or any part of your body that needs a little more support. The Dunlop Layer, which creates a firm mattress, is perfect for anyone who needs the support and structure to get a good night’s sleep. If you sleep on your stomach, we think this is the best side for you to use.

Latex for Less Mattress Mattress Cover

All natural Organic Cotton.

Firmness and Feel:

We think the Latex for Less mattress offers the right feel and comfort to provide a restful night sleep. Made up of two different latex layers, this provides comfort and support to any particular sore area in the morning.

We found that we received good support from the mattress and got enough relief from pressure on our shoulders and hip. If you’re either a lightweight or average size person, we think you will love the medium side of the mattress as it gives better support and better relief. If you’re on the heavier side, we think you will benefit from the firm side.

This mattress, we think, doesn’t provide better relief than a memory foam mattress because memory foam mattresses give a hugging feel to the sleeper, whereas latex feels more buoyant and bouncy. But the benefit of this mattress is that it is more likely to retain its shape over time and not lose as much of its support as other mattresses do.

For comfort and feel, we would give this mattress 9/10, only losing points because it doesn’t provide the hugging feeling of memory foam mattresses. If you don’t want this, then this mattress is perfect for you.

Softness- Medium Firmness Level Level: 6
Softness- Luxury Firm Firmness Level Level: 6
1 Very Soft
5 Medium
10 Very Firm


This is an area that this mattress shines. This is due to the materials used in making the mattress, as all-natural materials tend to allow for increased airflow. It is also made with tiny air holes, which increase the airflow further but maintain a constant and low temperature in the mattress itself. This promotes a cool night sleep, and you are feeling fresher in the morning. This is always a positive!

The wool used in the cover also promotes cooling as wool, by its nature, wicks away sweat from the body, giving you much better temperature control and stopping overheating as much, as our sweat doesn’t stay on our body, cooling us off.

The issue with all-foam mattresses is they tend to hold onto heat too much during the summer; while this is a bonus in the winter, this can be super uncomfortable in the summer. Being all-latex, this doesn’t happen. If you sleep ‘hot’, then you will love this. While solid latex can absorb and hold onto heat, the air holes’ addition allows this heat to be dissipated into the environment, once again cooling the mattress.

Edge Support:

When we tested the edge, and from what our verified buyers have been saying, the edge support on the mattress was good when lying on the bed. We found that we sank a little when we sat on the bed, causing the mattress to compress. This is normal for foam and latex mattresses, and it sprang back into place without any visible signs of sagging. This may make it difficult for people to get out of bed if they struggle. So if this is you, keep this in mind when buying.

When lying down, however, we felt supported and in no danger of falling off the bed. When sharing the bed, you will naturally be towards the edge, so keep in mind, but this shouldn’t be an issue.

So, for Edge support, we think it deserves a solid 8/10. We feel that those who struggle to get out of bed need to keep in mind the compression will make it a little tricky, but this can be overcome.

Latex for Less Mattress Adjustable Base Performance

Each mattress will work great with an adjustable base as they do not have a border wire coil unit. They will bend just fine!

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Latex for Less Mattress Warranty and More

With Latex for Less, you get an incredible 120 nights! We love this as it allows you to test out the bed and see if it is the right fit for you! This trial is risk-free, so if it is not perfect, then you can send it back, completely free, and they will do all the leg work. They will come and collect the mattress and take it away. We think this is perfect for us, as it makes everything hassle-free.

If your mattress happens to have a default, which we doubt it will because the mattress’s quality is so high, then you have the benefit of a twenty-year warranty! Running from the second, you place your order means that if it arrives damaged, you’re covered. If your mattress fails due to a manufacturing default, Latex for Less will be repaired or replaced with a similar product.

Customer Reviews

We have found so many positive reviews for these mattresses; we would need a week to tell you about them all. Let us have a look at some pleased buyers, all verified.

Mary C. has this to say about this mattress.

“I am a huge fan of latex mattresses, this is our second, and I am super happy with this purchase. I thought the medium-firm would be too soft, but it is perfect. We added a topper from Parachute for that sink in hotel feeling, and it’s the most comfortable bed you could imagine. Husband and I agree we’re both sleeping better, and this may be coincidental, but a couple of small aches and pains in my hip have resolved.”

Terrin H says

“I LOVE my mattress. It is the second latex mattress I have purchased. It is simultaneously firm yet soft. Exceptional sleep.”

Dan W sounds like he loves his new bed. He had this to say,

“Had the mattress for about a month and was very happy. Nice to get a good night’s sleep and not wake up stiff every morning.”

But we think Mark G sums it up the best. He said,

“Love it!”

So, with so many positive reviews from happy customers, we think The Latex for Less deserves top marks! 10/10.



Overall Summary

When it comes to value the Eden latex hybrid mattress comes in at a good price for a great product. The 11″ Plush-Top mattress comes in at $1099 for a queen size. While the 13″ Pillow-Top comes in at $1299 for a queen. Both of these options also come with free shipping. As well as 524 Night Trial Period and Forever Warranty.

The quality materials, comfort options and ample natural benefits make this mattress a steal of a deal. The price is affordable and that is even before their latest coupon. Making the price and value even better. The thick layers of durable latex over a solid coil system will give you years of perfect support and unchanging comfort. The organic cotton cover and plush wool batting add an extra luxurious feel as well as amplify the benefits of this bed. Making it a perfect option for anyone who wants a natural, more responsive or longer

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